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since I last updated, and a week already since I had time off.  This year is zooming by.

I took a week off during the time H was here.  I also took the Friday before off to renew my driver’s licence.  The stupid place is only open between 9 and 5 which is totally useless for working people who can’t drop by in a lunch hour.  Relieved to get it done anyway and am valid for another 10 years.

H had actually flown in that morning but she stayed with L on Friday night.  I picked her up on the following Saturday morning.  As soon as she said she’d leave the suitcase at L’s I realised that I’d been nve to think that H would stay at home.  Haha!

So, that morning we went and had a look at the photography exhibition of National Geographic photographers at the local art gallery.  That was cool.  We had coffee/lunch (I can’t even remember now) at a cafe nearby.  Took H home to catch up with Jasmine and we played Scrabble.  H left in the evening, taking my car, to stay at L’s.  The next day we were to head over to my bro’s place.

It was early afternoon Sunday by the time they turned up.  I hadn’t realised L was coming too, but that was ok.  We headed over to the Wairarapa.  Always good to see bro and we spent most of the time there playing Siedler (Settlers of Catan) as the weather was pretty shit.

L and H didn’t get up until Monday afternoon (H was tired and full of a cold, so she had an excuse and I guess L didn’t want to show his face without H – a shy sort).  Monday evening we returned home but H took the car and headed back to L’s.

Tuesday I didn’t see her at all, so I did some genealogy and scanned some photos.

Wednesday they both came over late afternoon.  H cooked, which was a bonus.  They stayed overnight (hallelujah) so we played Catan and drank wine/spirits.

Thursday they got up in the afternoon again and left.

Friday I didn’t see H again at all.  She was busy planning her European trip with L’s sister.

Saturday was H’s last full day here.  She made sure to spend some time with me.  We went for a walk, then had a coffee at the local cafe, then played Scrabble.  Again in the evening she took the car and stayed at L’s.

Sunday afternoon H returned just in time to say goodbye to Jasmine and pack up anything she’d left.  I dropped her off at the bus to Wellington.  She’d stay overnight with her father (who happened to be over from Queensland) and he would drop her off for the early morning flight.

So that was the week.  I had originally planned to have the next day (Monday) off as well, but cancelled, as I’d spent enough time alone at home.  All weekend I had just wanted to cry (but didn’t).

Bro and sis-in-law are heading to Melbourne in November so C suggested I go over too.  So, all going well, I’ll head over to Melbourne in November and we can have some family time over there.  By then H will have finished her job.  She plans to spend December here before heading off to Europe in January with L’s sister.

Work was busy, catching up with the previous week’s tasks.  I finally caught up yesterday, but still have some unfinished stuff to do – newer duties that are time consuming.  I barely get time to do the stuff I was originally employed to do.  It piles up, but I”m expected to keep on top of it.  I don’t honestly care.  I envy people who are passionate about their work.  I’m not at all.  I would love to find work I’m passionate about.  I’m getting a bit old for that.  Too late to start again.

A sunny day today, for a change.  Spring is in the air.  I need to get out into the garden and will start by mowing the lawn.  Exciting stuff.

My left shoulder is sore and I can’t figure out why.  The pain started Tuesday and I wish I knew what caused it.  My right shoulder was sore earlier in the year (in April) and it never really went away although is much better.  What the hell is it?  Ii wondered if it was the standing desk, but how?  What am I doing to make my shoulders sore?  I need to do more exercise anyway.

I’m rambling again.  Nothing to write about so will end here.


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