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I had organised for a skip bin to be dropped off on the Wednesday, so took Wednesday and Thursday off so H could help me fill it with rubbish from the garage. I’d specifically asked for one that was big enough for a an old double mattress. Well, what turned up was in no way big enough for a double mattress, so I was not best pleased. However, we managed to fill it with nearly all the extraneous stuff in the garage. Old poisons, paint or other liquids were prohibited, so they’ll have to be ditched later. I have no idea how to ditch the mattress as it’s too big for either car.

While going through stuff in the garage I came across a box of blue glass items, (glasses, dishes, vases, etc) given to me years ago. I put them up for sale on TradeMe. I also listed some chicken wire and a bird cage. There were old tools I’ll give away as well as a brazier. I’m not sure what to do with two old trunks used to transport goods from England to New Zealand…

The rest of the sunny day was spent in the garden – weeding and mowing the lawn.

On Thursday just after I had breakfast, two builders turned up to replace the damaged ceiling tile. I’d let them know I would be home but hadn’t heard anything back. They were quick and efficient (which is why I used them again after they did a great job with the sunroom). They discovered two ants’ nests in the roof which they removed and sprayed. Hopefully that will ease our ant problem a little. He advised an ant bomb in the roof area. The ceiling panel isn’t exactly the same as the old (now no longer produced) panel but he said some matt white paint would disguise it ok. Guess who now has to paint the whole ceiling. Sigh.

More sunshine, so I did more washing and weeding. I sat and read for a while and it actually got quite hot. The tui was singing so it was just wonderful to be outside soaking it all up.

So a good couple of days with lots achieved. I’ve even had a bid on the bird cage and some interest in the chicken wire.


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Saturday: Tackled the scrawled genealogy notes. Some information had come from familysearch.org and I felt the need to double-check a couple of points. While there I tried doing other searches, to no avail. I don’t like their search engine. When I try to search for the possible birth date of an ancestor, I enter the name and date range and then the results come up with that name as the father of a child – not what I want at all. Very frustrating. Anyway, managed to get through most of the pile. There is still some left, including a photocopy of a letter about the family, which I need to go through again and see if I still need it. Last week I ordered the birth certificate of my maternal grandmother (which I could’ve sworn I had, but didn’t) and the marriage certificate of my great-grandparents on my maternal grandmother’s husband’s side. They arrived. I could tick them off on my spreadsheet of resources I needed. I double-checked the information I had and filed them away. This week I ordered a certificate from the Australian BDM office.

Sunday: I tidied up and did odd jobs that didn’t get done through the week. I had a lunch to go to (used to be an annual event but is now twice a year, sadly). Before going there, I got the video recorder out of the garage to deliver to a friend who wanted one. They had some kids’ videos they wanted to show their one-year-old but their machine had died. Did a bit of grocery shopping, including a quiche for the lunch, delivered the video recorder (and stopped for a cuppa), then headed over to the ladies lunch. The others had brought savouries. The host had baked Black Forest cake. I listened to the usual gossip about people I don’t know, the latest escapades of their (now grown-up) children, and gazed out at the blue sky I was missing. I made an excuse to leave about 3.30 (they can go on to 5pm). The others used the opportunity to leave also (the host can talk a lot).

Not sure what to do with the rest of the short day, I played a Sims 2 family (a couple with 2 sets of twins and another on the way).

H returned with printed out photos. My pile was $60 worth but she only paid $30 (which I owe her). I was disappointed with some – they came out darker than the original, but she didn’t have time to devote to each individual photo (she had hundreds to print). Put them in the album and realise I have no photos for 2012, or any of the many birds, trees and flowers I’ve taken. They’ll have to come later and be put at the end of the album.

We got pizza from the local takeaway and I watched a movie while H went online.

Weekend gone.

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Knowing how quickly the weekend zooms by and how I often achieve nothing, I had made a brief list of things I wanted to get done, and was able to cross some of them off at least. They don’t sound much, but anything, however small, is better than wondering at the end of the weekend what I’d achieved.

So, on Saturday I went through all my music CDs and chose a few that I never really listen to anymore or haven’t done for years. I copied some tracks onto the computer then put the CD in a giveaway pile. This took quite a while, as you can imagine. I managed to reduce a full shelf to half a shelf before remembering the CDs in the CD rack in the lounge. I wanted to keep nearly all of those, so put them on the shelf, which is now ¾ full. I suppose that’s better than an overflowing shelf.

The rest of Saturday was taken up with washing and vacuuming. I got a telemarketer phone call (as far as I can tell). Unfortunately, she was Asian with such a thick accent I couldn’t understand a word she said. I guessed at “how are you” and hesitated before replying. She then went on but I still couldn’t understand a word she said, said so and hung up. My precious time isn’t worth wasting on telemarketers.

On Sunday, I went through my ISP webmail, deleting several, and favourited genealogy-related links I’d sent to myself. This too took a while, but I went from 6 pages of email to 3. While going through them I found the contact for builders I had used and emailed them about a water-damaged ceiling (thanks to an old leak). I feel embarrassed every time someone visits and sees the unsightly ceiling in the lounge.

I then made the mistake of browsing the downloads of a Sims 2 website. I liked the design of an apartment block so much that I was determined to reproduce it. (I couldn’t download it as I didn’t have all the expansion packs necessary for it to work properly.) So I headed into the Sim downtown neighbourhood and proceeded to build the 4-storey apartment. It took hours, but I was very pleased with the result. It was a clever design of split levels, with one and a half floors per apartment. I later told C about it (and showed her) and she said she now wanted to build houses on her Sims game (she plays Sims 3). Photo later if anyone’s interested, haha.

Before I got too carried away, I also hemmed some black pants that were too long (pants are always too long).

I started copying some digital photos into a folder for H to print out but only got a short way before giving up. It all seemed too much.

I did not achieve the sorting of scrawled genealogy notes, which I made a start on last week. I need a full, uninterrupted day (at least) to sort them out. It also seemed too much to tackle in the short time left in the weekend.

In the evening I withdrew my membership from a NZ genealogy facebook page after some detrimental comments were made about UK immigrants. Others felt the same way and one of them created another page for us. I don’t really belong on an NZ page anyway. All my ancestry is Australian and British.

The brief list worked so must do it again. I think I’ll have to take time off work to do the genealogy.

Postscript: Thursday.  I completed transferring digital photos to a USB for printing.  It took an extra 3 hours last night.  Just going through the South Island photos took a while – I chose 135 out of about 600.

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