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Bill Bailey is coming to NZ in September!  Yess!!!  I just love his humour.  The first time I watched his Part-Troll DVD my sides ached with laughter.  I knew him of course from his TV series back in the 90s?  If only there were a DVD of his series, but alas, no.  He was great in “Black Books” also.

As a fan club member (sounds geeky I know) I had access to ticket sales a few days before they go on sale on Monday.  I’ve booked already.

The mini-yay?  My laptop died earlier this year when I was in the middle of a project.  It had a computer version of ‘Settlers of Catan’ on it.  I’d paid $30 for it, so I was sad to lose it but it hadn’t cost a lot.  But, I found another computer version which is free!  So I downloaded that and played a couple of times.  The graphics are more basic but I can still get my Catan fix. 😀

I’ve wondered about starting a second blog which would focus on the area where I live, but I don’t want it linked to this blog in any way.  Still at the ‘hmmm’ing stage in my head at the moment.


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Two incidences in one day and both online – gotta be careful with those ids.  I was browsing a friend’s flickr site and one of her contacts is someone who used to work here so I had a look (I thought) at her page of, I have to say, wonderful pictures.  I even sent a comment saying how much I was enjoying her latest upload.  She appeared to have been on a recent visit to New York and the photos were great.  Some of her others were a bit weird.  I was then about to write to my friend and ask when and why the contact had gone to New York when I came across another photo in Queens which said it was her home turf.  I was baffled – she was American?  I then went back to my friend’s flickr page and lo and behold there were two contacts with the same name – almost.  Oops.  Wrong person.  Sigh.

Later that evening I logged into Yahoo Messenger, something I rarely do these days, and there was an old chat friend online so we had a brief chat and he mentioned he had a Myspace page and told me his ID.  I went to the page, added him as a friend, and then looked with some puzzlement at the age and location.  I asked my friend if he put a different age to his real age or moved.  He was confused.  I then asked for his proper URL which was different.  His ID was unusual so I assumed the ID was part of the URL, but no – I had just asked to be friends with a complete stranger.  Sigh, again.

Finding those photos of New York didn’t help my current state of mind.  It came on top of watching “Grand Theft Auto 4” and hearing the music on its radio stations.  (The graphics on that game are incredible – so realistic.)  The location of the game is based on New York and on one of the radio stations I recognised a song sung by a friend of you-know-who (if you followed my blog at Blogigo).  Sure enough there are three bands on that same station, LCHC, some band members of which he is close friends with.  F***.

Then I started missing him all over again.  My last email to him met with no response (as usual).  And yet he says he wants me to write to him.

Ah well, anyway, I won’t start going on about him again, don’t worry.  It would have been far easier if he’d lived in an obscure town…

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I read during my lunch hour – often it’s the only time I get to read a book.  I’ve always read books.  I’m never without a book to read.  Often I read two or more at once.  So it’s with some surprise that I get the odd comment from other staff about my reading.  “You read a lot of books… how many do you read?” and other such comments which makes it sound like it’s an unusual pastime.  It’s not as if I read every single lunchtime and then regarded as antisocial.  I often sit and participate in the conversation in the staffroom (often because it’s too noisy to read anyway). 

Yesterday I got an even stranger comment.  “Do you ever get sick of reading books?”  That’s like asking if I ever get sick of breathing.  I was quite astonished at being asked such a (to me) stupid question.  Why would I get sick of reading books?  You learn so much from non-fiction books and can escape reality in fiction.  The question also astounded me because it came from an educated person.  He made it sound like reading books was a chore – like I had to do it for my job.  Very strange.

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In this day and age I expect a website to be more than just a picture and a list of contacts or branches.  I was looking for places that sell ovens (since mine is rapidly deteriorating and I was wondering what’s out there).  I came across the website of a local firm and its website was just a menu of pretty useless links – the addresses of its branches, email contacts, a list of its “affiliates” and that was about all as far as I could see.  No information as to what it actually sells (apart from it being an “electrical store”) or whether it does repairs.  I prefer sites on which you can actually browse the merchandise (since I live out of town) if not actually order them.  Another major New Zealand company’s website is similar.  It might actually show you pictures of some of their products, but it doesn’t have a comprehensive list – just an idea of what they sell (which is better than the electrical store’s website at least).  But really, those websites are next to useless.  They tell you nothing.

I’m really fed up, when driving at night, of having cars behind me driving with their headlights on full beam.  Do they not know the road code?  Do they not realise that the lights from behind are blinding me?  It’s bad enough that plenty don’t dim their headlights when approaching from the opposite direction – eventually they realise and get around to dimming, but the ones following rarely do!  It pisses me off frankly and I often wish they’d pass me so I can flash on full in their rearview mirrors.

I woke up in an unaccountably bad mood.  I was even angry in my dreams.  Something is bothering me but I can’t pin down what.  Perhaps it’s the hormones yet again.

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