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It’s a sad lookout when Blogigo’s list of updated blogs is 90% spam blogs.  Complaining to the owners of this site does nothing.  It irritates me that these selfish bastards (excuse my language) insist on creating several blogs to advertise their stupid products.  As if it does anything towards sales!  Nobody actually visits the damned blogs so what do they hope to achieve apart from piss people off?

I found this link about reporting spam blog but it appears to be for Blogger.

How to complain and report spam blogs

There might be tips which can be adapted though – I haven’t had a good look.  We need to do something to stop these bastards ruining our blog site!!!  Perhaps if we all complained to the owners of this site, or found links to these so-called products’ homepage and complain there?  I’m so fed up with it….


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Mood: frustrated
Listening to: “The look of love” Dusty Springfield

Why, oh why does it forever to do anything concerned with computers!???  It’s taken me 3 hours or more to do ‘housekeeping’ type things with computers.

I was online  trying to access a website and it kept freezing – they never tell you why something’s ‘not responding’.  All it could tell me was there might be a virus or spyware, bla bla bla.  This despite the fact I’d done a virus scan just 2 days ago and found nothing.  So I did a quick scan with Spybot, then tried to find AdAware which I felt sure I had on my computer.  Didn’t find it so checked online and I can download the 7 or 8 MB worth.  I couldn’t be bothered waiting but perhaps I should have.  I then found two others which were much smaller so I downloaded the first one and it did a scan and found a medium-risk file and several low risk cookies.  To remove them they wanted money.  Well I found the file myself and removed it and uninstalled the program – I’m not paying sorry.  I then downloaded another one and it found 2 ‘severe’ threats and the cookies.  Again, to remove them I had to register and pay.  I tried to check out these two ‘severe’ threats with Hijack this or a search but no luck.  Who’s to say they wouldn’t purposely put something ‘severe’ on there to make you pay money to magically get rid of it?  No other scans have found these ‘severe’ threats.  Well I ditched that program too then went to Trend Micro online to do a scan.  Even with higher speed connection (more about that later) the scan took well over an hour and only came up with the cookies and some sort of spyware.  I clicked the button to remove it and it just seemed to sit there ‘preparing’ while down on the browser window it seemed to just be downloading pictures – over and over again with numbers rapidly changing betweenn 0 and 10.  I waited a long time for this ‘preparation’ and figured it was stuck – no indication how long it was going to take to delete these cookies when all it seemed to be doing was downloading pictures.  There was no cancel button through any of this long-winded process.  I shut the browser window, fed up.  What a complete and utter waste of time.  It’s no wonder I could never complete the scan on dialup but if that’s as fast as they can go on faster speed they can get stuffed.

It was now time to install broadband on my laptop which I used mostly for writing in Microsoft Word and sending off to work to print.  The other computer has Open Office which isn’t Microsoft Word obviously.

So it took another half hour or so trying to connect the laptop to the modem, restarting a couple of times when instructed, etc etc.  I seemed to be waiting for ages as it checked the system, installed, etc etc etc.

I’m exhausted!

Time-saving?  God!

Yes I transferred, at last, from dialup to a broadband connection.  It’s supposed to be a lot faster but I can’t say I’ve noticed much difference.  This page, for example, still takes forever to load.  Mind you, New Zealand is notorious for its slow internet connections.  So much for paying a lot more to get only slightly faster connections!  Telecom has a lot to answer for.  They control the whole system and if they don’t want to spend money on better connections, they won’t – it eats into their profit doesn’t it and they have a virtual monopoly.   Grrrrrr……

So my whole Sunday afternoon feels absolutely wasted.  But at least this laptop is now connected and I can send stuff off.

Enough for now – time to get away from computers!

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Back briefly

The brief version.

Tagged by Diddums – you all know Diddums!  Rules: Say who tagged you, done. Start with 8 facts about self, tag 8 others and let them know.  Well I don’t know about tagging others – I don’t many people to tag, sad as that sounds.  The vast majority of my friends online and off never blog and can’t understand the appeal (that’s if they know what blogging is) – terribly backward of them.

I’d spent ages yesterday? thinking of 8 things to write, and as I did so I gazed out the window, took my mind all over the place and wrote screeds.  All very depressing to have it disappear because I took too long.  So here’s the very shortened version (if I can remember them all).

1.  I love gum trees – remind me of Australia, which I love.

2.  Hate buttons – the bigger they are the more objectionable I find them.  Give me zips any day.

3.  Fave flower – deep red rose.

4.  Fave spirit – vodka.

5.  Getting broadband at last so I don’t have to wait 5 minutes for a page to download or an hour for an 8-minute video.

6.  I played with toy cars as a child – probably because I played with my older brother.  Had dolls, but didn’t like them.

7.  I’ve come to a complete blank.  I got caught up in the gum trees and images of car games on the way to the beach as a child.  Quickly, quickly, what can I say before it all gets lost again!   Umm, umm…….  I’m very untidy (as she looks around the piles of paper and books on the table).

8.  Umm……..  nope, can’t think of a thing – isn’t that terrible.  Oh!  Went on wine tour couple of weeks ago in the Hawkes Bay region.  Despite being a drinker of reds, I ended up buying whites.  Probably because it was a beautiful sunny day and it reminded me of summer and whites are more of a summer drink.

That’s it.  All I’m prepared to risk for a second time!

Back soon!

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I just spent the better part of an hour updating and writing about being tagged by Diddums and writing down my 8 facts about myself and I get to the publish button and there’s a database error.  Gone – all lost.  Just wonderful.  Serves me right for writing a long post.  I’ll have to learn to keep them short.


I haven’t the patience to write it all over again, sorry.

Back soon, I hope.

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