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Long time no write

There hasn’t actually been anything to write about.

My weekends, long weekend included, have been taken up with painting. One bedroom completed and H moved into it. Now started on the other. Cleaned and filled holes and sanded. Painted the skirting boards and started the “crown moulding” (never knew it was called that). This last weekend gone, I painted the gibbed wall against the bathroom with a primer sealant. Tried bits of the ceiling but discovered I need stain blocker for marks from an historic leak. Instead of wallpapering (I refuse to strip any more wallpaper – I don’t care about imperfections), I’m going to paint the walls. We’ve already chosen a colour and I painted a sample on the walls over the weekend. Looks ok and will go with the curtains. Already the room is looking way better – the holes and tears caused by drawing pins and blue tack covered up. But, I’m truly sick of painting!

Nothing much of interest coming up. No more public holidays for four-and-a-half months. I will need a break during that time but can’t afford an actual holiday anywhere after all the house-related stuff being done.

Back to the boredom of work. I do so hate winter (which started officially on the 1st June). Looking out on grey days and being often unable to go out for walks is so depressing. I wish I could hibernate…


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