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So B contacted me to have drinks on Friday to celebrate her birthday this weekend.  The rest of the section she works in (and I worked in) turned up except for the newest member of staff.  It was nice to see them.  I bear no ill will towards any of them, but am glad to be out of it all.  Remember I said N claimed that work was busy but not stressful.  Well, I got the other side of the story last night.  He wasn’t even at work for three of the five days.  So naturally with his absence, work was even busier and more stressful and they were severely short-staffed.  I think all of them (bar N) are near the end of their tether and the rest of the staff elsewhere have no idea and even if they did they don’t give a damn.  I am soooo glad to be out of that.  I know I’ve said it before but it is so true.  If I were still there I’d still be feeling miserable, stressed and unappreciated.  It’s so nice to feel human at my new workplace.  The work is varied and interesting.  It is a lot quieter and I do miss some of the energy and some of the people at my old workplace but I certainly don’t regret my decision to leave.


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The latest in Palmerston North is the appearance of a sign which is supposed to be revenge on John Cleese for calling the town the “suicide capital of the world” when he visited during his New Zealand tour:


I look at that and think ‘how pathetic’.  It’s not funny, it’s not clever and residents really should accept that Palmerston North is one of the most boring towns in New Zealand.  There’s nothing to do, nothing to see – it’s an unattractive, uninspiring town on flat land, its streets in a grid so they all look the same and intersect each other at right angles.  The architecture is boring – concrete rectangular blocks for the most part.  The city council insists on wasting ratepayers’ money and the Square, the centre of town, which once was quite pretty, has been ruined by “redevelopment” – trees chopped down, grass removed and in their place white concrete paths, lights covered by corrugated plastic and the monstrosity that is the ‘revamped’ clock tower.  It’s a mess.  Palmerston North really has nothing going for it.  I don’t exactly agree with John Cleese – there are worse towns in New Zealand that I really would want to kill myself rather than live in, but yeah – it’s boring with a capital B.

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I’m not sure what brought it to mind, and you all probably had this thought dawn on you decades ago, but it’s this:

Women do all the work, which is why men have time to do nothing but create trouble (eg, wars).

I saw N the other day.  He said (unnecessarily) that they were still short-staffed but that they weren’t stressed.  Obviously he isn’t stressed.  He’s busy surfing the net most of the time while all the women in the department do all the work.  He seems to have had no idea how I felt about the job – so much that I had to leave.  But even when he’s at home he plays computer games all day while his partner cooks and cleans.  Very occasionally she’ll force him to do some outdoor work and he obeys meekly because he knows he has it good and a little hard labour once in a blue moon keeps the peace.


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I think I mentioned that my belly dance teacher said we had to do a solo at the next event and the fear I felt.  The week’s gone by like the click of my fingers and I hadn’t practised much if at all.  The music I was going to dance too didn’t enthuse me much and I couldn’t think of anything interesting to dance to the rather monotonous beat.  I then heard some music online and did a little wiggle and thought yup, I’ll go for that.  Downloaded some more from the same album before realising I had most of it on another belly dancing cd!  So now, half an hour before I have to leave for the class I’ve been frantically searching for a piece of music, as I didn’t have a chance to burn a cd and the moves I did to the tune I chose, were gone – I couldn’t remember or think of good ones.  So, it’s back to one of my belly dancing cds and I chose a nice lively and quite short one.  When I first tried it I came up with some moves that fitted perfectly.  Do you think I can remember them?  I’ll just have to wing it and admit to not practising at all.

In the meantime I have very little time to write up a plan which needs doing – I’ll be out tomorrow night as well so the weekend will be frantic.  So much to do, so little time!

Time to go!

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Mother’s Day / buttons

Apparently it was Mother’s Day today.  My daughter and I realised just this evening but didn’t care.  I’m not into that whole commercial thing – an excuse to spend more money.  The Mother’s Day ads used to really annoy me because of their stereotypical nature (all mothers apparently love slippers, pink things, women’s magazines, chick-flicks, romance novels and no end of kitchen appliances).  Ironically I did buy a vacuum cleaner yesterday and conveniently (because of Mother’s Day?) it was on sale.  It was out of necessity, my previous reliable thing having finally given up the ghost.  What was interesting about the TV ads though – not one of them mentioned the actual date that Mother’s Day was (hence our missing it) – we’re all supposed to know apparently.

Buttons – I hate buttons on clothing.  I avoid them whenever possible, particularly clothing with totally unnecessary buttons (they don’t serve any purpose at all – just there for decoration).  Well I happened to buy a top not too long ago that had some of those superfluous buttons to make it look like an opening shirt with buttons along one side of the v-neck.  I didn’t like it but liked the rest of the top – the colour and design so overrode my natural avoidance and bought it.  I wore it a couple of times before deciding those extra buttons along one side just had to go.  They just annoyed me.  I then discovered that there was a spare button on the inside label.  I tried ripping the label off, rather than get some scissors to cut the button off, and succeeded in ripping the whole side seam of the shirt.  Obviously the label wasn’t meant to be ripped off.  Oh well, a hasty bit of handsewing took care of the hole.  I do hate the latest fashion of huge buttons all over jackets and jerseys and have always hated tops and skirts with a long row of totally unnecessary buttons – how hideous.  Some skirts even had buttons down the back – how uncomfortable to sit on!

Anyway, enough rambling about my odd hatred.  It’s not one of those weird phobias – I’m not scared of buttons – I just can’t stand them.  Give me a zip any day.

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An unusual combination I suppose.  It refers to three things I wanted to talk about.

Firstly – expectations.  I’m rather disappointed that the guy I went out with a couple of times believes that our “relationship” is off because we haven’t seen each other for a couple of weeks – I’ve been busy!  For one thing, I said at the beginning that I don’t have a lot of time, for another I indicated I was after friendship not a “relationship”.  It appears that men are far more needy than women.  This has happened before – where I haven’t had the time to devote to the needs of some man wanting attention and he’s got all huffy and ended the whole thing.  Grow up for god’s sake!  So, disappointment strikes again before we even got anywhere.  He wasn’t the catch of the year anyway.

Stress – I had a drink tonight with a woman working at my previous workplace and nothing has changed there.  She is just as stressed as I was before I left and there really seems no end in sight.  One boss is weak while the other is a control-freak who refuses to trust people enough to delegate certain jobs.  It’s ridiculous but no-one really seems to give a damn.  I am so much more relaxed since leaving, it’s incredible.  I feel human!

Fear – I went to belly dancing last night and the teacher wants us all to do a solo dance at our next dinner.  Arrgghh!  Hell’s bells! (as my mother used to say).  I will have to practise a LOT to feel confident enough to do that.  Eeek.  While extremely nervous and fearful about the whole thing, I would be happy to do it if I was confident enough – so I have to build on that and work on those things I’m currently weak at.  Even last night, doing a solo in front of the other dancers, I could feel my face blushing!  I hate that!

Anyway, besides all that, the weather finally broke.  The rain that’s been threatening to fall for over a week, has finally fallen and the wind has joined in with its icy edge.  Winter is on its way.

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I came home to see my daughter and male friend watching a “horror” film – Saw III.  I couldn’t follow the storyline – if there was any need to.  It was all drawn-out torture.  How anyone can watch that for recreation and ‘enjoyment’ is beyond me.  Young people watching this shit become immune to suffering and torture.  There is no encouragement to feel compassion or concern.  It seems appropriate that Americans churn out such movies.  The more I learn about the United States the more I see lies, brutality, vicious bullying and a delight in the misfortune of others.  It disgusts me.

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