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Yesterday was a fruitful one – got the skip bin filled and painted one window frame (although it definitely needs another coat). Others need doing but I think I’ll need paint stripper or more scraping – of course the windows that need this doing are directly in the hot sun so I can’t stand there for too long before expiring.

My exhaustion today, however, is as a result of a town visit – I hate going there! I set off at 8.30am to get a Warrant of Fitness for the car. Took about half an hour only to be told that a tyre has a “flat spot” whatever the hell that means. The guy must’ve seen my Budget Tyre sticker on the back of the car because he told me to go to a “reputable tyre dealer” to get them to check it and replace if if need be. Apparently Tony’s Tyre Service fits the bill (one of a couple he mentioned) even though it’s staffed by young lads. The guy there didn’t even check it – just replaced it. That took about 3/4 hour and then the EFTPOS wasn’t working so I had to walk down the road to an ATM machine. He deducted $3 from the price for my trouble. Back to the Testing Station to get a warrant. Phew.

By now it was close to 11am and I’d intended to have a look at tops in Farmers or Shantons or some clothing stores down Broadway Ave. I was very disappointed (as I usually am with clothes shopping). My daughter complains I just wear t-shirts. Well that was all that was on offer – plain t-shirts or long-sleeved shirts. The few tops/shirts that I pondered were made of some ghastly nylon material which felt hot to the touch or some horrid pink or flowery monstrosity. So much for summer clothing. I also looked in Shantons and Ballentynes – nothing.

Disappointed, went down to the shoe warehouse to look for some comfortable sandals – luckily 50% off (selected items). The vast majority of them were cheap and nasty as well as ugly – all made in China of course – certainly not worth more than the half price they were offering at. Have you noticed now that basically EVERYTHING now is made in China but it’s NOT CHEAP. They’re bloody ripping us off (cos they’re certainly not paying the factory workers a fair wage). Eventually I found a reasonably comfortable pair that didn’t look ugly on my foot.

I got back to the car and thought I may as well look at Payless Plastics for a plastic cupboard for the laundry. Yeah, they had one – and it was $60 more than Mitre 10 sells it for which is still vastly overpriced. Ho hum. I really should’ve bought one I saw a couple of years ago for $99. Now they’re $400.

Did think about going to Placemakers where I can get a 10% discount and see if they had any cupboards at all, plastic or not, but was by now hungry and tired and still needed petrol and oil.

Halfway through the day and still not started what I’d intended – scraping/sanding and cleaning the dog kennel to sell.

But first – lunch!


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I was looking forward to having a week off work in late January.  I”m halfway through it now and I realise that my plans for the week were a bit ambitious.  For a start I’d planned on it being fine for most of it.  Today, Wednesday, has been the first real summer’s day for basically the whole of January.  Yesterday wasn’t bad but black clouds forever threatened it.  It pelted down in torrents on my way to Dannevirke yesterday.

So, today I tackled the pesky jasmine creeper for a second time, with stronger tactics.  If that works, some of it may die off but there’ll be other bits to tackle.  It will be a long process.

The grass has grown far too lushly in the two or three weeks since its last mow as a result of lots and lots of rain and some warmth.  Bastard.  I’ll be aiming to mow it this afternoon (if there’s enough petrol).

Done a fair bit of washing – went into the hellhole of a spare room (which used to be daughter’s and boyfriend’s room) and hauled away a pile of sheets and blankets from an abandoned corner (shudder).  I’ve already decided to throw one sheet away.  Daughter appears to have piled all the ex-boyfriend’s stuff in there, shut the door and never re-entered.  He’s been gone about 5-6 weeks now.  But he’s doing ok.  He’s getting his life in order in Blenheim and will head to Nelson to start a new UCOL (a polytechnic) course next month.  He’s even made friends with a fellow guitarist whose sister is very interested in him.

