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Monday to Friday was a long week.  Thursday felt like Friday, and I couldn’t concentrate in the hot afternoons working in a non-airconditioned building with no breeze coming through the small windows (in about 29deg C heat every day).  Besides which, my mind was already in Sydney.

I fly out tomorrow morning with boss and colleague.  We fly via Christchurch where we have to wait 4 hours for our flight to Sydney.  Why?  Because it was the cheapest flight.  It’s a wonder we’re not staying in a youth hostel.

Jasmine seems to sense something’s up.  Could be the suitcase lying at the ready, haha.  She’s been hanging around me this morning, wanting attention.  Poor love.  I feel like a traitor, taking her to a cage in a cattery, when she’s used to lying on a bed and having cuddles in the evenings.  I drop her off this evening.

During the week I tried on my dress shoes, which I needed for the conference dinner and a cocktail party.  I must have bought them in winter because they were tight and there was no way I’d be able to walk from the hotel to the conference or cocktail venues in them.  So, this morning I headed back into town, yet again, to do some shoe shopping.  The fact that I’m sitting here writing at 10.30 am indicates that I was successful.

I tried on one pair which were very comfortable but were in a beige colour.  The only other colour they had was white.  No good.  Needed black.  I tried on another pair that, although not as comfortable, felt good to walk in.  I bought them, and they were on sale – reduced to $79 with a further percentage off lowering the price to about $65.  Excellent.  I’d only looked in three shoe shops and tried on two pairs.  Next errand was a small umbrella, as the forecast for Sydney this week is some rain.  I did have a small one which I brought from work but it’s a bit broken, so I decided to buy another cheapy.  The “$2 shop” in the Plaza didn’t have any small ones, and KMart had cheapy made-in-China ones for $15 which I thought overpriced, so I headed over to Broadway to “Barris” another “$2+ shop” and got one for $6.  Done.  All set.

The camera battery is charged.  The cellphone is charged.  Now I just have to wander down to the local shop to get some more credit.

There’s a smallholder’s auction down the road.  I might head down for a short while, as I have no idea what to do with today.

As to exercise/semi-diet regime, I was very disappointed last night to find I had lost nothing at all in the past week.  I felt angry with myself for giving into a couple of pieces of toast during the week, as well as having a sugary drink.  Then I told myself not to be an idiot and take it easy.  I will have to restrain myself during the conference, however.  I still haven’t reached my goal which is only 2kg away (and of course once I reach that, I’ll want to lose more).

May update later, may not.  If not I will update in a week’s time after my return from Sydney (returning via Auckland).


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After getting back from town yesterday, I did the usual washing and housework.  I remembered that I had a spraycan of black paint to do the bamboo blinds, so started doing those, only to find I didn’t have enough.  Oh well.

I tried on the new green dress, which will be ok for the conference dinner, and decided not to take the hem up.  Not worth the effort for a small amount.

I forgot to mention that on Friday an electrician replaced a rusty old cable cover for a cable leading from the house to the garage.  It looks 200% better now.  Paid some bills online and put my Aussie money with my passport.  Tested my tablet to see how typing on it is, and subsequently cut back my fingernails!

I can’t actually remember what else I did.  I’m sure there was something.  I watched two episodes of “Mad Men”, there being nothing on TV as usual.  I didn’t do any exercise other than some weights, push-ups and crunches because I went and hit my little toe on the coffee table, and it hurt a lot!  It’s quite bruised.  I was limping round for the rest of the day.

This morning I decided to go through the clothing I’m taking to Sydney and loosely packed it in my small suitcase.  I tried working out outfits and discovered that: 1. the black top I recently bought is a tad too long to wear with a skirt so needs taking up; and 2. I don’t have any jewellery to go with the new green dress.  Most of my jewellery is for belly dancing and is too big and blingy.   So, emergency trip to town to look for jewellery.  I found a black necklace and earrings which should go ok.  Decided to buy some more black paint for the blinds while I was in town.

In the afternoon I put the hem of the top up, and pulled the sewing machine out to sew it.  The machine behaved itself for once.  Then, once more, I tried working out what my outfits were going to be for each day and realised I had completely forgotten about two blue dresses and a longer lacy skirt.  Turns out I won’t need the extra skirt and I won’t take the long-sleeved dress (which is very heavy).  I have more outfits than I need now.  I needn’t have panicked, although it was good to get two extra dresses for the evenings.  I might keep an eye out for some nice (non-bellydancing) jewellery in future.

