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I’ve just waited for ages for this page to download and was still looking at a blank page – then decided to scroll down and here it is!!!  For Goodness’ Sake!

Haven’t updated in some time.  I did try at work, but got the whole “Bear in mind – you need text” thing after writing an entry.  I just can’t update at work obviously.  But this editing page takes ages to load even at work.  I do hate it.

Not much to report.  I did read somewhere that the less you write the less you can think of to write, which is true.  By now I’ve forgotten all the things I was going to write about.  When you write more often you can include all those little moments that made you think.

Talking of which – did any of you British bloggers write anything for the mass blog on 17th?  I saw something about it at the bbc site.  Looks like it would be interesting.  I would have taken part if I lived there.

It’s a holiday weekend here and the forecast is for gale force winds.  Looking outside now it seems impossible – the sun is out and there’s not a breath of wind.  I hope it stays that way.  I’m due to drive to my brother’s in just over an hour and daughter wants to drive.  Won’t be pleasant if we have to battle wind and rain.

I really should be taking advantage of any sun and get out in the garden – but bro’s in-laws are visiting from Germany and fly out on Tuesday, so I’d like to see them.  We had dinner at their house when we were in Germany last year.  The brother-in-law has an interesting accent.  He seems to slur his words and it’s quite difficult to understand what he’s saying – not that my German is that great – but the rest of the family seem much easier to understand, so it’s not wholey(?) a regional thing.

Time to wake daughter up – she’s the one that takes ages to get ready.  It takes me mere minutes.  I forgot to set the alarm one morning and discovered on waking that I had 15 minutes before I had to leave for work.  I did it.  Forgoing things like breakfast and making lunch and just grabbing a snack bar and some fruit.  Needless to say, I was still a bit groggy when arriving at work!  But I always have been able to get ready quickly.  I’ll never understand people who take hours – how long does it take to put clothes on and (if you must) makeup?  I overheard someone at the conference telling another that her hotel room-mate took an hour to do her hair.  Good grief!

Alrighty – time to wake up daughter and get ready.

Have a good weekend all!


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Back from conference

and great to meet others and talk.  The hotel room was awful in that it was very noisy – outside noise and neighbouring rooms.  Probably the worst hotel room I’ve ever stayed in, which was unfortunate since the hotel was central – easy walking distance to everything – conference facility and shops and daughter’s apartment!

Might write something about the conference later, but haven’t eaten yet. 

I was emailed a lovely parody of research.  It was a PDF with no link, but I found another copy through Google.  Here’s the link:


I love stuff like this.  Gives a much needed laugh through stressful periods.

Back later.

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and another working week looms.

I’ve spent most of today working on the proposal.  Still much to do, but it’s beginning to take shape.

Daughter drove to town yesterday and has much improved after 6 hours of professional lessons.  She drove well, only stalling once in the middle of a quiet street.  It was a beautiful day and we decided to go along to the dog show, since we were nearby.  10 dollars each seemed a bit steep but I forked out for me and daughter was just on the age borderline and paid 4.  Not much to see I have to say.  We did get to see a few terriers and spaniels being led around and a bit of dog obedience outside, but on the whole quite disappointing and not worth the entry fee.  I wanted to see bigger dogs anyway.  Not keen on squashed-nosed toy dogs who prance around in their finery – or, for that matter, the poofters of the dog world – poodles.  I swear one of them looked like a nancy from the 18th century wearing a large poofy wig.

Didn’t get back lawn mowed yesterday despite the weather.  Time is ticking on the proposal and I had to make a rough start.  Next Sunday I’m off to a conference so will have little if any time to work on it on the Saturday.  Evenings after work are not my most productive times either, but I shall have to  make an effort.  I’ll take this laptop with me in the hope I can work on it.

I received the belly dance CD I ordered through cdbaby.  Very quick.  I love it.  It inspires me.  Even some tracks which are not wonderful to bellydance to just make me want to soar – great for meditation or just moving around to artistically hehe.  (I always do such things when alone.)

Daylight saving has started already and the clock insists it’s way past my dinner time when it isn’t.  I shall have to go to bed ‘early’ (the same time really) and get up one hour earlier.  How to wake up at 5.30 am (old time)?  It takes at least a couple of weeks for my bodyclock to get in sync.  I’m going to be tired for the next few weeks, I know it.

Tried to update this at work, but work computers don’t like this site.  I typed a long entry and pressed the button only to have a message saying ‘bear in mind… you need text’.  What?  It had all disappeared.  And of course I didn’t copy it beforehand.  Oh well. 

I’d better feed animals and self.

Ciao for now.

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