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Wallpapering done. It looks good. It’s a warm creamy colour. But now the skirting boards look horrible – a dull grey. Another job created – painting the skirting boards. I guess I’ll do that this weekend, so H can move into the room so I can then paint the walls in her room (which never got done after one of the walls was replaced during the bathroom repairs). It’s NEVERENDING!!! Unfortunately, I don’t have enough paint left over to do it, so I’ll have to buy another tin. May as well do all the bloody skirting boards and window sills to use it up then. Ho hum. So tedious.

Will attempt to get a warrant of fitness for the car tomorrow morning. I do hope it passes. I don’t want to have to fork out hundreds for repairs/tyre replacement.

Nothing much else on for the weekend. Now that The Block Australia has finished on TV, I don’t even bother to turn TV on. There’s seriously nothing on worth watching – so sick of all the reality shit that’s the same every bloody night. Oh, there is Broadchurch on Sunday. That’ll be it though.

Time for lunch.



Bought more paint on Friday and spent last couple of days painting the skirting boards, but then the door and wardrobe door looked awful so had to paint them too!   Not over yet – now the ceiling looks like crap!!!


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A fine weekend.

On Saturday I had been invited to a pot-luck house warming at a village half an hour away. I thought it was an evening thing, but discovered it was from lunchtime onwards. The host was actually H’s friend but H was going after work in the evening. She asked me to take along a casserole. I first had to go to town to do grocery shopping and buy a couple of ingredients. Then it was the long cooking time, so that by the time it was ready, it was about 1.45 pm. I set off in the sunshine and was halfway there when I had a sneaking suspicion I had not turned off the oven. I had to turn back. I had left the oven on. I set off again having wasted petrol and time and got there an hour later than intended. Nice house and good food – a good variety. Sat amiably with others (a couple I knew) outside until it got too cold. Ate some dessert then headed home about 6pm and watched a movie on DVD (as usual there was nothing on TV).

Sunday was mother’s day – whoop de doo – an excuse to buy more material goods for most people. H was working.

Since the sun was shining I decided to clear out the sunroom and finally lay the carpet we’d bought weeks ago. It was hard work cutting the carpet to size with nothing but blunt scissors, a craft knife and a metal ruler. Completed it, put everything back and it looked pretty good. It had taken me four hours all up (including a short break for lunch). The rest of the day was the usual washing and tidying.

The housepainter man dropped by to say he could start on the wallpapering in the spare room on Tuesday. I had been waiting a month, so was glad it was finally going to get done. I could’ve done it myself, I suppose, but I hate the job. I would much rather pay a professional to do it in half the time.

In the evening H cooked delicious home-made lamb burgers with chips, which we ate with beer, and watched the second Hobbit movie. H had given me some dark Lindt chocolate too, which was yum. I found the movie a little disappointing – so much that I don’t remember being in the book (certainly not the female elf). I will have to re-read it. I felt just as I had in the first Hobbit movie – that many scenes felt like a repeat of LotR.

And here we are back to Monday and the start of another week – nearly halfway through May already!

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