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The waiting game

I had given up hope of hearing about that job offer.  But the woman spoke to me yesterday, said she was talking to the boss today and will let me know.  It’s “in the pipeline”.  I’m eager to leave my current position.  The petty rules, regulations and workflow are getting worse.  We’re going to be a bit short-staffed too, so if I leave it’ll be hell for them.  Strangely, I don’t really care.  I’ve had enough.  They’ll just have to make do in crisis mode for a while.

So,  I’ll wait and see…


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WOF time

Well that was an expensive Warrant of Fitness.   I’d bought a couple of new tyres before the test because I knew they were borderline so that was 200 dollars before I even went for the test.  The car failed its test due to a non-working fog light.  “If you have them, they have to work, otherwise take them out.”  Seemed simple enough, I thought.  I tried to get to the blasted bulb myself but I couldn’t figure it out so was resigned to having to get a professional to put it in.  I thought while they were at it they could get the rear window wiper going again as well.  Nearly fainted when the receptionist said 138 dollars.  Blimey.  If I could have figured out how to replace the bulb it would have cost me 12 dollars only.  These are times when I need a man to show me how to do these simple things.  I hate feeling so stupid and incapable that I have to pay exhorbitant labour costs to get someone else to do it.

So all told close to 380 dollars for a warrant (inc of wof fee).  I discovered today they even charge a recheck fee if there are more than two faults.  Nice to know.

Seems there was a big fire somewhere near PN.  The south west of the city seemed covered in smoke when I picked up my car.  Happened quickly because there was no smoke at all when I drove through town.

It’d be nice if internet news was up-to-the-minute with news but they’re not.  Often I find news in the newspaper before the online version.  Pretty slack in my humble opinion.

Time for dins before heading out to a meeting.

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I hate mowing the lawn

I really should pay someone to do it.  I couldn’t breathe after doing the front.  All that dried grass and seed flying around and having to empty the stupid catcher after each rotation.  Whoever designed the mower was an idiot.  The catcher gets clogged at the front, while the back is empty.  Also, who was the idiot who place the spark plug at the FRONT of the mower where the connection gets knocked by low hanging branches???  Idiot!

The jasmine will take some killing.  I’ve chopped away at the one at the front and half of the one at the back.  I’ve painted poison on some stumpy bits and some foliage.  But I’ll need to cut away the rest to access some more.  Lovely scented flower but I’ve had it with its rapid growth and spread.  I’m sick to death of cutting it back.  It has to go.

Back to work tomorrow.  We’ve had a couple of scorcher days (too hot to be in the garden).  I had to wait until late afternoon to mow the lawn.  And I’ve only done the front.  The back will have to wait. 

Visited a friend and had a cuppa sitting on her ‘porch’ overlooking her immaculate garden.  Very relaxing.  A G & T would have gone down a treat.  Time to tidy up my garden and get some outdoor seating to do the same at home.

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The head of that department came to see me again yesterday.  She said the boss was back and that she’ll have a talk and get back to me next week.  She said the position they’ll offer me will be hard work and one that’s under development and said again ‘it will look good on your CV’.  She certainly has me intrigued.  I shall have to wait until early next week to see what the position entails.  Certainly it sounds like a better paid job which will be brilliant.  I can hardly wait ’til Monday.  I’ll keep you posted!

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Waiting and seeing

I didn’t get the job.  But no worries.  The head of the department came to see me and said ‘we won’t be offering you the position’ then went on to explain that she didn’t think the position suited me – that I’m worthier of better!  She said wait until the boss returns from overseas and have a chat with him – she and he have been ‘conniving’ (she said) and may have a better position for me, one which will ‘look good on your CV’.  Ooh.  That sounds very hopeful.  I’m pleased.  I didn’t really want that particular job – just need a change of scene and change of duties.  At least they know I’m on the lookout and am keen.  Cool.  So, we’ll see.

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Time for chores

The neglected garden and lawn await but first thing that needs doing is the removal of a pesky branch which scrapes and bangs against my bedroom in the wind.The wedding was lovely.  The original weather forecast of cloud and rain, then cloud, was, thankfully, incorrect.  It was a hot sunny day under a blue sky.  I enjoyed the wedding ceremony for several reasons.  One, it was outside surrounded by the elements, the trees, the grass underfoot and the sky overhead, with a wonderful view of the Ruahine ranges.  Two, the couple was in the middle of a circle of people – their friends and relatives surrounding them.  Three, everyone got involved in the ceremony by turning to honour the four directions, by joining in on the blessings and actually being a part of the whole ceremony and not just spectators looking at the backs of the couple.  So yes, a lovely celebration of a couple’s love for each other.  Beats a church wedding (which is really just a church service with the minor aspect of a couple giving vows) any day.Got home before 5pm and quickly packed an overnight bag, fed the dog and cat (dog came with me, cat stayed home and caught birds) and headed off to the Wairarapa.  Wonderful drive – I was feeling particularly happy with some great driving music playing.  Felt at peace with the world.  Greeted by my brother’s boisterous dog who jumped in the car and stood on the steering wheel honking the horn in the process.  This, of course, brought out my bro and sis-in-law wondering what the racket was all about.  Great to see them both and we enjoyed a clear starlit night after sitting outside for a barbecue and playing a board game.We spent much of the next day playing the German board game.  Sounds tedious perhaps, but we love the game.  It’s called Siedler, is very simple, and involves a combination of luck and strategy.  My brother wins 90% of the time.  He’s very good at games.  When we were younger he would win constantly at Monopoly.  You really wonder why you bother trying to beat him when you know he’ll win.  But I won three times!  And Gaby, his wife, won twice.  So we snatched victory from him 5 out of the 13 games we played over the weekend.  (It doesn’t take long to play a game – about 20-40 minutes).Then left to drive to Lower Hutt to pick up daughter who’d been in Blenheim and got picked up from the ferry terminal by older sister.  The oldest is moving flats today.  I’m glad she is.  The house she’s been in up to now was very small, at the top of a windy road, and sat underneath a huge pylon (and I’m suspicious of the effects on health dwelling under one of them).  So she’s moving to the more student area of Te Aro in Wellington.  Hopefully her enrolment at Vic goes through alright.Younger daughter talked non-stop on the drive back home.  She obviously enjoyed her stay in the South Island and would love to go back.  We covered all sorts of subjects: from her stay at her friend’s there, to wrestling, religion (I talked about the  pagan wedding), sixth senses, animals, ghosts, her recollection of a funeral when she was 7, her father, marriage, children….  It was great.  I love her talkative moods.  No doubt today she’ll lapse back into the more usual monosyllabic teenage norm as her friends come round to ‘jam’ in the garage.Right, onwards.  Back later or tomorrow!

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Interview over

It’s the “give us an example when…” questions which get me.  I tried planning for the interview but when you’re on the spot the mind goes blank.  Oh well.  Turns out there are more than three people being interviewed.  No idea who the other people are.  The person within the department is desperate for the job so that’s fine if she gets it.  I’m not desperate.  I can wait until another opportunity.Had plans to meet some friends about 3pm today but turns out they’ve decided to head on up to Taupo and won’t bother coming my way.  Can’t say I’m surprised.Long weekend and I could have visited my brother’s but daughter is back Sunday night and will need to prepare for school on Tuesday.  Ah well.  Might have to be satisfied doing housework.  How exciting.  Ho hum.

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