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Ho hum

Feeling rather tired today and I can’t get motivated. I’m working at half-speed, dragging out everything I do to try and make the time go faster – as if… I have terrible bags and shadows under my eyes so I feel in need of more sleep. Got back from Bill Bailey’s at 1.15am on Sunday morning. I had two days after that to supposedly catch up on sleep but it hasn’t worked. The depressing weather hasn’t done anything to help.

My right forearm feels a bit sore – typing this is aggravating it. Don’t know why as I’m using the mouse with my left hand currently and haven’t done a great amount of typing…

Daughter didn’t come home last night – was at her boyfriend’s but said she’d come home. I imagine she stayed overnight there but didn’t text me and now I’ve left the cellphone beside my bed and won’t get home ‘til about 8pm tonight. I’m sure she’s fine but just occasionally the irrational fear of a mother kicks in.

Got belly dance practice tonight and will try out my new mini-choreography. I’m actually looking forward to it.

Person beside me at work was uncommunicative this morning and seemed in a bad mood so I left her to it. Made work even more tedious to get through. She seems to have perked up this afternoon but I now can’t be bothered.

I also seem to be having the occasional hot flush which is annoying. I’ve had very few since the onset of menopause but today, particularly, it’s quite frequent. It’s not pleasant.

OK, well, better pretend I’m engrossed in work. Got too many personal things on my mind I suppose. The DVD “Hercules Returns”, a wonderful classic bit of Australian cinema (and quite rare it seems), arrived this morning. I look forward to seeing it again – first saw it about 7 or 8 years ago? Very funny.

Yeah, back to the humdrum…


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I’m not much of a sewer (ugh – no umm a person who sews).  It’s just as well I took a day off – I didn’t think it would take me most of the day to complete a skirt hem!

I headed off in the morning to look for necklaces without luck.  A vaguely belly-dance-ish one was about $23 which was more than I was prepared to a pay for something that was average.  I did other stuff in town and returned home about 11am.

The circle skirt had an uneven hem.  I thought I’d straightened it out beforehand but it was a mess.  My attempts to rectify it made things worse.  Now the hem is crooked with it being short on one side.  I asked my daughter if it was noticeable and she didn’t think so.  Nevertheless, pinning it was one thing and sewing it another.  Remind me never to sew chiffon again.  It was a nightmare and the result looks pretty ghastly.  I might ask daughter’s opinion again (when she’s home) and wonder if I should sew some ribbon around the hem to hide the ugliness?

Anyway, since the skirt was shortish, it was now too short for the blue underskirt.  Blast!  I headed back into town at 3.15pm for a rescue mission to Spotlight to buy some purple satin for an underskirt.  Back home again and a quick cutting, sewing and hemming.  I should have bought non-roll elastic – the waistline took forever.  Finally at 8.45 pm I finished the underskirt.  Aside from the horrid hem on the chiffon skirt, I’m done!  I feel exhausted.  At least the sewing machine behaved itself!

On the bright side, I tried out a new choreography pattern for my brief solo in the group dance and am happier with the result.  I just have to practise it a few more times so I don’t forget!

I hope my sewing attempts for a medieval gown go much easier!  (I’ll have a pattern for a start!)

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Yesterday we did another belly dancing practice over in Feilding with the Feilding group.  I’m not happy with my solo bit so have a week to come up with something else which fits.  I have something planned in my head but whether I can physically do it smoothly is another matter.  I thought I had it sorted but it just didn’t work yesterday.  We have a full dress rehearsal this coming Sunday and the following Saturday is the event.  Not much time left.

I’m going to head out this morning (I have a day off work) and shop for the elusive gold-coloured necklace to go with the earrings I recently bought (the only gold-coloured necklaces I’ve found are just way too long – it seems to be the current fashion), then come back to hem the skirt I sewed.  I only hope the sewing machine works for me because it’s a huge hem to have to hand-sew.  A Philippine woman who is in our belly dancing group showed us a lovely beaded scarf that she wore at practice.  She bought 4 of them from Egypt for $100 (inc postage) and sold at least one for $25 – which is good value actually.  I wish I could’ve afforded a trip to Aus or Singapore or somewhere this year so I could’ve shopped for scarves and jewellery.  It’s the only time I get enthused for “clothes’ shopping and the only time I like to dress femininely(?).

OK, I’d better get ready and head off to make the most use of today.

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I went along to the belly dance practice today – I missed last week.  A couple of other groups were there – also students of my belly dancing teacher.  I liked their Bollywood type dance – very nice, and they did the drum dance which we performed last year.  Two beginners practised their dance – very brave of them and they’re very obviously beginners with one doing jerky movements and the other totally out of time with the music.  Good on them for braving a performance though.  We did ours and I joined in for the dance I disliked.  The other group actually liked the dance and thought I did well when I said I wasn’t actually doing the dance on the night.  Anyway we all practised our dances three times each and it went all right.  While waiting (because I got there a half hour too early) I went along to a couple of shops.  The Equip and Diva shops are actually the same – they have very similar stuff (necklaces that are too long) and similar sales and the same music playing.  The shop “Lots of Pots” had nothing much and their belly dancing stuff is way overpriced – dearer than the dear stuff on Trademe.

Anyway after the practice I came home and put belly dancing music on and danced around a bit and practised the dance I’m doing again with the actual veil I’ll be using.  I felt all enthused again – it’s quite weird how these moods come on me randomly.

