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As you can see I didn’t get around to categorising the uncategorised posts.  I spent the weekend getting the flat tyre fixed, visiting the doctor, washing the car, trying to organise some of the material in my family history files and scanning and touching up more photos I found.  I want the files fairly well organised before my visit to my brother’s.  I’ve made numerous notes from online genealogy sites and books and these needed organising as well.

I also opened a Flickr account for my Australian side of the family tree.  I got in touch with one of the Australian descendants and he provided me with a family photo to add to the site.  I also added a photo of one of my cousins and her family.  Hopefully I can add photos from different descendants.  This year marks 150 years since our ancestor arrived in Sydney with his wife and 2 young children (one died on board the ship on the way).

I also finished watching series 4 of “Who do you think you are?”  The only series I haven’t seen is series 2.

This morning I had another dental appointment.  I first went for a blood test as a result of the doctor’s visit in the weekend.  Part 2 of the hygienist’s attack on my top teeth.  They’re still tender.  This Friday afternoon my wisdom tooth will be removed.  I plan to go to the appointment and just not return to work.  Blowed if I’m going to take a half day’s annual leave and spend it in pain.  I already took a half day’s leave for the root canal.  I want to save some leave for actual rest and relaxation!

The graphics card on my computer is playing up.  I went to play Sims 2 and 10 minutes into the game the display stuffed up.  I tried restarting and it happened again.  Since then, of course, the computer’s behaved itself.  But I imagine the minute I try to play again, the display will go haywire.  This is annoying as I had the graphics card replaced last year.

The other potential expense hanging over my head is the need for a new brake pad on the car.

I need to win lotto to try to get back all the horrendous expenses leaching out of my bank account.  The next big bill is the regional council one – what a ripoff.  When its rates were included in the general rates it was a reasonable amount.  Then they charged separately and put the price up.  Since then it’s basically doubled – and for what?

I’m doing well to resist depression.


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I wonder if I’ll have the time this weekend to go over my uncategorized posts to try and figure out what a category might be.

In the meantime I’ve got 2 weeks’ worth of Spanish homework to do, as well as the usual professional blog post search and housework, etc etc.

Oh, and a flat tyre to get fixed – walked back to my car yesterday to find the tyre very definitely flat. The AA were quick to turn up. Normally I’d change the tyre myself but 1) I was in work clothes, 2) it was very windy and 3) I couldn’t break off the tag holding the hub cap on. Those are my excuses anyway.

I hope the spare has stayed up – it’s pouring out there.

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Dental woes

Well, I thought after yesterday’s completion of the root canal that that would be my last visit to the dentist for a while. How wrong was I!

After the root canal I had an appointment to see the hygienist. She was very good, explaining everything, and pointed out how bad my gums had got from gum disease. My gums have shrunk, leaving gaps between my teeth. The tartar build-up was all under the gums – basically none on the upper parts of the tooth, so she could tell that I brush my teeth regularly. Then she got the instrument of torture out to delve under the gums to get rid of the tartar. Ouch. I bore it well, she said – only because I knew the pain was short-term.

She only did the bottom teeth. I have to go back on Monday for the top teeth. In the meantime she’s given me little brushes to brush between the gaps. She explained everything with diagrams, etc, and I sat there thinking ‘why does no-one tell you any of this?’ I’ve lost bone around the teeth because of the tartar under the gums. She asked if any dentists had mentioned my gums. No, I said. I’ve been to the dentist more times over the past 9 years than I have previous to that (before that probably once in 20 years). The nice English dentist who did my root canal was the very first who mentioned my gums or even suggested getting my teeth “cleaned”. I always considered that cleaning the teeth only involved a bit of scraping and polishing. All this sub-gum stuff is new to me!

While on the chair of pain, she discovered I did have a hole – right at the base of my massive wisdom tooth (massive because it’s grown into the gap above left by a removed wisdom tooth). The English chap had a look and said it was difficult to get to and suggested having the tooth removed. Yay!!! I’ve hated that tooth and have often considered asking to have it removed. (Fear held me back.) The number of times food has got stuck around it and it’s difficult to get to to poke at or clean. Hence the hole.

So back to the dentist for cleaning of the upper teeth and removal of ugly big tooth. Fun. I’m not looking forward to hundreds more being leaked out of my bank account. I’ve spent more in the past 6 weeks than I’ve earned.

My lower teeth throbbed afterwards until about 10pm. I didn’t go to Spanish (again). I hadn’t done my homework and had no motivation, so went home. I had a feeling the 7-9pm timeframe for Spanish would be off-putting, which is why I didn’t really want to continue. I’ve lost enthusiasm for it. I’m more interested in genealogy at the moment. It seems I can’t continue enthusiasm for more than one or two interests at a time.

