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Health update

I had blood tests recently then got a letter to see the doctor about them. I feared all sorts of things, trying to remember what they tested for.

Turned out the blood tests were no different to earlier ones. Cholesterol is fine, I don’t have diabetes, iron levels fine. He also did a calculation based on weight/height/history, etc that I have a 2% chance of a heart attack, lower than the average for my age. All good news. It’s just the high calcium level in the blood which is the concern.

So, I had an appointment with a specialist today. Another blood test (for their records), a couple of scans to come, another appointment to go over the test results, and a likely one night stay in hospital after they’ve taken the malfunctioning gland out. The surgeon made it all sound like a piece of cake and assured me I’d feel a lot better afterwards – more energy, less depressed, etc, etc. What really made me happy was the ‘week off work’ following the op. Isn’t that sad. Says volumes about my current attitude to work really.


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We’re so used to seeing early photos of people posing stiffly that it came as a delightful surprise to find a book of early snapshots (as against studio portraits).  The photos were taken by painters of the time.  The book is “Snapshot: painters and photography, Bonnard to Vuillard” and it’s full of delightfully candid pictures of people just doing ordinary things that people still do.  They date from the turn of the century (19th/20th).  I’ve uploaded a few examples below.

As a fan of history and photography I thought they were pretty cool.  Pictures like this bring history to life and make you realise that people are no different no matter what era they live in.

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I don’t have much to update. I’ve been a bit depressed lately.

I should be happy that I’ve been given extra responsibilities at work but I haven’t had much direction and nothing much is happening at the moment.

I hate winter and this one is going to be long and cold. I just don’t have energy or enthusiasm for anything. I tend to blob at home in the weekends then moan at myself that I’m still in the same rut and haven’t done anything.

I’m worried about health problems, one of which is worsening tinnitus. It started getting worse after a noisy computer network box was installed at work. Something is ‘being done’ about it but it’s already been two and a half months and it still hums away at a steady 50dB the whole bloody day. Ok, it’s not loud but it’s constant and some people (like me) are sensitive to low frequency noise. It’s irritating. Apparently I can’t say that it has been the cause of my worsening tinnitus as it’s believed that one cancels the other out – well, I’m sorry but it doesn’t. Unfortunately my tinnitus is accompanied by a sensitivity to low pitched and loud sounds so the hand dryer in the staff toilet is almost painful. I thought getting the earwax syringed out of my ear would help but if anything it’s worse. I have to listen to music at work to avoid listening to the constant noise which also seems to create pressure on my ear. Been to the doctor’s but no luck there – there’s no cure for it and no-one really knows why it’s bad at some times and not others. Had more blood tests (to follow up on some last year). Cholesterol and blood pressure are fine. It could possibly be related to my other health worry for which I have an appointment next week.

So no, nothing to write about, nothing to look forward to. Just feeling rather miserable in general.

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although too short, always.

I didn’t go anywhere at all, in fact didn’t leave the property, but it was a success in that I completed all five to-do items on the list I created during the week.

Saturday was a bit of slack day – did the  usual chores.

Sunday I got out and cut back the branches along the driveway (tick), sanded the window frame in the bathroom (tick) and moved my cellphone number from Vodafone to 2 degrees (another tick).  This is after I’ve had the phone for about 6 months and waited until I used up the Vodafone credit before going over to 2 degrees (I don’t use the cellphone much).

I supposed I should add a sixth item to the list – I started painting the window frame after sanding and cleaning.  Woohoo! Finally.  So Sunday was the most  productive day.

Today I tackled a big box in the junkroom and sorted through it, recycling the box afterwards.  More books to give away including a couple of old cookbooks (one from the 60s with a cover of an aproned wife and mother serving her husband and two kids – really dated photo).  I gave the window frame another couple of coats.  Then the last item on the list: tidying up the mound of stuff on my desk and sorting through it.  Amazing!  I also moved the old, now empty, toy box to my room and used it to store my belly dancing gear in (instead of it littering the floor in bags).  The toy box might be bright red but it does the trick.  It’s a good solid wooden box that my brother made for the kids.

And in between all the above I found time to play Sims 2, creating dramas;

and reading book 4 of the Fire and Ice series (aka Game of Thrones).

H was away in Wellington for most of the weekend.  She returned last night but then went out again this morning.

A short week at work (yay!) and I must try making another list for next weekend.  (I have a to-do list on the computer but it’s too easily ignored.)

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Caught in the act

I got my bellbird photo.  I zoomed in as far as possible, not wanting to get any closer in case it flew off.

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I haven’t been able to take a photo of the bellbirds – they’re shy.  A tui was kind enough to stay still as I watched it singing though.

Unfortunately my camera’s not too good with zoom. Oh for an SLR.

I’ve had a couple of nights out.  The jazz festival is on at the moment so I went along with H to see a friend perform in a band.  They were opening for a jazz quartet: Paul Hanson on bassoon, Steve Cardenas on guitar, Tom Warrington on double bass and a kiwi girl on drums.

Steve Cardenas looked a bit like Ted Danson.  The jazz was what my friend aptly called ‘diddly’ jazz which is not really my cup of tea.  However, I did appreciate the skill of the bassoonist – just amazing.  A good night out anyway.

The following day was a farewell for a staff member.  I was there armed with camera and I tried to take a photo of a colleague.  However, she moved just as I took it and ended up getting a photo of people’s legs.  Someone suggested I should purposely take photos of everyone’s legs, so I did just that – taking photos of shoes and boots.

I thought it made an interesting study (and no-one realises you’re taking photos).

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