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It’s quite funny when you misread a title of a book or a headline.  Just as I was about to log in I spotted one of those spam blogs “Holiday breaks in…” somewhere.  I read it as “holiday break-ins”.  How apt, I thought, at this time of year.  Recently I misread a newspaper article about a tramper being rescued by helicopter.  Instead of “Tramper flown out” I read “Tramper thrown out”.  I should collect these incidences – they’re quite hilarious.

Why do things break towards Christmas?  Twice my car broke down majorly (is that a word).  One year I was without a car for about 3 weeks just before Xmas and another year my car was completely out of action on the front lawn until well after New Year.  I may have blogged about my frustration – the car wouldn’t start on the very day I was about to drive out to visit my brother at Xmas.  This year hopefully it won’t (break down) but instead my laptop died on me.  It’s completely dead – nothing is recoverable and I had so much work on it – files of written work from the previous 3 years, my Endnote library, other useful programs, a game I actually downloaded and paid for online, photos and sundry meanderings.  Most of the photos are backed up elsewhere.  Some programs I can reinstall.  But I’ve lost the Endnote library.  I’ve lost the game – it only cost $35 but it was still a good game and I don’t feel inclined to search for it online again and pay again.  Some of my work was backed up and luckily I hadn’t written much of my current project on there.  I was able to re-do some stats but some notes are lost forever.  This peeves me a little.  It could have held on until after my project is finished in February, couldn’t it?  No.  Christmas is coming and something major has to break down and stress me further.

I’d better get off here and start preparing for a Christmas lunch – one of those potluck things, with some women I only see once a year – at the Christmas lunch.  I’d better make the salad and get ready.  I’m preparing myself for three or more hours of complaints about work, husbands, lack of money, and gossip about people I don’t know.  It’s the same every year.  It’s tedious but it’s become a tradition, so I go, instead of disappointing them and becoming an object of more gossip.

Right, I’m off.


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Finally found a book I can’t put down.  It’s been a while since I found one of those.  I’m currently reading “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer.  I only started reading it on Thursday and am already halfway through it, reading only during my lunch break and before sleeping.

I have a blog at blogger and wanted to find out if anyone actually visits it – so a counter would be nice.  But a counter is not something blogger offers as part of its blog settings – how backward.  Instead, you have to find the code for a counter elsewhere.  I tried before discovering that you have to log into the counter site every time you want to check the stats.  You can’t just look at a number while in blogger.  Bugger that, I thought.  Useless.

I have work to do so better get on with it.  Everyone else is winding down for the year, but not me.  I’ll be busy over Xmas and throughout January.  Maybe in February I can finally relax.

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I just found a wonderful site which lists ways of getting round the hated voicemail (press 1 for accounts, press 2 for enquiries, press 3 for bla bla bla and by the time you reach the last one you’ve forgotten which number you needed to press).  For US customers only, unfortunately, go to


If only there were similar sites for other countries!  Great stuff.

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and less tolerant.  I’m not sure but I’ve found more often these days that I come away from movies disappointed, I finish reading books and feel like throwing them against a wall and there’s a lot of music out there that I just can’t tolerate.  Or perhaps I’m just getting set in my ways and don’t want to hear, read or watch anything I don’t like.  Very narrow isn’t it.  Perhaps as we get older we realise that time is short – too short to spend on stuff we don’t like.  I think that must be it.

I feel like I wasted my time last night watching a movie on TV – can’t even recall the name of it.  I also feel a bit cheated by persevering with “Mr Pip” which everyone raved about and was nominated for a Booker prize.  I hesitated because reading the back of it didn’t make me want to grab it and read.  But, I figured, it was nominated, it’s a Kiwi author, and I should give it a go.  Can’t say I’m keen on stories without plots.  That’s two books I’ve read recently that seem to waffle on about nothing and I’m left sitting there thinking ‘what the hell does this mean?’  No, wasn’t too impressed with ‘Mr Pip’.  I was just glad to finish it so I could get onto a new book which caught my eye.  More later when I start into it and see if it’s gripping.  I like a gripping read.  I hate having to decide whether I’ll pick up a book and read it or just leave it.  I want to want to read it.

I reflected, as I finished the book, that there’s not much New Zealand art that I like – whether it’s music, movies, books.  The majority of New Zealand movies are dark and depressing  – totally unlike the lighter, sunnier Aussie movies I enjoy.  I’ve tried reading different New Zealand authors and they just seem very wordy without saying much.  I can’t think of any New Zealand music I like.  Classically, I can only think of Kiri te Kanawa and Douglas Lilburn.  I’m not an opera fan and I cannot stand the simplistic, discordant ‘shite’ that is Douglas Lilburn’s music.  Most newer NZ music seems to be hiphop, which I definitely don’t like.  If I find something I like and discover it’s a NZ artist, I’m actually quite surprised.  It happens so rarely.  I often feel I don’t belong in this country at all – I can’t even think of any NZ cities or towns I’d want to live in if I had to move.  I don’t particularly feel anything for where I do live – it’s just cheaper to be here right now.  As for NZers themselves, on the whole they seem unsophisticated and ignorant.  Naturally there are exceptions (as always) but for the most part I seem to be surrounded by stupid slobs – perhaps it’s just where I live, which does have a  reputation for being a village of retards located near a parochial town that people make fun of.

Oh well.  Here I’m stuck for now.  I’d love to be able to afford to move.

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