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I’m getting back into belly dancing.  I hadn’t been to classes since about August last year, having been too busy with work-related stuff, etc etc.  It’s good to be back into it.   I’d put on weight over that time and I’m hoping I’ll lose a bit again.  It’s quite a workout if you’re moving for the whole hour of class, but the dance teacher has been getting us to do solos in front of each other.  On my first night back last week after all those months of not having done it, she asked me to go first!  Talk about being thrown in the deep end.  Later they did a choreographed dance and I just stood at the back and tried to follow them. 

Last night we did the same and one of the better dancers there (I should say the best – she’s vastly superior to the others) said I looked really good and couldn’t believe I hadn’t done any belly dancing in all those months.  That was nice to hear.  I think my solo performance at our annual dance dinner in the restaurant early last year gave me confidence to really put some feeling into it rather than being self-conscious and limiting my movements. 

One of the dancers last week couldn’t take constructive criticism from the teacher and didn’t turn up last night.  She got all huffy and defensive and basically stormed out of the class at the end.  Silly woman.  It’s not as if she’s an expert and therefore feel she’s above criticism.  I always appreciate comments from the teacher so I know what to improve.   The teacher is actually our regular teacher’s mother, who was taking the class for her daughter for the past two weeks as her daughter’s ill.  She is, therefore, more of an expert than our regular teacher as she taught her daughters and learned from dancers in the Middle East.

Anyway, it was good to be back and a couple of dancers admired my new hip scarf that my daughter had bought for me in Singapore.


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Yes, I’m an introvert

I always have been and have always been made to feel somehow not normal for being so.  Extroverts seem to regard it as being something to pity.  So I read this article with delight:

Caring for your introvert

I need my space.  I don’t make friends easily.  I am a loner.  I admit to all that and don’t want to change – can’t in fact.  It’s who I am.  I probably come from a long line of introverts – certainly my father was one.

I think I’ll share this article with those who want me to be more outgoing.  “Here“, I’ll say.  “This is who I am – accept it or shut up.”

Thank you, diddums, for sharing the link about blogging and introverts through which I found the article above.

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Back from Womad

I got back from another very enjoyable weekend in New Plymouth for WOMAD.  It was my third time and I enjoy it every single time.  The music is inspiring, the atmosphere wonderful and it’s great to meet up with friends and share a wine/beer and listen to that fabulous music from around the world.  Last year I was absolutely smitten with Russian throat singers ‘Huun Huur Tu’.  This year no group had the same effect, but I did enjoy Titi Robin and Burkina Faso group ‘Farafina’.  I bought a CD of Farafina but want some more and want to buy some of Titi Robin’s music.  I love music which makes you want to dance.

Talking of dancing, I noticed that the vast majority of men who got up and danced were bearded guys.  I’ve always had a thing for beards and long hair which is probably why I was first attracted to the ex – he was long-haired and bearded when I first met him.  These days he has short, receding grey hair and no beard or moustache and looks repellant (but there’s more to my revulsion than just his looks, obviously).  But I was definitely distracted from the music by watching these gorgeous young bearded guys dancing away.  I was mesmerised by one of them who reminded me of Viggo Mortensen and had absolutely amazing eyes (eyes are also a major attraction).  I couldn’t take my eyes off him.  If only I were 20 years younger…  One of the bearded guys didn’t dance but stood with the dancers and drank beer and smoked….  Earlier in the day he either fell or jumped into the pool in front of one of the stages and looked very like a ginger Jesus (even the musician commented on it).  Here he is:

Ginger Jesus

Anyway, great weekend, both music-wise and for people-watching (or, rather, lusting after younger men!).

Back to work today and I had a backlog which took all day and I still haven’t cleared it.  I realised today that I’m ready to move onto a different job. 

Looking forward to June when I get a week in Sydney.

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Cat killer

I read an article in a local newspaper with disgust.  Some [bleep] has been killing neigbours’ cats because they came onto his property and ruined his garden of flowers for export or some such crap.  The [bleep] says this:

“Cat owners should take a share of the responsibility and keep their pets on their own properties, he said. “Dogs are not allowed to roam.”

What a [bleep bleep bleep]!  What MORON would expect a cat to stay within its owners (it’s OWNER’S not its OWN) property????  What the [bleep bleep bleep]?????  I am so incensed at the stupidity of some selfish [bleep]s.

Here’s the article.

I hope he gets lots of hate-mail.  How would he like to have his neck broken?  I’d happily do so.  I would certainly want to do so if he killed my cat.

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I’m at that age – menopausal – god it sounds like a death sentence.  I’ve had the odd annoying hot flush (boy are they are effin annoying) and my periods appeared to have ceased towards the end of last year – October? November?  I can’t even remember.

I was ticking along happily, wondering which next bit of body was going to twinge and make me feel like a hypochondriac – I swear. I get the odd pain which annoys for a few days and think, crikey I’d better get this seen to or checked out.  I did that twice and came away with nothing but a prescription for pain killers.  Of course I refused to take them, and of course the pain went away.  Nobody warns you about your body starting to betray you in little ways.

I’ve also put on weight.  I’ve done nothing different to what I’ve done for years – ie in the food I eat or the exercise I get – well perhaps the last is a lie – I no longer walk up steps because this place of work doesn’t have any, and I haven’t been belly-dancing for a few months.  They also don’t warn you that it’s way easier to put on weight and way harder to lose it once you’re of a certain age and beyond.  I’d naturally heard about middle-age spread, but thought this was a result of the sedentary lifestyle of the retired, not the body just giving up on burning calories!

Apart from all these physical annoyances, I’ve been feeling fine – quite content in fact.

Then my mood darkened – I got grumpy and morose and started feeling the wee twinges of black clouds on the horizon.  “If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was having a period” I thought to myself.  But they’re over with, I thought.  Hahaha – wrong.

I got my period yesterday.  No wonder I’ve been grumpy.  No wonder I’ve had a short temper in the past few days.  I still found myself swearing at other drivers this morning, a black look on my face (no doubt).

So today I’ve got the pain that goes with the period – oh joy.  I did not miss any of this at all.  But what really surprised me was that all my moodiness throughout most of my life was probably due to my periods!  I never really expected it to have had that great an effect on me.  But I only need compare the past few months with the re-appearance in the past few days.

Which also brings me back to the ghastly accoutrements of periods – how I hate(d) them – they’re useless!  I bet men design them.

So I feel absolutely awful and want to go home.  I’m in sole charge tomorrow and will have a whole day without a break – how nice.   I’m sure I’ll love it.  NOT.

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The gloom returns

I wonder what weather forecasters mean exactly, when they say ‘mainly fine’.  What is “fine”?  I ask myself as I look out into the gloom and the drizzle.   It’s not even warm.

It’s not even the equinox and summer appears to be over.  These same forecasters predicted hot dry weather until April.  I’m not ready yet for another 10 months of the usual wet gloom which depresses me even thinking about it. 

Oh dear, it starts again.

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