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Well, it’s basically spring.  The daffodils and magnolias are out, the lambs are frolicking, some ducklings have hatched.  I know officially it’s spring here on the 1st September, but nature doesn’t take any notice of some random date on a calendar.  I always thing of spring starting nearer the equinox.

This weekend has been lovely weather-wise.  The sun has shone (apart from a brief shower yesterday morning).  Today was also nice and warm – very pleasant.

I made a list of chores to do this weekend.  If I don’t make a list I forget what I was going to do and sit around wondering.  I started on Friday with sorting out some stuff in the laundry.  I ended up just rearranging stuff so that wasn’t too successful.

Saturday morning I got the grocery shopping out of the way, and also picked up some more flea treatment for Jasmine to prevent her getting any.  On my return I thought of mowing the lawn, when it rained.  Quite put out, I nevertheless continued on with the next thing on the list (and actually added more to the list as I went on from one thing to another).

Vacuuming next, and then cleaning the sunroom windows.  I looked up at the kitchen lampshade and noticed fly shit around the rim.  Bastards have been busy already since the last clean not that long ago.

I’d had a new kitchen tap installed thanks to the old one leaking and being beyond repair.  The nice shiny new one made the stainless steel bench look a bit grubby, so I cleaned that with some special cleaner.

While in the sunroom I saw the fold-up trestle table which had barely been used since buying it for an event, so photographed that and advertised it on TradeMe.  The old trunk I’d advertised had sold so arranged pickup for that.  While online, I paid some bills.

The grass was now dry enough for me to mow the lawn, so I did that.

Last thing before heading to D’s down the valley for dinner, was spraying the deck with moss and lichen killer.

Very pleasant evening of playing Settlers of Catan and indulging in roast lamb and veges with wine.

On Sunday morning I continued with the rest of the list:  dusting (which I should really have done before vacuuming); tidying my bedroom; and changing the sheets.  Washed my hair and sat in the sun briefly before heading off to a lunch date.  G’s birthday was today and we had lunch and cake at S’s place.  A pleasant afternoon, although it was inside and I really wanted to be outside in the warm sun.  On my return I completed the list by cleaning the bathroom.

Fascinating, isn’t it.  I felt I had to list my achievements as I’m proud of myself for doing them all.  I know it’s just ordinary housework for some, but I hate housework and don’t do much of it too often (apart from cleaning in the kitchen/bathroom and vacuuming occasionally). I shall have to make lists more often, to make use of the time.  But now it’s Sunday evening and I don’t feel like I’ve relaxed before starting work again tomorrow.

Talking of work, I’m not happy and do not want to remain.  However, job-hunting is not easy.  I recently had a phone interview, which was horrendous.  I was actually quite relieved not to have got the job.  The more I learned about it, the less I wanted it.  Never mind.  Onward.


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