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A muck-up

H and I are spending Xmas apart.  She’s working and so can’t join me at my bro’s place.  So, we thought we’d have an early Xmas, but it was dependent on her receiving a parcel which included a gift for me.  To make matters worse, H had agreed to house-sit for a friend from 21st-26th December so she won’t be home before Xmas eve when I leave.  The parcel didn’t arrive in time.  It’s here now but too late.  So it looks like we’ll be having our Xmas after Boxing Day.

I had sent a hamper to C, but she hadn’t received it.  I enquired and the courier note was that  it was the wrong address.  It was the address given to me by H.  I rang C to ask and she said the number was wrong.  That pissed me off.  I shouldn’t have relied on getting the (new) address off H.  At this late stage I hope they can redeliver to the correct address before Xmas.  The other problem is that H sent a separate parcel to that same (wrong) address so I don’t know what will become of it.

Xmas has become a bit of a dog’s breakfast.


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I have got some way in my Xmas shopping.  I only buy gifts for my daughters and some food and drink for bro and his wife.  H told me what she wanted and I’ve bought one of the items.  The other could be tricky to find – natural or organic perfume.  H made up a parcel to send to C and asked me to contribute (naturally).

C is difficult to buy for but I wanted to get some jewellery.  I found some lovely blue freshwater pearls.  Of all the jewellery I looked at this seemed the most suitable.  C isn’t into bling and there’s a lot of bling around these days.  I’ve subsequently discovered that freshwater pearls are made in China using mussels.  Anyway, H will send the parcel off today.  I also decided to send C a hamper after finding a nice Australian hamper company online.  I just ordered one which should be delivered within a week.  It includes wine, chocolate, and other nibbles.

I ordered some wine online from a vineyard in the Rangitikei, and will give one of the bottles to bro.  I’ll also visit the local vineyard and get another four bottles of their yummy brew, and give one of them to bro as well.  Interestingly, it’s bro who lives in a wine region and never gives me any!  However, we decided long ago not to give each other gifts.  I give food and drink because I go to his place for Xmas every year – it’s only fair.

So, just about done.

I have two weeks off over Christmas/New Year.  It will go very quickly, so I’m thinking I’ll have to create list of things that I absolutely must do.  Hopefully the weather will be fine.

I bought H and I a couple of video games for Xmas.  I was talking to one of the guys at work and we were looking at an advertising leaflet.  He pointed out two that were good – Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire.  I had heard of RDR and had been meaning to buy it, but had not heard of the other.  I bought both, and have secretly been playing RDR while H is working or out.  It makes sense to use the crappy weather pre-Xmas to play it instead of while I’m on holiday when I need the time to do those jobs I never have time for.  That’s my excuse anyway.  What can I say – I never grew up.  I’m the only woman my age I know of that plays video games.

Time to go to work!  Just seven working days left.

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Only 31/2 weeks to the end of 2013!  Aarggh!

I should call this the Weekend blog – I only seem to blog about weekends lately and they go by so quickly.  Mind you, there’s precious little to write about during the week.  One work day is identical to the next.

A couple of weekends ago(?) I went on another ‘bird day out’ with the same three with whom I went to Zealandia in Wellington.  This time we combined a trip to Nga Manu nature reserve in Waikanae with a visit to a local brewery in Paraparaumu.  As it happens, it was a scorcher of a day, so what better way to end the trip than with a cold beer (or two).

Birds seen included many ducks and pukekos, kaka, kea, weka, morepork, Canada geese, Paradise ducks, black and mute swans, wood pigeons, tui, etc.  There were also skinks, tuatara and eels.  A few pics.


Paradise duckling




Difficult to get photos of the kea flying, to capture the bright orange under their wings.




We did a ‘guided’ bush walk and were followed for some way by a hopeful duck.


It was very cute, but was wise to give up. It would’ve been a long way for a duck, with no benefits.


Canada goslings



nov22 041

A view over the bush walk

nov22 064

And of course the obligatory cold beer(s).

Great day out.  More planned in the new year.

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