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I went out my front door this morning to deposit rubbish for collection and I could hear the bellbirds singing before I opened the door. I stepped out and looked up and saw one bird singing away just above my head (before it saw me and flew a bit further away). Its partner was singing the same song in a neighbour’s tree. Absolutely delightful.

Pretty gloomy today and I wonder if rain will ‘prevent’ my lunchtime walk. It actually didn’t rain during my lunch hour yesterday but had poured quite heavily not long before. Strange how I now feel guilty if I don’t get out for a walk (and an opportunity to take photos). It’s getting difficult to find things to take photos of, especially in the wet gloom.

Back to work…


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A cold day.  In the morning I’ve been putting the heater on for a while to heat the place up but today I’ve had it on all day.

I’ve been trying to get rid of some items as I go through the junk that surrounds me.  Easier said than done.  I can’t give a lot of it away apart from delivering it to charity shops.  When I think of all the money I’ve spent on those items, it’s a bit of a pain that I get nothing back for it (apart from use, I suppose) and yet when it comes to me wanting to obtain something even if it’s old, I have to pay full dollar for it.  Oh well.  Them’s the breaks.  I’ve listed another three items on TradeMe and although there have been a few views already, I doubt they’ll sell.  I’m listening to more LPs while I’m on the computer.  Can’t even give them away and yet the same record in inferior condition will be listed online for about $10.

I heard some birdsong outside for ages.  What I thought were two tuis singing to each other went on for ages.  I tried to see where they were to no avail, then they flew to the trees at the back.  It wasn’t tuis after all.  It was bellbirds and then I spotted one singing just to confirm it.  Such a huge sound for such a small bird.  They’re still singing as I type and upload the first video (I’ve just taken another longer video without the noise of a plane).  First video below – not much to look at but I recorded it for the sound.

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Nothing much

Back at work today after two days’ off sick last week. Started feeling like shit on the Wednesday and it hit on Thursday morning. It was just a cold but I hadn’t had one in three years and it hit hard, giving me a headache as well as feeling stuffed in the head and sinuses. Thought I could go back to work on the Friday but as I sat at the computer checking email while having breakfast, I really didn’t feel well at all. Couldn’t face a day of work. It’s the first time in my working life that I’ve taken more than a day’s sick leave.

I achieved nothing in the past four days. Yes, I was sick but I just couldn’t think of anything to do even when I felt better (apart from attending to a soggy garden, which I didn’t think was wise). I really must make an itemised list of the little things – stuff I could do in ten minutes which adds to the bigger stuff. Instead of writing “tidy room” which is offputting at the best of times, I could write “go through top drawer of desk”.

I spent the sick days watching movies and playing computer games (Angry Birds and Sims 2), and reading the third book of the ‘Game of Thrones’ series. Series 2 of the TV version is very different to the book and seems to incorporate events from books 2 and 3 while Series 1 closely followed book 1.

I just remembered this morning, that I could have included the dead dryer in the pile of scrap metal things left out for collection. The dryer hasn’t worked for 2 years and we seem to have managed without it. It’s just taking up room. Dammit, should have thought about it sooner.

It only took me an hour to catch up on 2 days’ backlog of work this morning. Just shows how little I have to do really.

It’s sunny, so I’ll get out for a walk. I’m starting to wonder what photos to take for the blog (my lunchtime routes vary only a little) but I may already have two from this morning. Depending on how they look, I may even post those two instead of just one.

Back to it…

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2 more movies

The last of the 4 rentals was “Mao’s last dancer”.  I thought this was a Chinese movie, but it was Australian of a Chinese ballet dancer.  Very interesting.  I enjoyed it.

H came home with a DVD of “War Photographer”, a documentary about photographer, James Nachtwey, an amazingly calm photographer who moved and spoke slowly and gently and who had respect for the people he photographed.  I think everyone should watch it, just to remind ourselves of the horrors of war and poverty.  We are very, very lucky in our houses surrounded by gadgets, etc.

Nothing on TV so we’re heading out to get more DVDs.

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I watched two more of the 4 movies I rented:

“Jar City”, a movie from Iceland.  I found “Jar City” interesting just because of the language, the completely unknown and different-looking actors, and the (stark, wind-blown) scenery.  Interesting story too.  I like watching foreign movies.  Makes a change from the stereotypical American stuff we always get.

“Righteous Kill” starring Al Pacino and Robert de Niro.  Robert de Niro is one of my favourite actors, so I’ll watch just about anything with him in it (although I do prefer him in a typical cop movie rather than a so-called ‘comedy’).  This one was typical, with a bit of a twist.  Enjoyable enough.

I’d give them both a 7/10.

Suffering from a head cold – just feel headachey and stuffed up, so was not up to work today.  I’ll see how I feel tomorrow as to whether to go to work.  I plan to but I’m not much use to anyone if I’m feeling like crap.

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Sitting here at work, listening to three women talking about their lives in general (which revolve around kids and husbands) I realise that I just can’t relate to them. Their world is completely alien to me.

Although I’m a mother, my kids are now adults and I brought them up completely alone with help from no-one at all. My daughters are more friends than ‘children’.

Listening to the other women, their lives sound so boring – all about housework, getting the kids to do stuff and taking them here, there and everywhere. It sounds so exhausting, but I never found it so.


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Movie feedback

Was going to sand the bathroom window today but couldn’t find any sandpaper!  I only used it recently!  I piss myself off sometimes.

I watched “Troll Hunter” last night, the Norwegian movie.  I enjoyed it.  Would give it about 7 or 8 out of 10.

Haven’t watched any of the other three yet.  Watched two episodes of Season 2 of ‘Game of Thrones’.  H returned home and cooked a lovely meal of marinated pork chops (free range) in a creamy mushroom sauce, with garlic mashed potatoes and spinach, which we ate with a glass of Viognier.  Yum.

We watched a copy of ‘Immortals’.  What a ghastly movie.  I was bored to tears but sat through it.  I kept thinking Hyperion looked like Bruce Willis (I can’t stand Bruce Willis) then realised about 2/3 of the way through that it was Mickey Rourke.  Truly awful movie.  4/10

Will watch the other movies during the week as well as more episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’.  After all, there’s nothing on TV worth watching (except ‘Outnumbered’ if I remember).

Back to another week of boredom at work.  Ho hum.

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