I considered giving the bamboo blinds another going over, but there’s a bit of a wind and I don’t want black paint all over the place.

I haven’t updated on my exercise/diet regime.  I’ve lost 3 kg over 3 weeks, which I suppose is good – certainly better than nothing, although I’d hoped, with the daily exercise and cutting back on carbs, that I would have lost more.  Slow and steady is better I suppose.  I’ll keep going, I think, until I lose at least 5 kg.  Wouild love to lose lower tummy fat.  I never used to have fat in that region, but it’s a difficult area to target.  At least it’s easier, in the hot weather, to have salads every day, and lots of water.

Feeling a little lonely again.  The weekends can get that way.  Never mind.  Off to my favourite city next Sunday.  But then, when I get back from Sydney I won’t have anyone to share things with.  Oh well, c’est la vie.  I just wish I didn’t have to put Jasmine in the cattery.  She’s not going to like it.  Poor girl.   Should be the last time for a while though.


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Success! (for once)

Last night my bro came round to drop off some home-killed lamb.  We had fish and chips and a chat over a glass of tonic water (no alcohol for me this month).  Managed to give away an old clarinet I found in the garage.  He took it reluctantly.  He nearly took a spare petrol container I had but changed his mind at the last minute, dammit.  He’s wanting to declutter, himself, and will have a much larger job of it than I’ve had.

It’s my last weekend before flying to Sydney next Sunday so had a few errands.  This morning I’d decided to head into town early to avoid the crowds and the heat, to get some Aussie cash from the bank and to have one last look for a dress and/or skirt and purchase some new makeup to replace some old that I threw away.

Into Shanton, which is a clothes shop that keeps changing its location.  I couldn’t find it last week, but found it this morning and parked right outside (few people about).  They had a much better selection, with a friendly saleswoman, who said that they’ve had lots of skirts and dresses.  I tried on a dress and some of those colourful pants (in more sedate colours).  They both fitted beautifully, although the dress is a little longer than I wanted, but I should be able to take it up.  Success, and sale price too!

Onto the dreaded Plaza, to the bank.  Got just AUD200 which should be more than enough as I don’t intend shopping and all meals should be catered for except my dinner with my cousin.  Headed into KMart for some makeup and had to ask a nearby staff member how much some items were as they weren’t labelled (I hate items being unpriced – not helpful).  Bought some eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner pencil.  Done.

Was walking to the car, happy with my success, when I spotted the luggage sale and headed in, just intending to browse.  I only have a very small suitcase (which is likely enough for Sydney) and wanted something larger.   The saleswoman showed me a few options and I settled for one that had a 46% discount.  I surprised myself at purchasing immediately, and walking out wheeling along a suitcase.

Had to pop into a supermarket to get some more muesli and bought sausages and some beer (for when I’m no longer teetotal).  Since I was feeling good about the morning, I bought a lotto ticket.  Last time I did that I won $28.  However, I won’t hold my breath.  Got petrol on the way home and was home by 10.30, having had a successful shopping trip for once!


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I took Friday off for a four-day weekend (Monday being a public holiday in the region) but I felt like shit on Thursday morning and called in sick.  Four visits to the toilet on getting up… you get the picture.  I’d actually felt exhausted the day before after work, and went to bed at 8pm.  Still felt pretty drained all of Thursday.

Friday wasn’t too bad.  Mucked around.  Rang an electrician about the cable to the garage which needs fixing, then took Jasmine to the vet for a vaccination for the cattery next month.  Poor girl hates the car ride and was stressed out in the vet’s room.  We had to wait half an hour because of an emergency.  Not all of it was in her cage, but it’s a long time to be in a small cage for her.  It was a hot afternoon and the car was hot too, so that just added to her stress.  The good thing is that she didn’t actually need another vaccination.  She’s all good for another couple of years, so noted down on the booklet for the cattery to keep them happy.  Some tartar starting to build up on her teeth but otherwise a clean bill of health.  Apparently, this year is really bad for fleas but she had none.  I scored a free three-pack of the flea treatment with the rewards card (saving about $50).

