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So the builder came yesterday and had a look under the bath and informed me I needed a plumber to help him out. Of course I would. That’s why I got in touch with a friend’s boyfriend (who’s a plumber) in the first place, who put me onto a builder mate. It was the builder mate who I couldn’t get in touch with.

Anyway, I couldn’t remember the surname of the plumber so I tried to ring my friend yesterday afternoon, last night, and this morning. She’s not answering. She must be away somewhere. Bugger it. I’ll just have to go with the builder’s plumber who, the builder informs me, would be more expensive than the plumber I know. Nice of him to think of my finances.

It’s just fucking typical that nothing is straightforward and I always end up paying full dollar for every fucking thing I do. I’ll try and call again but she’s probably away all week and her plumber boyfriend is probably sitting idly with no work on.

I’m so fed up.

Meanwhile, lucky daughter is off today on a fun-filled holiday in Melbourne and Brisbane.


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Ho hum

Not much doing.  I felt like I didn’t achieve anything yesterday.  Went into town for various errands.  Finished reading C’s copy of “Game of Thrones” as H is returning it to her on Tuesday for a friend to read.  Good read.  Now I went to re-watch series one.  In the evening I went along to a barbecue farewell of a friend who’s heading off for a year.  It was a very pleasant evening and I met some interesting  people.

Today I crossed a couple of items off my ongoing to-do list and mowed the lawn.  Had the builder guy come round and have a look.  Said he can start on Tuesday.  All good.

I spent some of today editing scanned slides from the 60s and 70s.  It’s time-consuming but some of the photos come out well – at least an improvement on the washed-out original.  A couple of examples.

A blue-ish double exposure becomes one with more natural colours.


A colourless beach fire is improved with some colour and saturation.

It helps to remember the colour of a jumper.  I love Photoshop.  Some of the photos are so grey and washed out there’s not a lot I can do to improve them.  No doubt H could if she had the time.

I look back on these photos and remember happy times.  I loved the summer holidays camping at various places, and every weekend we took the dogs for a walk somewhere.  Those were the days.   I miss them.

Back to the tedium of work tomorrow.  H heads off to Melbourne on Wednesday, lucky devil.  She’ll be away for two weeks so I’ll have to fend for myself meal-wise.  I’ll miss her fantastic cooking.

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An unremarkable weekend but the weather was nice.

Did some grocery shopping on Saturday as well as looking around for a particular camera bag that H wants. The place that used to have them didn’t and the guy said they were no longer made. First of all, he had no idea about what bag we were talking about and second, they are a very popular brand still very much made and sold. Dick Smith had them but in a ghastly baby blue.

On Sunday I washed the car, weeded the garden, sorted some cupboards and listed another toy on TradeMe. The books didn’t sell. It’s disappointing that you spend so much money on possessions but you’re lucky to get anything at all when it comes to wanting to move them out to declutter. H had some clothing listed on TradeMe as well as some CDs and DVDs. Only one t-shirt sold. She was also disappointed.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with the builder who said he’d fix the sinking bath. I’ve text him twice and then in the weekend tried to call him. I get a message saying the phone is off or beyond range. *%#&@! I’ll have to find another reliable builder. Bloody tradesmen. Also haven’t heard back from the panelbeater. Nor have I heard back from the council about bloody suckers growing all over my property from the street tree in front of the house. I get fed up with chasing after people. It’s so frustrating.

In a grumpy mood as usual. I want things to happen and nothing is. Pisses me off.

Wish I could afford (financially and leave) a holiday in the sun but can’t. Got nothing to look forward to except a couple of days off at Easter. Oh well. Gotta be satisfied with the small joys like watching Jasmine looking cute on her back in the sunshine, a good book, a glass of wine and a piece of dark chocolate….

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Nothing doing

Nothing to write but I am updating the diary and old book blogs.

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A respite

I’m sick of complaining.   It’s all I seem to do on here a lot of the time.

How about some old books to look at?  I’ve done what I said I’d do last year(?) sometime and will feature some old books I’ve inherited.  You’ll find them on a different blog here.

I’ll try to update that blog more often than I have been my grandmother’s diary.  Wish me luck.

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I went through some folders in my filing cabinet and got rid of years of IRD stuff and other paper.  Satisfying dumping it.

I got rid of a patio heater or whatever they’re called by washing it, photographing it and advertising it free and it was gone within the hour.  Excellent.  If only all  junk was so easily got rid of.

I have been going through my digital junk.  I’ve just visited my webmail accounts (I now have only 4 – I used to have at least 6).  I have deleted old emails and deleted the account of an email I haven’t used for a couple of years, and actually found a message from an ex-friend dated December.  Oh well.  I don’t think I would have responded.  The account is now closed anyway.

The book I’m reading “Your digital afterlife: when Facebook, Flickr and Twitter are your estate, what’s your legacy?” has got me thinking seriously about everything I have on the computer and online.  Good book with sound advice as to what to do with all that digital shit.  How do people access it or delete it when you’re dead, etc.  I haven’t logged into Flickr for months.  I had actually forgotten about it, so first thing was to make a list of all online accounts (and it’s amazing how many I had forgotten about, not to mention trying to remember the passwords).  I had a whole heap of poetry on one website and have now backed that up to the computer.  I cringe when I read some of it now, but I can’t delete it just yet and it’s still on the website anyway.

I’ve now had four days off work (counting the usual weekend) and, as usual, have not achieved even a third of what I’d hoped.  The weather has been disappointing so I haven’t worked outside much.  I haven’t scanned any more slides, thinking this would be best for winter nights, but then this weather is pretty close to winter anyway.

Hormones should return to normal, hopefully.  I felt irritable this morning and for some reason just wanted to let tears flow.  Absolutely no reason for it so I’m puttting it down to the moodiness brought on by the period, which is now over, thankfully.

The battle to declutter continues.  It’s a long, hard slog.

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Mercy mission

I’d just got home from work on Monday and got a phone call to say that daughter’s elderly cat (which used to be her father’s cat) was due to be put down the next day and that, naturally, daughter was upset. She was alone in Wellington as her partner was overseas.

I text daughter to see if she wanted me to go down that night. At first she said no and I breathed a sigh of relief. Then she text back to say could I, as she’d thrown out the cat’s biscuits and got upset.

I hastily ate leftovers in the fridge and headed off, leaving food for Jasmine. Filled the car with petrol at Linton and arrived in Wellington at 8.30pm. Daughter had, by then, composed herself so we watched TV, etc to try to keep her mind off. Younger daughter was due to arrive next day after a photography job she had to do in the morning. I had sent an email to the boss about my dash to Wellington and subsequent missed day of work.

We played with the budgie the next morning, then walked down to the bank and then the supermarket to buy lunch. Younger daughter arrived off the bus after lunch. Then the journey to the vet’s later in the afternoon and a very sad goodbye.  Younger daughter stayed on.

I went to get my car from the car parking building and was in shock at being told it cost $65. Normally I’ve visited at the weekend, left the car overnight and only had to pay up to $30 at most. I nearly cried as I walked down to the ATM to get the cash out. It was rush hour by the time I got on the road home, arriving back home about 7.45pm, in time to have a quick meal and watch “Frozen Planet”.

Back at work today and retrospectively applied for leave. It was an expensive mercy mission – petrol, car parking and a day’s leave I didn’t want to spend as I have little left. But you gotta do these things sometimes and forget the cost.

Feeling tired. My moodiness lately probably stems from the fact my period arrived today, after months of having none. Sigh.

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