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Carpet and washing machine were delivered on Wednesday.  Good.  Machine works and I hope it continues to work for at least 6 months!

Then the toilet blocked up and water wouldn’t drain properly in the sinks.  Not sure if it was this or the crappy weather, or both, that made me feel depressed for the past couple of days.  The first plumber I contacted didn’t get back to me, so I contacted another who’s just been.  The first plumber gave me an approximate quote plus GST and labour just to have a look.  It was expensive.  Second plumber was a cheery bloke – many plumbers seem to whistle.  I think if the plumber whistles he’s a good one – haha.  He took an hour with a machine and even replaced washers on a tap  and in the toilet cistern for no extra charge.  Gave me a 50% discount for the Saturday callout fee and wrote the invoice at a cheaper rate if I paid today (and I’ve already paid).  It was cheaper than just the callout fee for the other plumber.  I’m glad they didn’t get back to me straight away.

Anyway, whether it’s because the drains are cleared or because it’s actually sunny today, my mood is way better.

For the past two days with the weather being grey and rainy, I tended to go on the computer and muck around and do bits and pieces of stuff around home, with little motivation.  While waiting for the plumber today (and he came about an hour and a half later than he said he would), I made sure to have the computer off to force myself to do other stuff while waiting.  So I tidied, cleaned windows, swept the front path and sorted through some genealogy notes.  This may also have contributed to my better mood – having achieved a few things, rather than mope.

H has been working and often spends the evening or night with friends so I’ve been alone, having to cook (last night I couldn’t be bothered) and either played Sims 2 (and even downloaded some new stuff for it) or caught up on watching “Vikings” and “Game of Thrones”, drinking and eating sweet stuff in my depressed mood.  My depression turned to anger last night (for no apparent reason), and then I felt like crying (again for no apparent reason).

It’s felt like a bit of a wasted week off.  I was supposed to do so much more but being depressed meant I just didn’t want to.  I could not be bothered doing much at all.  Washing dishes was the main accomplishment each day.

H says we’ve been invited to dinner at a friend’s tonight.  I”m not feeling sociable but she’s already said yes.  Now having a late lunch and heading off to do some grocery shopping.  I need to get out of the house (and away from the neighbour’s screaming kid).

Back to the grind on Monday – this is also a depressing thought.


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Yesterday was a work holiday so I count it as part of Easter.

H was home (i.e. not working) so we took the opportunity, with shops being actually open, to go into town to shop for flooring and curtains.  Curtains for the ripped and ineptly repaired lounge curtains which an energetic pup caused, and flooring for the sunroom (which is currently bare concrete).

We headed to a carpet place and were shown some offcuts.  We chose one that was about the right size, paid for it and hopefully it will be delivered today!  It was about $100 cheaper than buying carpet tiles from Bunnings.  Next, curtains.  Last year at Bunnings I had spotted some nice curtains but they were expensive and I didn’t have the cash at the time.  I had recently had another look and didn’t like any of their range.  Instead, H and I went to Spotlight.  By happy chance there was a sale on curtains.  I didn’t know what colour to go for since there was no green or purple (the colours on the couch).  H thought grey would be ok.  I went by her decision since she has a knack of knowing what looks good, especially as she’s been through a lot of houses in her role as real estate photographer.  We found the right size and the purchase was done.  Just like that.  A good shopping day.  We also bought flannels and hand towels (also on special) and I bought some flannelette (sp?) material to make pillow cases for the extra large pillows we have – ridiculous that they’re sold but that very few pillow cases are big enough for them.

Other good news.  The washing machine people rang and said they’d replace my (dud) one.  Excellent.  They should be delivering and swapping today.  I can finally get some washing done!

A productive day, ending with Billy Connolly’s show (on a very wet night).  H had never been to his live show.  I had been a few years previously.   I was struck by how old he looked now.  He had certainly slowed down and his eyes had taken on the rheumy look of old age.  We were lucky enough to be near the front, so I could see clearly.  At times it seemed that he was looking directly at me, but he probably couldn’t see anyone.  Still, he was very funny as always.  He had notes on his stool to remind him of his stories (sadly he has early onset Parkinson’s).  He talked right through 2 hours and then the show ended.  There was no break in between, which surprised us.  He did well.  I’m amazed he’s still touring.  He is, after all, 71 years old.

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Easter, mini-update 4

More decluttering, but in other rooms.  Sorted through books in various places and put a couple of bags aside to give to charity.  Books are easy.   Found several sheets of (old) genealogy notes I made while researching.  Some of my writing is so horrendous I just don’t want to attempt to decipher it.  I gave up on some and threw them into the recycling box and put the others into my genealogy bag to sort later (it needs lots of time).  I once started to organise my genealogical notes but didn’t get far.  I do research so irregularly that I forget where I was up to and have to get into the detective mindset yet again.  Not ready for that yet.

