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The local news website, http://www.stuff.co.nz, has a “new” look. It’s horrible. I have to scroll all over the place to find anything and on some computers I can’t access my favourite blog.  So the new website is supposed to be more “interactive” which means you have to register and log in – to read news?  I am sick to death of having to log in to a webpage to view the contents.  I refuse – all I want to do is read some content, not have to muck around with “custom content”.  I’ll go elsewhere.

I’m feeling rather irritable – perhaps it’s the time of the month or the hour of the day, but I’m annoyed that a “friend” of my daughter’s has come around quite late and, although he went outside to smoke, the smell of cigarette smoke permeates the house.  I hate the habit – it’s disgusting.  I’m about to retire to bed to read and try to relax.


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For the past two rainy weekends I’ve been away from home – on the Saturdays I was either in Wellington or Masterton and both Sundays I had belly dancing performances – one at the Esplanade and the second at an old people’s home.  Both went reasonably well (well, others said very well but I made a couple of errors).

I was hoping for a fine weekend this weekend so I could get into the garden, but no.  Again it’s raining.  I’m so sick of rain.  “Summer” ended all too soon and it looks like we’re in for a wet year.

I finish my current job this Tuesday.  It will be rather strange.  I’ve liked the serene atmosphere of the place and there are some lovely friendly people there but there’s no hope of getting a decent salary so time to move on.

I start the new job on the following Tuesday.  So I’ll have a couple of days to myself before heading off to New Plymouth for a weekend of music at Womad.  I only hope that the rain holds off.  It’s not too pleasant standing or sitting in the rain or sliding around in mud.

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All official

Well, it’s all official now.  I got the offer in the post so I could actually believe it.  Sent off the acceptance and received more forms and paperwork to fill out and deal with on my first day which is in just over a week.  Quite hard to believe still but I had not intended to stay as long as I have at my present work place – it was a stepping stone only.

I feel a bit of an idiot.  Up to now (I thought) I had been receiving a supplementary income for my teenage daughter from the government.  (They call it “Working for families” benefit or some such.)  I thought the benefit would end when she reaches 19 next month so this new job came at a good time.  I wrote out a letter informing them of my new income.  I then had a closer look at the last form they sent me telling me how much I was receiving.  The benefit actually finished in December.  I have not been receiving it for two months.  Duh.  I only noticed just a week or two ago that I didn’t have as much money in my bank account as I expected.  That will be why.  I’ve had to survive on less income.

The new job is thus a huge relief.  Not only does it make up for the lost benefit but it’s actually more.  Whew (or is that “phew”? I never know.)  Daughter doesn’t have any income to pay board but that’s ok.  I enjoy her company and she’s a great cook.  I’m not one of these parents who insist on kids paying their way no matter what.  (A friend of mine demanded board from her teenage daughter.  She set an ultimatum – go back to school or get a job and pay up.  The daughter then decided to leave and live with her father.)  I may be too easy going but I know she would pay if she had an income.  She’s still studying with no financial help from her father so I do what I can to help her.  The government won’t help out at all because her father is wealthy (despite the fact he pays absolutely nothing).

Anyway, big relief and I’m still rather in disbelief.  I nearly didn’t apply for the job because of my lack of experience.  It just shows that you should try anyway.  I interviewed well – displaying enthusiasm and good humour – obviously it paid!  Amazing.

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