For the wet days up until yesterday I’ve stayed inside and played videogames – either Sims 2 or Grand Theft Auto 4.  I discovered after completing one mission that I was close to the finish.  I’ve never ever completed a videogame, so I was determined to keep going.  The final mission took three attempts and I nearly cried with joy when the words ‘you’ve won’ came up on screen.  How easily I’m entertained or perhaps how sad my life is…

I’ve spent most of this morning reading “The girl with the dragon tattoo” which has been on at the movies.  It’s a very good read – a bit slow to begin with perhaps but the characters are interesting.  I particularly like the young Salander.  I’ve missed the movie version but will watch it on DVD.  I actually first saw this book on a library bookshelf a couple of years ago but didn’t pick it up because I erroneously thought it was an Asian drama and wasn’t interested in reading such a book.  How silly of me.  The title and cover held no clue that it was Swedish.  I should have guessed that from the author’s name  – Stieg Larsson – but, you know, he could have been a westerner writing about China or Japan…?  Oh well, now I’m reading it and enjoying it.

I haven’t done anything else on my list of things to do this week (like tidy the ever messy bedroom which seems impossible to keep tidy), genealogy or scanning stuff.  I’ve attemped to start on the altering of a belly dancing costume I bought last year but it’s rather complicated for my non-sewing brain to deal with.  It lies, started but incomplete, on the dining room table.  It’s only one part of many costuming projects I have to do.  As for belly dancing itself, although classes have been going for 3 weeks now, I haven’t been to any of them.  I haven’t done any bellydancing since mid-December.  I need to get enthused all over again.

One of the outside jobs was to paint the window frames.  I don’t even have the paint but I’ll try to buy some today.  The forecast is, apparently, for yet more rain so I don’t know if I’ll have time to paint.  I haven’t even sanded so should be out there doing that but it’s so incredibly hot out there.  We never seem to get a happy medium – it’s either raining and cool, raining and humid, or too incredibly hot to do anything.  Why can’t we have a pleasant sunny 22 deg C?

I have, however, rung up for a skip bin to be delivered so I can get rid of the pile of junk in the garage which I tidied in December.  The cheapest one was $145!  Bloody hell.  Oh well, I’ll use the opportunity to find more stuff to throw away in the house as well.  Such are the pitfalls of not having a towbar on the car so I could hire a trailer (or of not having a stationwagon).

Time for lunch.

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A game for you.  Put a collection of music on random play and use the titles of the songs or pieces of music to answer the following questions.  Some of the answers match quite well.  My answers are in italics. Sorry I forgot to write down the artists:

1.  How does the world see me?  Trashed and scattered

2. Will I have a happy life? Existence

3. What do my friends really think of me? Space dementia

4. How can I make myself happy? Mountain Path

5. What should I do with my life? Signs

6. Why should life be full of so much pain? Ruled by secrecy

7. Will I die happy? Dirge for November

8. What’s some good advice for me? Forget it

9. What is happiness? Everything

10. How will I be remembered? Bastard

11. What is the meaning of life? I know it’s you.

I missed out the question ‘Will I ever have children’ as that’s irrelevant.  Pretty amazing results and I didn’t cheat.  I tried it a few years ago and about half of them made sense.  Have a go!

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Back to work

As predicted the two weeks flew by and I attempted at one stage to write down my achievements but the first few days of January are a bit of a blur as the weather packed up and I didn’t achieve what I’d wanted.

I’m really glad I took those three days off before Christmas as I achieved the most in those days – tidying up the neglected garden and cleaning the deck. The inside got tidied and de-cluttered too over the break but my bedroom, sadly, remains the messy end-point of tidying elsewhere. I tend to dump papers and other odds in my room to sort out later and always come to the same conundrum – where to put it? Even my filing cabinet is overfull so one of my first jobs was to go through the years of bank and visa statements and dispose of 5 years’ worth. I burned the parts of the visa statements that had my account number on it, just to be safe. If anyone’s interested in the state of my bank balances from 5 years ago and more, they’re welcome. I also threw away a huge pile of notes from my studies, so I had 4 large bags of papers to recycle this morning. All good. But to look in my bedroom you wouldn’t notice any difference.

The weather has either been windy or wet so I haven’t been able to spray the pesky jasmine or the convolvulus or other sundry weeds about the place. I haven’t managed to paint the window frames (haven’t even bought the paint – I went into Bunnings Warehouse and was just overwhelmed by all the different brands and types that I just walked out again). I haven’t started on costuming projects for belly dancing either.

So, I’ve applied for more leave in a couple of weeks time at the end of January. Hopefully the weather will be more settled and I can attempt outside jobs. If not, I’ll have to make an effort to do some sewing or de-cluttering or even genealogy! The week will fly by either way. I wish I could take a couple of months off to get stuck in.

Home now. Later!

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