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A weekend alone. The trouble with H’s new job is that it includes weekends and I only see her in the evenings. Sometimes her absence in the weekends gets me up and doing stuff I should be doing and at other times I sit and wonder what to do. There was a bit of both.

On Saturday I continued smoothing out gap filler in the sunroom. I was going to do another coat of paint but the gap filler now takes forever to dry. I had been given some carnation plants so I weeded a couple of beds to make room and hope they do ok. I did the usual washing and tidying. I sorted through my mother’s old box of knitting patterns and knitting needles. A friend at work has got into knitting and wants a set of all sizes of (plastic) needles. I sorted spares and put aside for her and then looked through the patterns and selected a few she might have wanted. I laughed my head off at some of the fashions – knitted green culottes and a full length, striped, knitted dress are just a couple of examples.

On Sunday, although the weather was better, I felt at a bit of a loss. I told myself I had to sort out more in my bedroom and the first to look at were boxes of my father’s stuff that bro had given me. I had already been through the box of condolence letters and thrown out quite a few. I went through them again and got rid of a couple more as well as some other papers. Even after nearly 30 years, it brought tears to my eyes. There was a box of notebooks. Most of them appeared to be notes on philosophy which my father had written. I put them in the recycling bin, feeling bad for doing so, but no-one’s going to read them. I managed to get rid of one box, combining the remainder of both into one. I then got onto another drawer. I have a jar full of old coins and wondered what to do with them. None of them are valuable and the old pennies from the 1800s are almost rubbed smooth. I sorted them, keeping some and putting others in an envelope to give away somewhere.

On the Friday I had been to an annual book sale and picked up a cellophane-wrapped DVD of iconic Australian towns. Very few people, especially in NZ, would be interested in it but I was. Among the towns was my father’s birthplace. I watched much of the 4-DVD set on Sunday. Bored, I started knitting peggy squares with leftover wool. I want to knit a scarf but don’t like any of the colours in my bag of wool. I went to bed after watching a pretty boring array of TV programmes. H got home late after a stock-take.


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The weekend

It was cold Saturday morning – the continuation of a cold Friday. I got up at the usual time to get a warrant of fitness for the car. I realised, just before I left, that my registration had just expired on Thursday. Normally, I’m on top of all that, but it had obviously passed me by. By the time I got to the WOF testing station at about 8.20am there were already two lines of waiting cars. I took the opportunity to finish reading a book and shortly after I finished, it was time to drive the car up ready for the tester. The warrant passed no problem, and the tester guy even looked impressed. It was just an impression I had from his expression and body language. I then paid for a year’s registration and drove off, $300 poorer. Next stop, the supermarket (and another $100), then I dropped by the local library to get a book. I was ready for the next in the series of Phryne Fisher and it was on the shelf at the local library just down the road from my house, so all good. I also spotted a DVD which was on my list of movies to watch – Julia starring Tilda Swinton and got that out as well.

H later informed me that her friend A and his girlfriend, S, were coming over from Napier and staying overnight. Our planned dinner of drumsticks was put on hold (there wasn’t enough). It was freezing so I put the heater on and the visitors soon arrived. They all went out to watch roller derby (which I never knew existed here), while I watched my movie. Shortly after the movie finished, they returned with cooked chicken, salad and buns, and beer. We ate, and then played Yahtzee and Settlers of Catan. I then headed to bed (it was now midnight).

On Sunday morning, (“Mother’s Day”) Jasmine woke me early scratching the door to get out (of my bedroom, the door closed because of visitors). H had to go to work so she left at 9.30am. The visitors left at 10.40am. I hung up the new bamboo blinds in the sunroom, then filled a few gaps. I then turned up the hem of the sliding door curtains which were just a fraction too long and annoying. The sun was out and it was lovely and warm so I also sat outside in the sun and read my book. I cooked bacon, eggs and mushroom for lunch which I enjoyed while Jasmine sprawled on her back in the sunshine. C rang from Melbourne and we chatted for about an hour or so. H got home after 5pm. She later cooked the drumsticks with roast veges and a delicious spinach and mushroom ‘sauce’. Divine. Watched Masterchef and some other programme and headed to bed.

A mixed weekend of cold and sunshine, chores and laziness, grumpiness and contentment. Not a bad one and Monday came by too soon, as always.

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The builders have been and gone.  The weather hasn’t been kind enough for me to paint the outside of the new bits yet, but hopefully today.  The breakthrough is that Jasmine has finally figured out how to go through the new cat flap.  She hasn’t quite sussed how to get back in, even though it’s the same way.  There’s a magnet keeping it closed and she has to learn to push with her head to get through.

I picked up the car from the panel beaters yesterday after dropping it off on Tuesday.  They gave me a courtesy car to use in the meantime which was great.  H didn’t even see the different car in the driveway as it’s now dark by the time I get home.  The car was an automatic and I kept wanting to push down on a clutch when I first got in.

I relisted the item on TradeMe, after being given permission as 90 days had passed without contact.  Unfortunately, despite me stating clearly it was pick-up only, some dickhead from Hamilton bid on it then asked how much postage was.  I removed his bid, but it didn’t sell.  Nor did four other items I listed despite there being many people ‘watching’.  Why watch if you have no intention of bidding?  I don’t get it.  I hate trying to sell stuff on TradeMe – it’s so frustrating.

I finally got an electrician in to get some lights fixed, including the outside light which stopped working last winter (and then I forgot about it as it wasn’t needed over summer).  We won’t have to use a torch to guide visitors down the steps now!

So overall, things are progressing well, until yesterday when H told me the vacuum cleaner’s not working, after I just bought an expensive box of bags.  Goddammit!

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