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I have another random idea – taking a photo a day and uploading them to this blog if I haven’t anything else to say. But that wouldn’t work because it would mean I’d have to transfer the photos to the computer every day and upload them. I don’t have access to my home computer most nights (as daughter uses it for study).

Perhaps a photo a week, selected from the best of the ones I may have taken every day? Today, for example I took a couple of random shots at lunchtime – one of autumn leaves, one of a plastic sandwich container with a rainbow effect. I’m often taking photos of cloud formations. Yesterday I took a photo of a shadow.

But that might not work either. It’s easy to take photos when it’s sunny but it’s heading to the featureless grey of the year when I feel uninspired to take photos of anything because of the constant rain and dark cloud…

I’ve done nothing about my old book idea either. They seem such good ideas at the time but actually putting them into practice is another thing entirely…

We’ll see!


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Haven’t had anything to blog about really. Life goes on – work, eat, sleep, chores, etc. I’ve been feeling tired and lethargic – perhaps due to the change of season. Haven’t got up motivation for anything really.

I went along to a lunchtime concert today of pianist Deirdre Irons who is a familiar name from decades ago when I was learning piano. I’d heard her often on the radio but never seen her. Very good pianist, needless to say after all those years. She played Chopin and something by a NZ composer, Gillian Whitehead, and then Ravel. Can’t say I enjoyed the Gillian Whitehead piece much. I’m not a great fan of modern discordant music – a twiddle up one end of the keyboard and a bang down the bottom end and random notes in the middle – not my cup of tea. Some of the Ravel sounded suspiciously like Douglas Lilburn in its repetitive twiddle-de-dee sounds but it was too nice to be Lilburn (just in case she’d changed the programme, I thought). Good performance anyway although it was a pity to be inside a cold theatre when it was warm and sunny outside.

Scottish Country dancing tonight. I missed last week as I was feeling lazy. It’ll be good exercise if nothing else.

And with that, I can think of nothing more to write about.

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Magical evening

Watching Shakespeare performances outdoors is always an enjoyable experience, especially with a play like “A midsummer night’s dream”. I’ve seen this play before in an outdoor garden setting at night and the lighting and atmosphere are just right.

Last night I went to a performance in the town’s rose gardens, meeting daughter there (she with a container of pasta salad and me with a supermarket-bought cooked chicken). We sat on our picnic blanket and ate while waiting for the performance. The only thing missing was wine. We were seated between 2 beds of roses facing a willow tree (centre stage).

First the fairies came on, walking up past the rose beds on each side looking at the audience as they headed to the fountain steps. Their hair was frizzed up which looked very effective with the almost gothic makeup. They were short black tops and grey, black and cream skirts. It was very effective. They looked almost ethereal. Three children were among them dressed the same and looked very cute. They all stood atop the steps and posed as the music played.

Next was the turn of the men (the male fairy folk). They positioned themselves on the other side near the rose garden pergolas and posed. They wore black pants and no shirts. They were led by a magnificent looking black man who was topless underneath his topcoat. He jumped up to the top of the pergola and posed there.

Then the play started.

Below is the advertisement of the performance showing the fairies. This was obviously a dress rehearsal shot without the hair dos and makeup.

It wasn’t until the fairies danced close to the audience and we heard the rustling of the skirts, that we realized that the skirts were, in actual fact, plastic bags! So clever! They looked very effective! Even Titania wore plastic bags under her gold dress.

The play was very well done, well acted, and the setting looked magical under the lights and beneath the moon and stars. It was also very funny.

Daughter knew one of the “Mechanicals” and he did well. Below is the website.


I hadn’t been to Summer Shakespeare performances for a couple of years. I must make an effort to go more often. It was very enjoyable.

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I’ve been going along to Scottish country dancing for three weeks now. It runs from 7.30 to 10 pm with a warm-up and beginners’ run-through from 7pm. I’ve been leaving when they stop for a cup of tea at about 9pm. Two hours is enough for me as it’s a work night and I don’t like getting home late. I’m astounded at the stamina of the old ladies. They’re obviously a lot fitter than I am. (Yes, the majority of the other dancers are white-haired and over 60. There are about 3 men only and not all of them turn up on the night.) I’ve ordered some country dancing shoes. The shoes I currently wear are ok but a little bit on the small side. The next size up was too big (shoes slipped off) and this size is just a little tight. You can’t get seem to get half sizes these days.

My left calf muscle got sore last week and I limped around the next day. I felt a twinge last night but it’s ok today. I tell you what though. My previously flabby (or wobbly) calves are now firm! In just three weeks! I’m amazed. I suppose walking most lunch hours helps too.

Am I getting fitter? Well it beats sitting down 16 hours a day so it has to have some effect. I need some work on the midriff though.

Which brings me to belly dancing. I haven’t been keen on it – in fact lost all enthusiasm because of this dreadful choreography. But I’ll have to force myself just to dance at home. I noticed when I first started dancing regularly that I gradually acquired the semblance of a waist, so it must do something for the midriff – I need more of it.

Heading off tonight to an outdoor performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Should be good if the weather stays kind.

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I don’t think I want to go to belly dancing tonight. Actually take out the “think”. I don’t want to go and probably will continue not wanting to go for as long as we learn this choreography. I didn’t mind it so much last year but with each added on complex bit, it’s just ridiculous. I’m not enjoying it but if I miss a class, I’ll miss the added bit and will be more lost than I am now. When I watch the video (I actually found it on the computer and got round to watching it), it doesn’t enthuse me to want to get up and learn it. I hate it. So, right now I’m umming and ahhing. Do I go and learn the bit or do I save $10 but worry next week about what I missed? I can’t believe that this particular dance was what this dancer had got us to “learn” on a one day workshop in Wellington a couple of years ago. No-one – not even the best and most experienced of dancers, could learn that dance in one sitting. I think she was just showing off.

Still doesn’t help me decide…. I’m tempted to just go home and eat some yummy leftovers for dinner and watch America’s Next Top Model….

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