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A house to myself

Listening to: Eisbrecher

The girls have left already.  No idea how long the younger one is staying with her sister, but she’s on summer holidays now so it doesn’t matter.  Lucky thing.

So, I have no distractions from the work that needs doing.  *Sigh*.  But first a cup of coffee and some of my music for a change.

When searching for info about the site being offline, I found the German blogigo at www.blogigo.de.  So, if I ever feel like reading some German I can read the entries there.  I just love the language.

Alrighty – time to be productive.  No more procrastinating.  Last night I got nothing done because we celebrated older daughter’s birthday by going out for dinner, etc.  A great excuse to break open a bottle of bubbly and relax for a bit.



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Mood: Starting to feel stressed

I’ve just discovered I have to write a report to go along with my presentation in just over a week and lead a discussion in the forum.  Crap.  As if I haven’t got enough to do with the group project.

Cold is better.  Glad to got rid of the annoying tickle in the back of the throat – the one you get when you’re at an inconvenient place with no water – like watching a classical concert or listening to someone speak and you’re supposed to keep quiet.  So instead of coughing to try and stop the tickle, you keep quiet and endure the agony, eyes watering.  I hate those!

My older daughter arrives tonight.  Her birthday is in 3 days time and although I’ve got a small gift and will also give her a bag of some of her favourite foods (chocolate, naturally, pickled onions, honey-roasted nuts, etc), I need to get something else.  So, a visit to town tomorrow after work.

Which reminds me, I need to get to the bank this week while I still can.  After this week they start charging for carparks at work and I can’t afford to pay, so I’ll have to take a bus (which is free).  This means,  however, that when I want to dash to town to go to the bank before it closes I won’t be able to.

I was just updating on the other computer (currently on the laptop) when the browser crashed and the computer slowed to a snail’s pace.  So I’m now running a scan on it while updating here.

Time to do other stuff….

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I survived the teenage invasion.  Took to my bedroom and watched a DVD – a movie about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.  Bill Gates came across as a real bastard.  Pity he stole Apple’s concepts.  I remember when we first got an Apple Mac at work – it was like a revolution after the boring interface of IBM machines.  I loved it – absolutely loved it.  Nothing comes close to the enjoyment I had on the computer back then.  Now I’m forced to use Microsoft.  Windows bla bla.  Pity Apple no longer has such a good rep.  In any case, Microsoft partially owns Apple.  Ugh.

Anyway, stayed put inside my bedroom this morning and read the remainder of Deception Point.  Not a bad story.  The identity of the controller surprised me.  He did that well.

I did some work on the computer – it was tedious and time consuming.  I’ll leave the rest til tomorrow.

Time to eat…

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Friday night

Mood: tired but restless
Listening to: teenagers

I’m unsettled.  I always am when there are people here – my daughter’s party.  This house isn’t big enough that I can lock myself away in a corner of the house and not hear it all.  It’s a tiny house so wherever I am I’m surrounded by noise and  aware of everyone.  I could retreat to my bedroom – maybe later.  Too early  yet.  I have some DVDs to watch but I really should do some work – but hell it’s the last thing I want to do on a Friday night.

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I’m home, sick.  I have a ghastly headcold – coughing, sniffing and my head feels stuffed.  The sun shines but the day’s been wasted.  I spent all morning in bed. 

Alas, when I thought of things to write about I couldn’t access the site.

My daughter is looking forward to Xmas but I dread it – as always.  There’s always so much that needs to be done beforehand.   The financial burden is enough – I’ve yet to pay rates and other bills costing hundreds.  How I’m supposed to come up with with another couple of hundred for gifts is beyond me.  I can never save and my salary is pittance.

The new  boss started yesterday.  She’s very quiet – barely said a word.  Still not sure what she actually sounds like.  Time will tell whether her looks belie a nice nature.  She looks quite hard.  I hope she has a sense of humour – you need one in that place.

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Kinda disappointed

Mood: Did I say I was disappointed?
Listening to: Foo Fighters on TV

Well, after all the hype and buildup I must say I’m quite disappointed at the lineup for Big Day Out 2006.  I expected a big name for the second announcement as to who would be playing.  Ok, Mudvayne’s ok but is that it?  I’ve never heard of the others.  There seem to be a lot of new or young bands that no-one’s ever heard of.  A pity after all the rumours circulating.  I was hoping against hope that Rammstein would appear, but no.  So, that’s it.  Aside from Iggy Pop, there’s really nothing I particularly want to see.  And it seems I won’t be sharing the day with Dave.  Oh well, I’ll just follow the kids around (keeping my distance) and take a book along if it gets too dull.  True, last January I only went along for Chemical Brothers and had to wait until about 10pm to hear them, but still enjoyed the day.  So I’m sure I’ll enjoy it – just the whole atmosphere is worth going for probably.

Yep, pretty disappointed on the whole.

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I had a fitful sleep and some weird dreams – dreams full of anger.  I realised, driving to a meeting last night, that I still have a hell of a lot of anger tucked away inside me.  Something can set me off and I can feel the rage swirling so that if anyone said or did anything that offended me I couldn’t control myself.  The adrenaline would surge and I could do anything.  Then I reflected on people who do act on their anger and I could understand how it would make them do violent things.

What set me off yesterday was the principal of my daughter’s school.  He’s a conservative, old-school disciplinarian type who loves his power – the sort of man I can’t stand and have absolutely no respect for.  Anyway, my daughter was at school sitting an exam yesterday and, because it was mufti day, she thought it was ok to wear her nose ring.  But a teacher told her to take it out.   My daughter ‘answered back’, questioning the logic – mufti = anything, right?  Wrong.  So, the principal hears this and comes storming out and shouted at my daughter for making the teacher ‘upset’.  Bullshit.  But, get this – he goes on to threaten to kick her out of school and prevent her from sitting her exams.  What a total fuckwit!  He has absolutely no right to do such a thing over a trivial matter, but he probably thinks he’s frightening the kids into submission and obedience.  Not with my daughter, ya twat.  She knows an arrogant prick when she sees one.  She told me all this quite calmly, repeating that she hates the school.  I don’t blame her.  I was furious, however.  I immediately sent off an email to the twat expressing my anger (‘how dare you’… etc) and said I’d contact the minister of education if I heard any similar threats over minor things.  I mean really – what a total shit.  And this is the principal.  Christ!  I was livid.  No-one treats my daughter like that.  I spent my time being a doormat in my life and fucked if I’m going to let my daughter be threatened and bullied by some fuckwit authoritarian figure who thinks he’s god.

Well, I received an ‘urgent’ reply this morning, full of apology.  Twat.  I expect he didn’t like the thought of me complaining to the Minister.  Or perhaps he felt threatened by the tone  and language of my email which was obviously written by an educated woman who won’t take shit.  What a complete moron.  The sooner my daughter leaves the school (unfortunately not for another year) the better.

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