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Not too bad

So the belly dancing night went off quite well.  The actual dancing was great but two things marred it.  Nothing happened for three hours while we waited for someone to get something organised/food, etc.  The food was appalling.  Not only were the portions tiny, but the food was cold.  A lot of time was wasted with complaints and more food, etc etc.  Surely some dancing could have been happening while that was going on. 

Anyway, was good to see so many different belly dancers.  Every single one of them has a different style, it’s quite fascinating.  While some were technically proficient they had no emotion, no sensuality.  Others were just a marvel to watch – really lovely.  And the rest were rather gauche.   But there were varying degrees of experience so not surprising.  I remembered the dance routine and our group of six did quite well.  There were a couple of Arab chaps, one of whom shouted encouragement.   He later joined in when all of the dancers got up and danced together.  A fun night.  Just a pity it had long periods of nothing happening, so it ended later than it should have.


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Relaxing Easter

Yes, it was much needed.  I caught up on sleep and relaxation and feel much better.  My brother and his wife dropped by on Sunday on their way back from a friend’s party and we had lunch.  I’m due to go to Wellington on May 5th so I’ll stay with them on the way back home (also took that week off).

Just catching up with washing.  Unfortunately it’s rained just as I have the time to mow the lawn (ohhhh how sad).  Seriously, when it was sunny I was off out doing errands, visiting, having visitors and never got around to it.  I should have filled the petrol container when it was cheaper.  God knows how much it’s going to cost to fill it now.  I can remember when it was 5 dollars – now it will be closer to 15 or more.

Yesterday wasn’t the most successful of days – well, it was mixed.  Couldn’t find what I was looking for in town, got out a PS2 game for my daughter and her friend and it didn’t work, bought a pizza to take to lunch with N and was ripped off by the sum of 12.95 (because of a 10% surcharge on public holidays).  13 dollars for a pizza that’s usually worth about 7.  If I’d known I wouldn’t have ordered it but I could have sworn he said 5 dollars and I thought ‘great, a holiday special’.  Even when paying for it I again thought he said 5 dollars.  The wally mumbled!  I would have argued the point that others didn’t seem to paying an outrageous price, but with a policewoman right next to me waiting for her order, I reluctantly paid up and left.  I don’t like being ripped off.  Can you tell I have Scots in me?

But, I did find a skirt which is suitable enough for Saturday’s belly dancing dinner.  It’s not perfect and I still need to make a circle skirt at some stage but I just can’t find material I like.  I looked at fringing to decorate a belt I thought of making and that’s an outrageous price too!  The top I’ll be wearing on Saturday isn’t the greatest either, but it will have to do.  I’m a beginner anyway!  Can’t expect to have a brilliant costume on my first ‘public’ dance.  I’ve yet to remember the full dance sequence for the beginners’ performance.  Looking forward to it anyway.

Back to work tomorrow.  But the grumpy boss won’t be there so should be ok, although busy.  I’ll be on my own for the first two hours on Monday due to everyone scarpering.  Lucky for them I don’t get ill very often!  It will serve them right if I do come down with a lurgy and can’t make it.  Haha!  Sorry.  Anyway, time to prepare mentally for another working (albeit short) week.

Postscript:  I had forgotten that this strange site renders anything invisible after the dollar sign.  *Sigh*.  And Mozilla which everyone says is a great browser refused to let me edit to correct it!  Oh the trials and tribulations of blogging…

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Finally a break from work

I took Monday off, but this short week has been long.  It’s not a good work environment at all.  Not when you’re snapped at every morning.  So out of the three days this week I was snapped at by two grumpy staff members for no reason at all.  One of them has gone on holiday for a couple of weeks – good riddance – she needs the break to stop bringing  her personal problems to work and letting it affect her.  I got so fed up with her today that I applied for a week off in the week she returns.  So I won’t see her for a about a month.