Nothing else was achieved over the weekend – the usual washing, etc, and Spanish homework.  I discovered Google translation is pretty good (when I was unsure of meaning or wanted to check I was on the right track).  I’d made a couple of purchases on Trademe recently and the online fastcheque payments hadn’t been received by people so I was quite miffed and wrote to the bank about it, then re-paid.  It’s delayed delivery by a few days – not happy.  One of them is a new belly dancing hip scarf which I’d hoped to have had by today.  I have a 100% rating at Trademe and don’t want to muck people around.

Tomorrow I’m driving to Wellington, staying overnight tomorrow night to attend a course the following day.  I’ll be able to have dinner with my eldest daughter and her boyfriend.  Then the coming Saturday it’s back to Wellington to watch Bill Bailey! 🙂

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Some light relief

As a break from heavy topics on this rainy day, I thought I’d post a few pics of my wee darling Jasmine.  She’s eased the pain of the loss of my very special Zara – the best dog I ever had (the 2nd anniversary of her death was just yesterday and tears still well up).  Jasmine is such a character and very affectionate.  I love torties!

Such a knowing look..

Autumn colours

Lying along the wall – a favourite position of Zara’s.

Playing with the old man, Ziggy.

And finally,


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There was a poll on http://www.stuff.co.nz asking about knowing the Maori words for New Zealand’s national anthem.  Apparently someone reckons we should be ashamed if we don’t know the Maori words.  I don’t know the Maori words and don’t give a shit.  We were never taught the Maori version in school.  Why should I learn them?  What pisses me off more though is that the national anthem, as do so many, go on about a (christian) god defending them (or saving the queen, etc).  Gimme the Marseillaise any day.  God’s pretty busy defending all these countries, just as god is supposed to hear the prayers of this nation’s football fans over the other nation’s football fans.  It’s all terribly 19th century (when the stupid anthem was written) and passé.

I wish people would get over the belief that their nations are predominantly christian – not any more, mate.  And even if some call themselves christian they’re not ‘active’.  It’s just the way they were brought up  (it was accepted and assumed that every one was christian so you called yourself christian).  When asked at primary school by a teacher what church we all  belonged to I said “C of E” because I was born in England.   I also remember in primary school the class was asked if they envisaged themselves getting married in church.  I said no and the assumption was that I did not want to get married because marriage outside of a church was not considered an option (at least by this teacher).  My parents had got married in a registry office and if I ever did get married that was good enough for me, but I didn’t say any of this (being only 9 at the time).  The possibility that you were NOT christian didn’t enter people’s heads (fools).  I also hated singing anthems and school songs about god and having to recite the lord’s prayer (which I still know off by heart – at least before they changed the wording to be more “modern”).  I hated having to go to church or Sunday school with friends simply because I stayed over on Saturday night.  I hated “religious instruction” or what we called (not just me but the whole class) “ridiculous interruption” in my first primary school when I was about 7 or 8.

I’m just illustrating that I have never been christian, have never believed in the christian god and am sick to death of having this god thrown at me throughout my life.  Thankfully it’s not as overt as it used to be but I still have to see the horrendous, grotesque christian symbol of the cross on top of the clock tower every time I go into town.  It looks particularly ghastly when they light it up in red – it looks like a cheap, nasty plastic halloween decoration.

I’m not sure what got me started on this rant – perhaps the poll.  I’m guessing the anger I’ve felt throughout has simmered within and is still there.  I also recently found a positive article about atheists written by a christian and dared post it on my Facebook page – I say “dared” because some of my Australian cousins on Facebook are extremely religious – my male cousin is married to a woman who teaches the bible to children.  No doubt they’ll think I’m damned.  So I felt, by posting this article I was “coming out” as an atheist.  The writer of the article was probably quite brave, considering he was american. (I am extremely glad that I’m not an atheist living in the bigoted christian country of the USA.)  However, I took the article off my Facebook page the next day thinking “who cares?”  Apathy rules, not god.

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Belly dancing

Well, I did it – I asked the belly dancing teacher if I could drop out of the dance I hated. I said I wasn’t ‘getting it’ and didn’t have the confidence to do it. She said it was ok, but it meant letting the others down and re-formatting the opening moves. I felt a bit bad being the cause of the disruption but there are plenty of practices left to get it perfected. In the meantime she got two of us who aren’t doing it to just follow along in the background (meaning she does want us to learn it eventually and have it as part of our group’s choreography). The other woman who hates it continues to practise with them. She has said to the teacher that she might not get to all the practices and so might not end up doing the dance. I think my approach was fairer as they know definitely that I won’t be doing it.

I still haven’t bought the actual dance ticket. It’s all very well getting the tickets done professionally but it means a rather stiff booking fee. The poster she designed for the event is pretty ghastly too actually. It’s grey with orange (very difficult to read) lettering. It doesn’t stand out at all. The important points (ie that it’s belly dancing) are in a small font so you have to get up close to read). I’m not impressed. It sits up, unnoticed because it’s grey, in the staffroom.

One of the dancers last night had made herself a “handkerchief” overskirt and it looked very effective. She showed us how she made it with just 21/2 meters of material. I might attempt it one day if I ever see some striking material – she got hers from a second-hand shop. It got me thinking about costumes again and I browsed Trademe but most of that stuff is overpriced. I did, however, see a cheap coin scarf – a red one with gold coins, and bought that. My previous “red” (it was more pinkish) scarf with gold coins had started falling apart and was extremely noisy.

Anyway, I feel much better (after the initial bad feeling due to other dancers’ disappointment) about the whole performance evening, now that I’m not doing the horrible mish-mash dance. (My daughter has said she wants to come along just to see how horrible the dance is.)

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