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The weekend just gone was Queen’s Birthday weekend, but I took today off as well.

Saturday I met A in town to listen to some jazz groups – the weekend was also the local jazz music festival.  However, before meeting her I went to Bunnings to buy an anti-fatigue mat for work (because of the standing desk on a concrete floor).  In order to provide us with a free one we’re supposed to have a workplace assessment which is just ridiculous and timewasting.  Anyone will tell you if you’re standing on a concrete floor at work, you need some sort of mat.  I didn’t even like the one we tested – made no obvious difference – so I decided to buy the Bunnings one which was half the price (although I’m paying for it) and felt better underfoot.  I can’t be arsed waiting around for an unnecessary “workplace assessment” and getting an overpriced thin mat as a result.  Anyway, that purchased, I did a bit of top-up grocery shopping then went to the annual/bi-annual? Red Cross book sale.  I don’t want to accumulate more books but last year I picked up a couple of handy books on Australia, as well as a DVD on Australian towns, so I just thought I’d go along on the offchance I’d find Australian or British county histories.  I never find British county histories, but there’s always hope.  As it happens there wasn’t much on offer in the non-fiction part, so I bought five fiction books to read over lunchtimes at work.

I then walked to the first venue to listen to a jazz trio, meeting A.  The trio didn’t actually turn up until after the stated time.  We needn’t have been there early either as there weren’t that many people.  We had a cup of tea and a muffin, met D and T who arrived later, then headed over to another venue for a larger band, who played more upbeat stuff.  A’s partner, S arrived, as did T and D and we sat at the table sharing salty fries and having a beer/wine, listening to the music and people-watching.  We headed to one more venue to listen to another group, this one with a singer, and had one more beer/wine before heading our separate ways.  I didn’t join A and S for dinner, but grabbed a pizza and drove home to feed Jasmine.  Very pleasant to sit and listen to good music.  They should do it more often with live bands on an afternoon.

Sunday I did a bit of decluttering of kitchen cupboards (or was that Saturday morning?) and filled a box to give to charity.  One day seems much like the rest so I’m not sure what I did when.  I did mow the lawn finally and put on more washing.

Monday I put on a lamb roast for myself in the slow cooker.  I need to use up some of the lamb my bro has given me.  It takes longer to get through with it just being me.  I took photos of items I wanted to sell (hopefully) and went through some CDs on the desk.  I threw away several, copying some onto the computer.  I filled a couple of bags with clothes and shoes to add to the box for charity.  (I listed the items on TradeMe this morning.)  Sadly, I finished Series 2 of Ripper Street (which ended on a bit of cliffhanger, dammit).  I continued watching “Anno 1790” online.

This morning I went through my drawers properly to sort them out and added a couple more items to the clothes bag.  After lunch I headed into town to drop the donations off.  (I have to choose a week day when I’m not working in order to do so as they’re only open when I am working.)  Unfortunately, I came across more than one idiot driver (all old people and women?) – the perils of driving on a week day during work time.  I decided to drive past a suburban hairdresser’s that I’d found positive reviews for.  The hairdresser I’d previously used, that I really liked and trusted, had left a while ago and my hair needed cutting.  This place was able to do it that afternoon so I crossed my fingers that it would be ok.  I was surprised at how much they charged for a dry cut (no washing, no hair products, no glass of wine, no massage chair) which lasted half an hour.  Once I got home and looked I thought the layering was too obvious.  I won’t be going back there.  Positive reviews were probably from old ladies with short hair.

Back to work tomorrow but at least it’s now only a three-day week.


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