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Good news!

I’ve been offered the job.  And the pay and conditions are better.  Yes!  I’m so happy.  My first new year’s resolution has been achieved.  N will be unhappy and I’ll miss some of the people, but I’m so relieved.  I could not have stood working at that place another year.

Time to celebrate.


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Musical weekend

I just returned from three wonderful days in New Plymouth despite the awful weather on Saturday night.  New Plymouth has a beautiful venue for the Womad music festival and a couple of artists remarked that it was the most beautiful setting they had played at and naturally that got cheers from the audience.  The highlight for me was Huun Huur Tu, the South Siberian throat singers.  They were just incredible and I loved their music – it was so evocative.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off the drummer who looked very much like an Inuit friend of mine.  My next favourite was Ensemble Shanbehzadeh from Iran, a father and son group (the son only 13 years old!) who were fabulous.  The boy is an amazing drummer.  Next on my list of favourites were the Buddhist monks.  While some may have found their chanting repetitive and boring (it went on for 20 minutes), I was awed at the sound and imagined myself visiting their monastery and listening.  Naturally the chant had spiritual significance which those who were bored would not realise or appreciate.  To those who got up and left I would tell them that it was as rude as walking out in the middle of a prayer or hymn in a church.  I kept visiting the Buddhist tent, appreciating their calm friendliness, the total focus as they concentrated on making the beautiful and perfect mandala, and fascinated by their throaty chanting.  I took photos, so I’ll post them when I have the film developed (I haven’t caught up digitally).  One young monk had a beautiful winning smile – he was lovely.  I bought some beautiful little brass cymbals which have a gorgeous sound and my daughter, who was also taken with the monks, bought some incense.  Aside from that, the atmosphere was great despite the rain.  There were rather a lot of people though – too many for my liking and at times it was hard to find a spot where you could actually see the artist – you had to be there early.  Many people left (especially campers) after the storm on Saturday night and Sunday morning, so there were fewer people on Sunday afternoon when the sun came out and it was much more pleasant.  It was just wonderful sitting down under a shady tree sipping wine with friends and listening to the best of world music.  Brilliant.

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I often think of things to write then get here and promptly forget!

I have a job interview next Monday!  Rather nervous, but confident.

I signed up to an NZ dating site earlier and have had little response – rather disappointing.  Some write to me a couple of times then stop.  I wonder why?  Am I too direct?  Too independent?  Not submissive and adoring?  No idea.  I also joined a UK penpal site and am getting better response there.  I have little hope at either site.

A friend and her new partner popped by yesterday.  There’s something about him which I don’t really like – he’s not the sort of man I could tolerate for long, and indeed, on visiting, he pointed out faults with the house and garden.  I do not like being told what to do with my own property (“chop this, paint that”).  For a start it’s none of his business.  Who does he think he is?  So my subconscious dislike of him is being affirmed.

Ah yes, I was going to moan about travel between Palmerston North and Wellington.  It has become a nightmare.  The traffic seems inordinately heavy lately – more so than it used to be.  To make matters worse there are roadworks in a couple of areas and the traffic slows down to a standstill.  My daughter was in a bus from Wellington yesterday and a normally 2 and a half hour journey by bus (1 and a half by car if you’re lucky) turned into 3 and a half hours.  That’s absolutely ridiculous.  For the last three trips to Wellington, it has taken about 2 and a half hours.  I refuse to drive that route anymore.  I think I’ll drive via Masterton, which may be slightly longer, but I’ll get there faster I think.

Time to eat.

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Life continues

After a very brief summer, autumn is definitely here – the mornings are darker and colder and the leaves are letting go. I’m applying for a job elsewhere.  I do hope I get it.  Conditions at work are becoming unbearable.  It’s the busiest time of the year and they still haven’t got the new person started – at least they’ve chosen someone but I guess she has to give notice where she is.  But it’s still not good enough.  I felt like shit yesterday – I really shouldn’t have been at work, but I couldn’t ring in sick and leave all the work to 2 people.  The boss buggered off on another long weekend to the lake.  She doesn’t give a shit.  She doesn’t arrange for help but expects us to soldier on on a skeleton staff (which  makes us all grumpy and results in bad customer service).  I’m absolutely fed up.  Not to mention, as well as the lack of respect, the lack of communication.  Just a small thing but I went to photocopy some forms yesterday and was told by a member of staff that we don’t use them anymore.  It was news to me and everyone else.  Apparently this staff member was told by the boss but the boss didn’t tell anyone else.  How ridiculous.  Then there’s the other head of section who offered me a job over a year ago but then there were budget cuts and she never got back to me then asked again last month if I was still interested in leaving my section.  I definitely said yes and she said there was possibly a position going, depending on whether the leaving staff member was quitting or going on maternity leave.  She’d get back to me, she said.  Well, she didn’t and the staff member is only going on a six month maternity leave.  Stuff that.  I’m leaving.  I’m not waiting on more empty promises.  I really hope I get this job.  I will, however, miss some of the people I work with – obviously not management. I’m still feeling ill and it feels like the sore throat has journeyed down to constricting my chest.  The headache is gone, at least. Meanwhile I’ve been informed by car mechanic during a warrant of fitness that something else needs doing to the car before the next warrant in 6 months.  Great.  I can’t rely on it anymore.  Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy another, more reliable, car.  Unless, of course, I get the job I’m applying for.  Musn’t count my chickens before they hatch, assuming of course, that the eggs are fertilised.

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