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Finally I can log in.  It’s annoying when you’re all set to blog about something, have it all in mind and then you’re not able to log in.  The moment passes and you get on to other stuff. Now I don’t have time! Later!


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I dislike shopping at the best of times.  But clothes especially, I find such a drag. It’s not so much that I can never find what I’m looking for – or maybe it is.  I know what I want (sort of) and never find it.  I look around the shops and see two types of clothes and this year it seems particularly marked.  Either:  the clothes are for young slim women – and the fashion this summer seems to be ‘skanky’ (to use a term my daughter uses).  The clothes they display in the shops seem to make you look like some hip-hopping skank – very brief shorts, tight-fitting tops…  it just looks sleazy and cheap; or:  shapeless matronly clothes for middle-aged women. There doesn’t seem to be anything in-between.  If I want jeans, it seems I’m forced to buy straight-legged ones – which appear to have come back in fashion and it’s a fashion I wasn’t keen on the first time around.  If you want a long-sleeved or even a short-sleeved top, you’re out of luck (unless of course you want the shapeless sacks), because all they offer are skimpy tops with strings to keep them up. And the colours.  I hate pink.  I also hate pale yellow, white, hospital green and all pastel colours.  I like strong colours – reds, blues, purples, but do they offer them? No.  When will clothes retailers offer a choice?  When will they offer a choice of colours for those women who want darker clothes? Why must we be forced to accept pink all the time?  Even in a cellphone shop I saw accessories for ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ and, you guessed it, the boys’ one was blue or some dark colour, and the girls’ one – pink. I  HATE  PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate shopping.  So I continue wearing the same old tired clothes – the ones I actually managed to find once which were purple and blue and dark red – they’re a rarity.

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