I haven’t got onto my desk yet…

Sorted through some digital photos I want to get printed.

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I got up late.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do today.  I got some hand washing done, taking advantage of the fleeting sunshine in the morning.  I also took advantage of the sunshine by sitting outside for a while reading another story from the hugely thick “Dangerous Women” book.

After making sushi for lunch, H wanted to play a video game – something she hadn’t done for months.  I’m easily influenced, so while she played GTA5, I played Sims 2.

Got a phone call from a friend who invited us over for dinner.  Headed over about 5ish, taking Settlers of Catan with us, as requested.

We got in a long and rather unsatisfying game (except for the winner) in before a nice dinner of lamb shanks and orange syrup cake with home-made icecream, with a nice bottle of rose I’d taken along.  Yum.  Played another game and the same person won (not me).  H was tired and was working the next day, so we headed home just after 9pm.

Watched “Offspring” TV programme before bed.

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Saturday.  Another day spent in my bedroom, trying to declutter.  I sorted through clothes in the drawers and wardrobe, and have put aside a few ready to give to charity.  I sorted out another shelf of stuff and have thrown some more into the recycling bin.  I have yet to tackle the desk…

It was a Sim day.  When not in my room sorting, I played Sims 2.

Really peeved that the second-hand washing machine I bought in October has broken down a second time.  Not impressed.  And, of course, it has to happen when the shop I bought it from is not open because of Easter.

On a good note, am  buying some tickets to Billy Connolly’s show on Tuesday off a friend who can no longer go.  Am in need of some humour.

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Easter, mini-update 1

Friday morning.  It’s just taken me an hour to sort through one shelf.  Not a particularly great start to my bedroom-decluttering day.  However, I did end up with another satisfying pile of paper to put in the recycling bin.

Friday afternoon.  It took me another couple of hours to sort through papers on a wardrobe shelf – more paper recycled.  A bit annoyed that my undergraduate degree certificate is too big to store flat alongside my masters.  It has to stay in the cardboard roll.

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Daylight saving has finally ended.  It means I can sleep a bit longer in the morning, but I’ve been getting tired at night by 9.30 pm (when I usually go to bed at 10.30 pm), so could do with the clock going forward at the end of the day.  But no, I’ll be going to bed even later or going at the equivalent of 8.30 pm.  Ho hum.

I don’t know whether it’s because of the changing seasons and it getting darker but I’ve been rather depressed lately (as mentioned in my last post, I think).  I”ve been waking up grumpy.  I hope the extra hour in the morning helps, although it will soon get dark again in the morning.  One day I was so tired and headachey that I took the day off work.  Of course, I couldn’t sleep once I was up, although I did lie down in the sun for a bit.  I haven’t felt like taking photos lately – not feeling inspired at all.

I’ve been using TradeMe for getting rid of superfluous items.  It’s as frustrating as ever.  I might get up to 30 ‘watches’ on an item but no-one bids.  I sell an item and it takes forever for the buyer to get in touch or pay the correct amount, etc.  However, I’ve managed to get rid of a bookshelf, an aluminium ladder, and just yesterday H’s electric guitar with amp.  There are more items I no longer want but it’s all such a tedious process.  Even if I give them away, it’s a pain to find somewhere to take it or for someone to pick it up.

I only got one bit of painting done last weekend – the window frames in the spare room.  I had forgotten that bro and sis-in-law were dropping by on Saturday, meeting first in town for lunch, then going to the anti TPPA demonstration in town.  Disappointing turnout, but then barely anyone actually knows about the agreement, which is being talked about behind closed doors between a select few in government and the US – and it’s called democracy.  Democracy, my arse.  Unfortunately, even when people read about it, they can’t be arsed doing anything about it – i.e. complaining.  When all our rights have been taken away, then they might complain (when it’s too late) – but probably not if they can still go shopping or have their heads bowed over a mobile device.  Sorry, my anger and cynicism showing.

Yesterday I did bugger all.  I tidied up the spare room and vacuumed, ready for wallpapering.  Today I’ll paint the inside walls of the sunroom.

Thankfully just a four-day week for me this week.  Hopefully I’ll find enthusiasm for something (other than work, of course).


I got the painting done in the sunroom.  Now I just need flooring in there to complete it.  While waiting for paint to dry in between coats, I went through some more stuff in my room and managed to consolidate another couple of boxes into existing ones and threw the boxes into recycling.  It’s a long and laborious process – and emotional.  I read a letter my mother wrote to me when I was 16 and just burst into tears.  H was at work, thankfully.

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