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Last weekend was Queen’s birthday weekend so Monday was a holiday.  I took Friday off as well to make better use of it.  It enabled me to do a bit of everything: jobs around the house, getting out and about and a bit of relaxation.  On Friday, I made use of the shops being open.  So many shops are not  open at the weekends or for a very limited time, which pisses me off.  I don’t know why during the week shops don’t open a bit later in the day (just one or two days) so working people can shop after work at 5pm.  5.30pm is no good – it takes me 20 minutes to get to town after work.  Who can shop in 10 minutes?  Not all shops are open on late nights either.  Anyway, enough of my little moan.

I can’t actually recall now, what I did, but I did get to a clothes shop and bought a pair of black pants (seemingly so difficult to get elsewhere).  I saw one of H’s friends working on the gardens in the Square and we chatted for a bit.  After looking around the shops, and not finding what I wanted, I headed over to H’s workplace and we walked over to Halikarnas for a kebab.  I then dropped off some recycling on the way home.

For the rest of the weekend, I did some painting in the sunroom, and started on the trickier stripping of wallpaper in the spare room, something I’d put off since concentrating on other, easier, parts of the house that needed doing.  I sorted through stuff in my bedroom, read books in the sunshine, mowed the lawn, chopped up a fallen branch, and started watching “The Killing” again (the original Danish version).  I also did some belly dancing on Friday night.  I put on some music and just danced around.  I find that more enjoyable, just doing my own thing.  It is, ultimately, for me anyway.  I no longer want to go to class where they just practise choreographies.  It’s not worth the wait in town and I find that I want to do something different to a part of the music than what they’ve choreographed.

To this weekend.  I’m still watching “The Killing”.  It’s a long 20-part series.  There’s been nothing on TV so I’ve been watching one or two episodes a day.  It took me a while to get into it but it’s got me hooked and is quite a complex story.  Someone at work seemed surprised that I’d want to watch a programme in Danish with English subtitles.  I much prefer that to watching something that’s been dubbed.   Anyway, I’m enjoying it, which apparently not many Americans did, judging by the rating on imdb.


I wonder why.  Evidently Americans don’t like watching foreign language films, since they’re always making their own, inferior, versions of foreign movies.

Yesterday I did some washing and hung it out, hoping it’ll be dry by Monday morning.  Then headed to Foxton for lunch at A’s.  I was full after the soup and scones, but had yummy potato and mushroom, followed by grapes, turkish delight and chocolates.  Talk about bloated!  Three of us went down to the estuary while the fourth went to pick up her new pup.  The royal spoonbills were there but huddled together in the distance, so I couldn’t get a good shot.  I took a few photos, but nothing outstanding and many of the photos I took of the heron came out a bit blurry.  We returned to meet the lovely German shepherd cross pup, a well-behaved female with a lovely deep bark.  I missed my Zara.


Today, despite being invited to an afternoon tea gathering, I stayed home and did more washing, sorting of photos, and more wallpaper stripping.  I called a friend down the road but she was out.  I felt a bit guilty not going to the afternoon tea, but I’m just not in the mood and need to do stuff at home.  The days are short enough and it’s already dark and gloomy by mid-afternoon.

While stripping wallpaper to music, I felt I wanted to go for a walk with a dog.  I haven’t been walking at the park much since Zara died.  I don’t particularly want to go on my own, although I have done.  Seeing the pup yesterday reminded me what I missed.  However, I don’t want to get another dog.  It wouldn’t be fair on it, being alone all day for five days of the week.

I feel like the weekend’s already over and it’ll be another long week of tedium at work.  Ho hum.


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