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It’s just typical when I’m short of time that this website chooses to be mind-numbingly slow.  Other websites load in seconds but it took over a minute for this feckin’ page to load.  Now I don’t have time (and I’ve forgotten what I was going to say anyway).

But in brief (in case I do have time which is unlikely because I’m due to head to the Wairarapa):

Not impressed with the computer shop.  They responded but it was bullshit so I sent another letter of complaint which they’ve ignored.  I’ve just sent yet another one citing the Consumer Guarantees Act.  I don’t expect they’ll respond.  I’ve asked for a refund, the wankers.

Not impressed with the (lack of) response from people I would hope to come to my party in November.  Does absolute silence mean they’re not coming and have no interest? I can only assume so.  The majority of the silent ones have been at work, sadly.  At least I can ask them personally.  My fear of not enough turning up might come true.  The majority of the people coming might actually be my daughter’s friends.  I might have to start inviting people off the street to make up the numbers.  How sad.

Can’t remember what else I was going to moan about apart from the feckin’ weather.  It’s the worst spring I can remember – certainly the wettest.  I can’t remember the last time we had a full day of sunshine (without a cold wind).

Gotta go….


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Ho hum

An uneventful weekend – grocery shopping, washing, the usual tedium. There was a little sun to entice one outside but it never lasted long and then the rain came again. My backyard will never dry out, it seems.

While in town a women I used to know from the Medieval dancing group I used to belong to accosted me and said she’d received the invitation to my feast and was very keen. They’ll be there “with bells on”. Excellent. My first and only firm RSVP. It’ll be the first actual birthday ‘party’ I’ve had since I was a kid and my fear then was the same as my fear now – will enough people turn up? I really ought to organise for it. For a start I want to make a dress but the cost for the amount of material needed is a bit offputting – not to mention the temperamental sewing machine and my lack of enthusiasm. If only we had some sunny spring-like weather instead of this constant grey and damp. My enthusiasm always returns with days of sun (not just an hour or two or a day here and there).

I’m unimpressed with the computer shop I took my computer into a few weeks ago. Firstly, they had my computer for a week when it should only have been there overnight (to replace a graphics card, and I had specifically mentioned the games played so that they knew it needed a decent card). Secondly, two of the more graphics-intensive games didn’t work when I took the computer home. It was only when older daughter’s boyfriend had a look that we realised it might need a new driver. He downloaded one and the games did work. I would’ve thought the computer shop would have done that to ensure everything was in working order. Thirdly, the game freezes and crashes because the new card is fanless and so it overheats. I’m far from happy with the whole thing. I have now written a letter of complaint. (Daughter’s boyfriend suggested I ask for my money back.) I don’t expect a satisfactory response. When I complained about the delay they were very defensive and not at all helpful. If there’s no joy there I’ll just have to resign myself to buying a better card sometime, eventually. In the meantime I’ll just spread the word that the place is to be avoided. I certainly won’t be going back there.

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The black cat returns

It was another rainy night and my daughter heard a miaow.  Again she opened the door and there it was.

Again it smooched around with an obvious liking for my daughter.  At one point it considered jumping on the bench (aha – another sign that it’s probably been in the kitchen overnight).

Again old Ziggy was oblivious – fast asleep on the couch, but Jasmine watched closely from near the heater…

It’s quite a handsome cat but the mystery remains as to why it decides to visit us on random rainy nights.

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The rascal

Saturday was a lovely fine day. I sat in the sun for a bit to read a book but noticed what looked like a stick moving. I discovered it was a poor stick insect with just one leg remaining. It appears my little Jasmine may have been playing with it and ripped off five legs. The poor thing was trying to get up. I couldn’t bear watching its misery so, with tears in my eyes, dropped a heavy rock on it to kill it rather than leave it to die slowly. It rather soured the sunny day.

On a funnier note, I came home last night to find a cheese-topped bun on the kitchen bench had been nibbled as if a mouse had been at it. My daughter had been home and said she had planned to eat it but found it nibbled at the top – all the cheese flavouring had been eaten. We both looked down at Jasmine (she LOVES cheese) and knew. The little rascal!

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An evening visitor

It was a rainy night. Daughter was on computer, I was hovering around and cats were lying in front of the fire, when we heard a soft “miaow” from outside. Daughter and I looked at each other, looked at the cats and realised it was a stray cat just outside.

Daughter got up and opened the sliding door leading to the laundry and sunroom. Lo and behold a black cat we’d never seen before looked at up her and miaowed again. He(?) was a big cat with long legs and round eyes. He kept rubbing himself against daughter and talking to her. We laughed. Our young Jasmine looked on warily from behind the heater. The old boy, Ziggy, was totally oblivious, fast asleep.

The black cat came slowly towards me, miaowing, and was about to rub against me when he saw Jasmine and sauntered back to daughter. We decided he had to go, and he led the way, miaowing, as if leading us to something. He went out the cat door and hung around under the eaves of the house in the dry. We wondered if he was a regular visitor through the cat door when we weren’t around. (I know on one occasion in the middle of the night I heard a cat in the kitchen and it wasn’t one of ours. Could it have been him or one of the many cats in the neighbourhood including a big grey cat and a young ginger cat?) Our visitor hasn’t been back.

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