There’s a belly dancing event on in Wellington on Saturday night. I can’t be bothered going to that either. I’d have to drive 2 hours for a 3 hour event then head back home arriving after midnight if I’m not going to stay overnight (and waste a weekend). It just doesn’t seem worth it. I’m sure everyone will have fun, but I’m not prepared mentally. (I’d have to perform with the group if I’m going and I haven’t practised the dances.) I’d forgotten all about this thing and I missed belly dancing last week. I’m still umming and ahhing but as I’m not keen I don’t think I’ll go. Wellington parking is always an issue too, especially around the poxy little hall in Newtown where it’s being held.

Tea-time. I think I’ll have tea instead of coffee. I’ve gone off coffee lately.

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I’m excited. I’ve just had an email from a fellow researcher on my grandmother’s maternal line – more gaps to fill in! I’ll be busy this weekend (if not tonight).

I’ve had contacts from two researchers who are researching the same families I am – brilliant! This is through Genes Reunited.com. Unfortunately I’ve had to pay $20 for six months to be able to view others’ trees – but it’s been worth it so far! Naturally you have to pay more to view census returns or BDM, the swines. I’ll have to go to the Mormon library for those.

Back to work!

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Well I didn’t go to either belly dancing or Spanish this week after all. Daughter’s boyfriend’s parents were staying over on the Tuesday night – it would have been rude to walk in at 9pm then go to bed at 10pm. Then yesterday I had a massive headache and couldn’t face mucking around for an hour and a half in town before 2 hours of Spanish.

I finished watching one DVD set of “Who do you think you are?” and borrowed another set from the library. Also nabbed a book on digitising family documents – see if it has any handy hints.

My bro has just returned from a couple of weeks in Australia. He went to Darwin, of all places. When thinking of holidaying in Aus I never think that far afield. He managed to catch up with my elderly aunt in Brisbane so that was good. She’s in good health apparently – glad to hear. You always vaguely hope that they’ll live beyond 100. Told my bro about my renewed interest in the family tree, thanks in part to the TV series, and he said watching the series had got him interested as well. So on my next visit I’ll take my folders of stuff and also direct him to an online tree I started (but have not completed from the paperwork – that’s the job for this weekend!).

“Professional” blog is a bit of a disappointment. Only two of the five of us post something every week. Never mind, I’ve recruited another member of staff from my work and hope the blog becomes more active.

Talking of work – I’d better get onto it!

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The weekends are so short that it’s always tempting to do something I enjoy doing as against something that needs doing. I’m terribly irresponsible that way.

I should have searched for a topic for the professional blog I contribute to. I didn’t.

I should have written up the minutes for the AGM. I didn’t. I wrote a draft during the week and stopped there.

I should have tidied room/garage, etc. I didn’t.

Instead I looked through old photos and family documents and scanned many of them. The precious ones are inscriptions from my great grandparents and even great great grandparents on an autograph book given to my grandmother when she was 20. It’s easy to get carried away and spend hours gazing, noting, trying to put the information into some semblance of order.

I started researching my family tree in my teens. I discovered, quite by accident, a handwritten family tree written by my grandmother (the same grandmother who kept the autograph book). It was in the back of an old cupboard in my father’s study. I think my mother was already dead by the time I discovered it so I couldn’t ask her about it. I did take it with me to ask my grandmother’s sister on a visit to England and she filled in a few precious gaps. Alas she is now dead, as is her daughter, so I’ve had to try and fill in the gaps through online records or visits to the Mormon library. I haven’t done so for many years. Children got in the way, then work and study. Now I’m seriously getting back into it and it is very time-consuming. I’ve even passed on my enthusiasm to my daughter’s boyfriend, just 19. He’s gone to visit his grandfather and is asking him all about the family and taking notes. Good lad! I did none of that when my elderly relatives were alive. I did, belatedly ask questions in letters but it wasn’t quite the same. All my relatives lived overseas. I’ve never had the luxury of popping by to see relatives in a weekend or finding information locally. Anyway – that handwritten family tree got me started and I’ve tried my best to research all the branches of my family. Three other researchers living in the appropriate places in Australia and England helped me enormously, providing tons of information I would never have got.

During my browsing of family documents, I found a couple of photos taken during my grandmother’s stay in Wales. I’ve added it to the about page in the garden diary blog.

So, another week of busy evenings with belly dancing and Spanish and watching episodes of “Who do you think you are?” Tonight, though, I’d better finish the minutes to the AGM.

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Testing posting by email

Thanks to fellow blogger, I’m trying out this feature of posting via email. It looks disgustingly easy. If this works it means I can update my blog without specifically visiting WordPress and promptly forgetting what I was going to blog about. Yay! Be prepared for any number of trivial updates throughout the day (or not!).

Instructions here http://support.wordpress.com/post-by-email/

The sun shines and I want to be out in it, but must sit inside and work…

I guess any categories and tagging would have to be done at WordPress but hey ho – this is good.

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