Saturday I attempted another go at shopping for a dress and/or skirt.  First stop Ezibuy.  There were very few dresses and of those, the vast majority were “shifts” or long dresses, or made of thick fabric.  The colours were wrong too (for me).  All yellows, whites and pinks.  Why?  Why, why, why, why, why?  What’s wrong with reds and (darker) blues???  I did see one dress in gorgeous colours but it was a long dress and there was also a skirt in the same colours but very long.  Why, if they’re going to make the damned things, can’t they make them in shorter styles as well?  I would’ve had to cut off screeds of material and try and get the hem straight.  Not something I wanted to do, even if the style had suited me.  There were no skirts to speak of at all, incredibly.  Next stop, the Plaza, to shops I hadn’t previously been to, and a second visit to Postie (Plus?).  Again, no skirts – at all.  What I thought were skirts were colourful narrow pants – that’s the in thing this summer apparently.  They’re everywhere.  Otherwise it’s all tops, tops and more tops.  What are you supposed to wear on the bottom half apart from trousers or three-quarter pants?  I don’t get it.  I moaned at Postie, saying I’d chosen the wrong year to shop for skirts, and she agreed.  Why?  WHY THE FUCK CAN’T YOU BUY SKIRTS THIS SUMMER??????????  Fuck, I was so pissed off.  Eventually, and in desperation, I had a look around KMart and found a skirt the right length!  They had lots of minis but only two colours in this style.  I wouldn’t normally have bought it but I was desperate.  It’s a sort of leopard skin design – totally unoriginal, but I can wear it on the plane or something.  I just needed an extra item of clothing to total nine outfits (daytime plus three evening outfits).  (Nothing suitable found at a second-hand shop either.)

That nightmare over with, I did grocery shopping and came back home.  I knew the temperature had to be in the 30s as I was wearing jeans and only get uncomfortable in jeans in the 30s (I once wore them in 36 deg heat, thinking it was going to be a cool, cloudy day in the morning, and it soaring up during the day when I couldn’t change).

So to today.  I haven’t done much – some more washing, reading a book.  At a loss what to do really.  I could go somewhere, but where?  I played Sims 2 last night, with nothing better to do, and nothing on TV as usual.  I had finished “Fargo” and started “Mad Men” which is ok.

I need to make a list of shit I should do on non-work days, otherwise I drift around aimlessly doing nothing and feeling miserable.

Never mind.  Sydney in two weeks (and then what?).

On Monday I looked through the laundry and garage, identifying more stuff to give away or sell.  I listed those on a couple of websites after taking photos.  I found another lot of fish plates which I inherited from a friend’s mother.  I don’t even like them.  Turns out they’re French and worth about $30 each.  I have 10 of them.  I’ll see what I can get for them (if anything).

In the afternoon, at a loss, I headed to my friend down the valley with my bottle of wine (she had visited earlier with hers).  We had a lovely chat outside with cups of tea.  She had just finished mowing her substantial lawn and it made the place look palatial.  It cheered me up no end, and I returned home feeling much better.


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I braved three clothing shops, including the dreaded Farmers.  Such outings are rare because of my hatred of clothes shopping.  Overall quite disappointing.  I was looking for dresses and/or skirts.  The dresses were very busy, lots of clashing colours and the styles were rather plain, and mostly sleeveless.  I first went to Ballantynes where I’ve previously found clothing I like.  I did end up buying a sleeveless black dress on sale but it needs something near the armholes – they poke out a bit (not well made in other words).  I also bought a black top there, very similar to one I had years ago but which I “grew” out of (in the breast department).  I also tried on a skirt with colours I liked, but didn’t like the shape of it.

Disappointed, I headed to Farmers to look for dresses and skirts.  I really hate the way they arrange their clothing: not by category (eg skirts, dresses, tops) but by label.  I don’t give a fuck about labels.  Why the hell do I have to wander round in circles just so I can look for a skirt or dress, and then forget where I’ve been?  They cram things on racks so you can’t see anything properly and you can’t pull them out because they get caught on the next hanger.  A pain in the arse.  Anyway, found nothing in the dress department.  I did try one on but the neckline was too low.  What is the point of a summer dress if you have to wear something underneath to hide your bra?  I don’t get it.  I  tried on, and bought, a couple of long-sleeved tops but they’re more for autumn wear, not really what I was looking for.  Farmers had many, many tops, but few dresses and skirts, and of those, I didn’t like the style and/or colour.  Disappointed again, I headed to another clothing shop nearby but, again, there was nothing much in the skirt or dress department – it’s all long flowy, flowery, flouncy tops.  I didn’t even find something to try on.

