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Long time no write

Well it seems ages.  I did an update last week but I made the mistake of using Mozilla and I lost everything.  I had copied it before it crashed but I’d neglected to paste it onto notebook or something and lost it anyway.  It was a long entry and I couldn’t be bothered reposting and I lost any motivation to come back for a while.

I am SO glad Blogigo is fixing things up and going to deal with the guestbook spam.  I found 23 of those damned things in my guestbooks.  They just love it when you haven’t logged in lately – they flood the guestbook with crap.  Do they (or he/she/it) really expect people to click on the links?  WHAT IS THE ****ING POINT?  Sorry – just releasing a bit of aggro.

I shall be back later to update properly.


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By crikey, it’s hot today!  I got way hotter at the auction today than I did at Big Day Out.  I had long sleeved top on and hat and sunglasses and thought I’d covered the exposed bits with sunblock but discovered on my return that one side of my neck is bright red – dammit!   Next year, if it’s sunny which it usually is at these annual auctions, I’ll take an umbrella!

Didn’t buy anything.  I hung around listening to see what some things went for.  Completely unpredictable.  Some stuff will go for 2 dollars and others you think no-one will want will reach over 50.  I bid for a set of drawers and a small side table but they went over what I was prepared to pay.  If I’d had a spare two and a half grand hanging around I could have bought one of two very tidy cars which had a reserve of 2500 (inc a bright red Merc) but no-one seemed interested.  One of the cars (the Toyota stationwagon) particularly looked in very good nick.  But I’m happy with my jalopy.  She’s been a good car and is a delight to drive.

Time for a salad…

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Finally finished my report which is a great relief.  Now I can relax for a while.  Get some stuff done around the house. 

Wondering if my brother will turn up tomorrow.  He mentioned a couple of weeks ago that he might.  There’s a smallholders’ auction on tomorrow which he expressed interest in going to.

Daughter is now in Blenheim.

All alone with cat and dog.

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Auckland trains

Mood: Disgusted
Listening to: Celtic music

I have to have a bit of a moan about them.  I was appalled.  This is the biggest city in NZ – a major metropolis, and the rail transport service was third-world.

I took the train to BDO and back (with 5 teenagers).

1)  No ticket office

2)  The conductor was so busy turning the key to manually open and close doors that he didn’t have time to sell tickets to everyone.

3)  You can’t see what station you’re at because there’s only one sign in the middle of the platform – great help if you’re down the other end looking through the window.

4)  Getting off, we had to line up to buy tickets – from two people selling tickets from metal cash boxes.

5)  We had to walk across tracks to get to the street.

6)  On our return a train was waiting and again if you didn’t have a ticket you queued up to get tickets from the cash boxes.  Two boys I was with raced past and just yelled ‘yeah, we got tickets’ in the rush to get on the train before it left.  No-one checked.  (One of the staff didn’t even know if there was another train after that one or not.)

7)  Having reached a station where we had changed trains earlier in the day, we all got off to get the train marked ‘Waitakere’.  We all piled on, then were told at the last second that we had to stay on the train we’d just come off (which was about to leave).

There was no indication of what the next station was.  There were no announcements.  You could lie about where you got on the train – how would they know?  There was no-one at the other end to check if you had a ticket or not (on our return late at night).

I really couldn’t believe it.  I’ve used Sydney trains for over 30 years and they  had all the basics and more.  Any major city in the world would have a better rail service.  It’s appalling!

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Bugger the prepend!

I’ve had a hell of a time trying to access this damned site.  I’ve had nothing but that bloody error message every time.

Well I’m back home and what a day!  Stormy.  I’ll have to catch tonight’s news to see how bad it’s been in some places.  Very windy and nasty in Cambridge, milder as I went south and no rain or wind in Taihape at all.  Then get to the good ol’ Manawatu and gale force winds and wet.  Just lovely.

Had a brilliant few days.  Every day was a scorcher – an actual summer.  A day at Piha (where there was a strong rip and more material being filmed for the TV series); a day at a friend’s in Albany (with more ghastly buildings being built around them).  Wisely, they’ve decided to move.  When they moved there it was all farm land.  Now it’s a horrid suburb of large boxes that all look the same.  Really horrible place.  It used to be such an attractive area.

The Big Day Out.  Have to say – disappointing.  Last year was way better.  I think the lack of some big names made it a bit flat.  Mudvayne was just ok.  White Stripes – they didn’t really interract with the audience and drove most of them away with feedback which was very loud and went on for well over a minute while they left the stage.  I got pissed off and left as did many others – how to drive away your audience.  The only highlight was Iggy and the Stooges. Iggy really got involved, jumping all round the place,  crowd surfing, dancing with a few of the audience on stage – at close to 60!  He’s showing his age though.  But I’ve decided that unless there’s a band I really want to see next year, I won’ t bother going.

All in all, a great few days  off.  Now back to work….

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So much to do, so little time!

It’s just road trip to Auckland, so why do I feel like it involves so much planning and stuff to remember?  Things like camera and film and cellphones and chargers, my laptop, hats, jackets? (it may rain), wine, food, etc etc.  I don’t remember feeling this uptight last year.  Perhaps because I’m also trying to get my head around the report which I will have to try to work on while I’m away because it’s far from finished.  Then there’s the group project which I’m sure will be a disaster.  We’ve left a major task to someone who has, up until now, done nothing.  This was after I had assumed that some other capable person was going to do it.  Scheisse!  My mind is just so full.  I hope I can relax when I get there.

I’m sure I will.  The friend we’ll be staying with is great to relax with.  She’s fun and my daughter just loves her family (especially her son of the same age!).  There is no doubt that there will be time to relax outside with a glass of wine, some good music and pleasant conversation.  I look forward to it.  So few of my other friends possess the same attributes (eg.  perhaps a glass of wine but no music, or neither music nor wine nor intelligent conversation… ).  I am always reluctant to turn the car wheels back home when the time comes.

I may update tomorrow.  Otherwise, if there is no time while in Auckland, I will be back in a week.

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Hmm@the new boss

The new boss is starting to irritate me.   She’s all very nice, albeit a little wishy-washy.  She hovers…  She seems indecisive… She doesn’t seem to know what to do.  Has she ever been a manager before?  She’s also starting to make ridiculous suggestions.  She seems to want to change our workflow which has worked fine and efficiently for years.  She’s been with us for about a month and is already suggesting different ways of doing things without realising how very busy we get later in the year.  Her ideas are, frankly, stupid.  If she continues managing this way I will be looking for work elsewhere.

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