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I just noticed that it says I’ve been online since September 2005 – I thought “Good God, have I really?”

Motivation is lacking – for anything.  Maybe it’s the gloomy weather that’s set in and doesn’t look like going away for some time.  It’s like a smothering blanket of grey.

Anyway, Xmas and New Year are now but memories – good ones, thankfully.  A quiet Xmas with the girls and their boyfriends and a reasonable New Year’s eve at my friend’s in Tauranga.  I did the Mt Maunganui thing this year (Kiwis will know what I mean) but it’s all alcohol-free and more family-oriented.  No more drunken riots.  But it’s probably the first alcohol-free New Year’s eve I’ve had in a long time.  I’ll post pics of my brief trip away at some stage.  I’m at work so haven’t the time to expand and haven’t access to the photos.

I bought some calendars yesterday – 75% off so I bought 3 – one for me, one for work and one for remaining teen at home.  She’s already written stuff in it and I noticed she’d put in the space for her father’s birthday “the father’s birthday”.  It reveals much.

Time for a coffee I think.


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