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As promised some photos.


The interesting Government House building in Rotorua.  The conference was held in the Events Centre just behind this building.


A distant view of the mountains across Lake Taupo.  It was a beautiful day driving back.  We could easily have decided to just rest by the millpond-like lake and take in the sun.  This photo doesn’t reflect the sun and stillness very well at all.

The local Japanese college had their Sakura festival last weekend.  The day was perfect.  The cherry blossoms looked wonderful and the entertainment was well done.  I’ll post pics perhaps of a couple of items.  (I had forgotten to include any in my uploading.)


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Time doesn’t just fly – it zooms

I can’t believe it’s the end of September already.  Absolutely incredible.

Spring is definitely here now and it’s gorgeous.  I’m so much happier when the sun shines.  Constant grey cloud really depresses me and every winter I tend to withdraw.  But now there are blossoms and fresh new leaves on the trees, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and lambs cavorting.  It has to be my favourite season, followed by summer.  Autumn is pretty but I feel the dread of the oncoming winter.

I’ve been busy, mostly with work.  I went to a conference in Rotorua which was a nice respite.  I should post photos but I don’t have access to them at the moment.  I’ll try to remember when I get home.  I’m at work, so should get back to it.

I hope to update this neglected blog soon!

PS What is wrong with Blogigo now?  My post isn’t showing up.  One minute it says the post is using “current time” and it doesn’t appear and then you go back to it and it’s flicked to some date which prevents the post being showed.  I have no idea what time it is in Germany but if that’s the date and time they’re showing it still doesn’t show up.  I have to backdate the whole post!  This site is so frustrating and there’s no communication at all from the owner.

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