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Yesterday (was it only yesterday?) I spent a pleasant lunch hour at a free concert put on by the New Zealand String Quartet playing Haydn.


It was very pleasant.  I should go to these things more often.

Today was another nice sunny day.  I went for a walk but there was definitely a chill in the air.  I considered I might next time find a sunny private spot and just read my book.

Today went slowly and I thought of all things that need doing but when I get home, particularly in the weekends, I can never remember what it was I was going to do, so it’s time for list-making.  I will have to make a list of all those things.  As well as belly-dancing and Spanish lessons, I want to do some genealogical research, de-clutter my room, write blog entries, make costume parts, deal with my photos, etc etc etc.  Instead I end up doing a bit of Spanish homework and think about dancing and the rest of the weekend is taken up by tedious housework or dishes, etc.

Yep, time for some organisation.


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Hmm – idea

Purely by accident while browsing something Spanish (I can’t remember what) on the library catalogue, I came across a Spanish renaissance CD, which I borrowed.  It was very nice and made me realise that I missed the medieval feasts the medieval club used to have.  It got me thinking.  I have a significant birthday coming up next year (how depressing – already!) and thought it would be very cool to have a medieval feast.  It would entail hiring a hall, providing food, etc (since my house is way too tiny for a ‘feast’).  I shall have to start planning, while the motivation is there.

There are three friends of mine (including the cow) who all have the significant birthday within three months of each other.  We’d always planned to have a combined event.  The cow friend (hereafter referred to as CF) initially thought it brilliant to all go for a trip to Macchu Picchu.  Sure, I thought – I’ll save up. 

Then last year she and her partner decided to join the Burning Man event in Nevada.  Initially I thought, oh yeah, could be fun.  Then the more I looked at it, the more I thought – na.  A week in the desert, no shade, surrounded by Americans – no, I could see myself hot, tired and very grumpy. 

That plan’s off as well now, it seems.  Instead, CF thought she’d just have a party at her place.  Talk about an anti-climax – and I could see it all now – all her friends (why would anyone else’s friends travel all the way to Tauranga for a tedious non-event?). 

I discovered the reason for her change of heart yet again.  She and some friends were planning on a yachting cruise off the coast of Yugoslavia or whatever it’s now called.  Those friends visited while I was in Tauranga and they started talking about it.  Too late, CF realised I was there and belatedly said I could join them if I wanted.  Yeah right.

So, back to my original plan which I’d thought of some time ago – a medieval feast.  It’ll be more difficult to arrange now that the medieval club has basically disbanded and the other local club is in trouble, but no worries.  All that’s required is a caterer, a venue and costumes.  I have heaps of suitable music and know a few dances.  Could also get a couple of belly dancers in.  Yep, sounds like a plan.

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Didn’t go to belly dancing class tonight – I get fed up waiting around until 7pm especially when it’s dark and there’s nothing to do – can’t read a book or go to the public library.  I went to Warehouse and bought some cheap shoes and a cheap jersey.  One pair of shoes I’ve been wearing to work are not waterproof and there’s rain forecast every day.  I’ve also been cold at work so need added layers – also some gloves and hat and scarf.  I can’t find my old gloves or hat, dammit.  Didn’t buy any at Warehouse – there was little on offer – one type of glove and hat, that if you didn’t like, well, tough.  I’ll try somewhere else (like KMart) which stays open long enough after 5pm for me to get a look in.

I should have gone to dancing, of course – I need the exercise.  I feel myself getting fatter, despite the longer walk to the car and going up and down stairs (although that hardly counts does it).  I feel fat and frumpy so really need some self-discipline and do some regular exercise every day.  The fact is that I’ve been a bit depressed since my visit to Tauranga and my “friend” suggested that I needed to lose 5kg and actually implied that I might find a man if I did so.  I said nothing at the time but that was one of her comments that had me fuming.  She’s never been one for tact.  Perhaps I’m less tolerant of her tactlessness and selfishness as I get older, but I’m too weak to say anything, preferring to avoid unpleasantness and any confrontation at all.  I should have told her that I personally knew of three other single women about my age who are attractive and intelligent (and not overweight) but have given up on “having a man” – there are simply none available that appeal for longer than five minutes.  As if I want one!  She must pity me my singleness or something.  Perhaps she thinks I’m not successful if I don’t have the well paying job and a man, new car and nice house.  Well **** that!  (I’d like to see her survive on what I have been during the past 20-odd years.  She on her large salary and two incomes…)

I had a totally different topic in mind when I loaded this page…  Odd.

I opened a book today which belonged to someone now deceased.  Inside was an inscription and some photos from some young man, possibly Russian (the book was by a Russian author).  Judging by the comments made by this man, he appeared to love the recipient of the book a great deal.  It made me pause and think of all those emotions between people, which, when they die, just disappear as if they’d never existed.  It all seemed terribly hopeless and pointless.

I’m in need of some humour, obviously.

Or some alcohol…

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Can anyone tell me how to do columns in a blog post?  I lined up a column as best I could and it looked all good in the editing box but after publishing it it’s all over the place!  AND I got the varying font sizes again too!  It’s so frustrating.  The visual box should reflect the HTML.  Oh yes I can change the size of the font in HTML but it’s annoying to say the least – I don’t even know there’s anything wrong until I publish.  Grrrrr.

Feeling irritable, not sure why.

Some low grumblings of discontent in the “office”.  I’m keeping out of it.  Apparently it’s our turn to wash dishes in the staff kitchen next week – some even moaning about that.  It’s only one afternoon every three months or so!  Crikey.

Think I’ll head to bed and read more of another Agatha Christie.  I used to read them during summers when I was a kid.  I don’t have all the Poirot/Miss Marple books but quite a few.  The only book I remember whodunnit is “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” which, incidentally, is showing on TV on Prime on Saturday night.  I’ll be watching, knowing full well there’ll be nothing else on TV worth watching.

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