Quite disappointing.  I don’t know where else to go.  I’ll have to brave the Plaza another time and look around.  It’s funny but I see more that I like in the bigger sizes, but they’re too big for me.  Why do they have nice colours and styles in the plus sizes and the usual ghastly (in my opinion) crap in the smaller sizes?  I just don’t get female “fashion”.  I’m not a girly girl.  I’m more of a male shopper – go in, get what I want, get out.  I hate the time-consuming frustration of not finding something I like.

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I’m not sure why I started numbering days – quite pointless really.

I haven’t bothered to add to the daily walking I do, as I’d rather spend that extra time in the evening doing some other form of exercise.  Thursday night I did an Xbox workout for 55 minutes, which was good.  Last night I didn’t have much time so just did a few crunches and squats, etc.

It’s been a week since I started this new regime and according to the scales I’ve lost a kilo.  My physical dimensions haven’t changed, unfortunately.  I’m hoping the weight loss continues, even if small amounts, but I would like to see a gradual difference in body shape.  The Xbox ‘game’ is called Your Shape.  Some of the exercises in it are too difficult for me at this stage.  I feel like a sack of potatoes.  Some days the myfitness pal says I’m not eating enough calories, but I don’t trust their calculation of calories, fats, sugars, etc.  I don’t eat a lot and have cut down on, or eliminated, bread and alcohol, eating lots of fruit and veges, so that’s good enough for me.

I had a couple of sheets of that opaque corrugated plastic sheeting left over from when H’s old boyfriend, J, attempted to repair the roofing ini the sunroom (unsuccessfully).  I listed them on TradeMe for $5 and was surprised to see it get to $31.  It’s now finished at $55.  That stuff must be expensive.  Just as well I thought to sell it.  I just want it out of the garage.  I’ve also sold a single bed headboard which hasn’t been used in a while.  The garage is looking better but still a bit to go.  Now it’s mostly old pots and spray bottles.  I thought I’d got rid of all my pots but I found bigger ones.  I also have two plastic petrol containers that the ex dumped on me.  Will have to give them away.  I’ve already got one.  Why would I need three?

I’ve survived a week back at work.  It started quite quickly but I’ve started clock-watching again.  I hate having to sit all day at the desk.  It’s like torture really.

I’m heading into town this morning to do some dress shopping.  I need something for a conference dinner in Sydney next month.  I actually had the courage to wear a sleeveless dress to work yesterday.  People said I looked “summery” (well, it is summer), but didn’t comment more than that.  Oh well.  It’s not like I’m fishing for compliments.  Of course, GB wouldn’t say anything.  She described one vibrant (personality-wise) staff member as “bland”.  I’d rather have the outgoing and happy, but apparently “bland”, person than the dressed-to-the-nines but shallow GB.

Must get dressed and head out.

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Brief update

Days 4-6:

H rang me on Sunday evening. Was good to talk to her. She’s finding it rather frustrating looking for full-time work, I think. She’s applied for a few, so here’s hoping. Her casual job isn’t enough. They don’t have internet yet (after they recently moved) so she relies on the local library for getting brief doses of social media, etc.

I knew the Xbox exercise thing would be challenging for the working week. When I get home from work, I don’t particularly want to do a work-out, especially when it’s hot. I have been doing some abdominal crunches and squats, etc, but that’s not enough to lose any pounds. The pedometer indicates that I walk between 5,000 and 7,000 steps while at work and walking at lunchtime. The weather’s iffy today but I will go out there if it’s not raining.

I tried on my new jeans to wear to work today and couldn’t help but see the muffin top over my hips. Not a great look and I couldn’t bear to go to work looking like that. I’ll have to lose some of the flab. I don’t mind wearing them in town but all day at work, no. I didn’t notice the problem while trying them on at the shop. Of course I concentrated on the fit and the length, which seemed perfect, but didn’t look closely enough obviously. Oh well. An incentive to keep at it. I did some belly dancing last night (and it was a hot night, so sweated quite a bit).

As for food, I’m continuing with no alcohol and cutting back on bread. Unfortunately there were some very nice Lindt chocolates at work, that we never see in supermarkets here, so I did indulge rather more than I should have: 7 chocolates on Monday and 3 yesterday. None today, thankfully. No idea what to eat tonight. Last night I had a pork steak which was very tasty.

Started watching the latest DVD of the Australian “Who do you think you are?” Very interesting. Jackie Weaver reminded me of one of my cousins. Interesting that her grandmother lived in Goulburn, where my dad was born. Was good to see the town on screen, however briefly.

The working day went quite quickly on Monday. Yesterday it slowed. Today is not too bad, so far. After about 3.30 I get rather tired. Oh well.

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