The other position that I was told about some time ago still hasn’t eventuated and the two bosses involved have both been away.  While one has been in Australia and is now back, the other has now gone over to Greece.  Great.  Just when I’m desperate to leave the section.  If nothing happens in the next two months I’ll start looking for jobs elsewhere.  I don’t want to be in the same job at the end of this year.  I’ve had enough.

Added to that I’ve had broken sleep every night this week.  My daughter’s friend is staying over and they’re both night owls.  My house is small, the walls are thin and I’m a light sleeper.  So I hear everything – flushing of the toilet, banging of doors, talking/laughing.  This hasn’t helped at work at all either.  I’ve been tired but kept on working hard when others moan and take time off if they’re feeling tired.  One person last week didn’t turn up to work and his partner phoned in to say he was asleep and wouldn’t be into work.  Good grief. 

So my mood has not been great this week.

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It’s disappointing when something is organised and well advertised and reminders sent to club members when most of them don’t turn up.  I find it extremely discouraging.  It’s like they really don’t care.  I wonder sometimes why people become members when they seem to show no interest and never turn up to events.  What is the point?  I’ve seen it before with different clubs.  Apathy seems rife.  It’s all too easy to stay home and do nothing than to actually go out and get involved.  It’s sad when clubs have to fold for lack of interest, lack of members and new members not becoming regular attendees.  What is wrong with people?

I’m just feeling very disappointed this morning after attending a medieval feast which I helped organise and advertise.  I kept reminding club members of the date.  All they had to do was basically turn up.  We have a lot of fun when members bring family and friends and get up and dance.  We had exactly 8 adults turn up last night.  8.  Of those only 3 wanted to dance.  You can’t do many dances with 3 people and one of them has to have an invisible partner.  It’s just not good enough.  At the last feast we had at least 20 people show up and got everyone up and dancing – it was a great night.  I think last night all we had were 3 committee members and partners (out of a committee of 5) and 2 extras.  Very poor show.  The hall we hired was not cheap either.  I’m not impressed.  One of the committee members said she couldn’t come because they’d forgotten the date and made other plans.  This after I sent out weekly reminders.  I’m quite pissed off.

No matter.  I think I’ll ask for a definite RSVP before even booking the hall next time.

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Mood: weary

It’s not a good sign is it when you just can’t wait until it’s time to go home on a Friday afternoon and have a weekend away from work.   I snapped at a colleague yesterday after he refused to do a job he’d missed and expected me to do it instead.  We can both be very stubborn.  I admire his partner for her patience because he drives me nuts occasionally.  Interestingly he wasn’t at work today. 

I decided not to go to the uillean pipes concert, although I know I would have enjoyed it.  It seemed too much of a rush after dinner and the weather turned awful – very heavy rain at one point.  Staying home seemed a preferable option.

Housework to do tomorrow and bro said he’d ring.  He sounded busy and stressed in his email, so visiting him over Easter may not be an option after all.  That’s fine.  I have heaps to do at home in any case.  Just having time off will be relaxing.

Not much to write about.  Feeling tired again.  At least the nausea and aches haven’t developed further.

Time for bed, I think.

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Busy April

Got a lot coming up.  I hope I don’t come down with anything.  I’ve been feeling ‘bluh’ for a couple of days – headachey, stomach ache, queasy and tired.  It’s the queasiness that’s the worst.  Sometimes you wish you’d just vomit and get it over with to feel better.

So anyway, this weekend is busy.  Possibly going to an Irish concert of uillean pipes on Friday.  Saturday my older daughter is visiting and we’re all going to a medieval feast.  Sunday night is a birthday dinner at a Turkish restaurant.

Monday I’ve got a day off and girls’ friends are coming by.  Easter weekend I’m off to Levin on the Saturday and probably visit my brother Sunday to Tuesday.  The following weekend is a belly-dancing dinner and performance.  And then, no doubt, there’ll be nothing on for months!

Better start taking garlic pills…

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