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So, today’s the day I have to get everything I’m not taking out of the house.  I’ve been through all kitchen cupboards and am about to head to a charity shop to get rid of excess pans, plastic, crockery, etc.

Yesterday morning I headed down to Tawa with Jasmine to meet the pet exporter.  She miaowed all the way.  Either the pheromone stuff didn’t work or it made her only slightly calmer.  Once there I asked if they gave her something to calm her.  During my initial inquiry I was told that yes they would give her Rescue Remedy.  The guy I met said he didn’t have any.  I was disappointed.  The main reason I chose this company was that she assured me they’d give her that to calm her for the trip.  The guy was going straight to the airport, so the poor girl would be stressed all the way.  I cried as I drove away.  I felt so cruel.  She didn’t know what was happening.

When I got to town I got a message that the flight was delayed three-and-a-half hours.  Poor Jasmine.  The flight would arrive 10.30 pm Melbourne time and C said that it took another hour and a half to process her, which meant that C wouldn’t get home until close to 1 am (3 am NZ time).  I was pissed off, but there was nothing I could do.  I wanted to cry again for Jasmine, but had an appointment with the solicitor.  Quick meeting to sign papers and see the final balance I’d receive.  Very easy money for the real estate agents for one week’s work.  I felt ripped off, but again, not much I could do about that.  I like how they quote a percentage for the sale but don’t really mention that it was plus GST.  Wankers.  Felt even less inclined to get rid of things like the garden hose or the metal shelving in the laundry.

I got back home and vacuumed the car, then, still feeling grumpy, headed out to dinner with friends.  They’re new parents in their 40s so everything revolves around the kid, now two years old.  I’m not a great fan of kids, even though I had two of my own (and they turned out beautifully, so don’t think I didn’t love them).  A pleasant enough evening when able to chat above the kid’s attention-seeking.  I still felt a little stressed, so maybe wasn’t as caring as I might have been.  (Who am I kidding?  I try to avoid other people’s young children where possible.)

Once finally home, I tried to watch TV, but missed Jasmine and went to bed.  I woke about 2am and just cried for her.

This morning C sent photos of her at her apartment.  She seemed ok.  Huge relief.

Right, get rid of this junk and this will probably be the last time I update this blog for a while.

Tomorrow the movers come, then I’ll head into town where I’ll be dropped off at an ex-colleague’s place to stay overnight and she will kindly drive me to the airport on Friday.  It’s actually happening, after so long.  I wonder what it will be like.

Thanks for reading.


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I went into town yesterday to sort cancellation of insurance and transferring money to my Australian bank account.  But, there is more money to come into my bank account and it won’t happen until after I’ve left, dammit, so apparently there’s a physical security code I have to have in order to transfer it from Australia.  “Will that arrive before Friday?” I ask.  “It should do” “And if it doesn’t?” “There’s a complicated email system….”  Whatever, as long as I can move it.  It’s no use to me in this country when I’m living in another.

Dropped off several bags of donations and also dropped by the Salvation Army store to ask if they wanted a single bed.  Yes, they could pick up on Wednesday morning.  Excellent.  Relief.  Decided to buy one more box.

Headed home and continued with stuff, packing the extra box.  It was all I needed.  Anything else the packers can do.  Forgot about extra clothing that I’d washed so will have to re-pack my case and hope they fit.

Got a message that someone could pick up the bed that evening.  I said yes.  I wanted it gone asap.

Tried to get in touch with friend’s son about some furniture and when I got silence from him (over the past few days), contacted his mother.  Also got in touch with another friend about the moving company that were coming for the fridge and washing machine.  I still hadn’t heard when they were coming, despite having rung twice.  She rung them as well and eventually came up with Wednesday sometime.  Then mid-afternoon, there was a knock on the door.  The moving company for the fridge and washing machine.  I hadn’t even cleared the fridge out.  Lucky it was almost empty.  Gave it a quick wipe while the guy was taking the washing machine out.  Found some meat that I’d forgotten about so that was dinner.  Packed a chilli bag with leftover lamb and frozen tomatoes for friend coming about an hour later.  The floor under the fridge was disgusting so I cleaned that.

Friend came and took the leftover cat food and the bag of goodies, as well as some apple cider vinegar I had which she was about to go out and purchase.  Had a chat about various things and she said she’d miss our talks and the knowledge that I was here, even if we didn’t see each other that often.  We talk about weird things like the English language and words and games, family history, etc, which neither of us talk about to other people.  She felt sad.  “Have a good life” she said as she parted.  “Keep in touch” I said hopefully.  She’s always had problems with computers and, although on Facebook, doesn’t really go there much.  I should have got her physical address to actually write letters, but it’s not the same as face-to-face spontaneous conversations.

While she was here a couple came to retrieve the single bed.  I was so relieved when it had gone.  I wasn’t sure what I’d do if it hadn’t by the time I had to leave the house.  Beg someone to take it to the tip for me.  Made a note to ring the Sallies store to cancel the pick up of it.

Got a call from the cat exporter and she explained where to drop Jasmine off.  She said not to feed her in the morning.  Poor Jasmine.  She’ll go hungry for a long time.  It’ll be a long and confusing and upsetting day for her.  I feel like I’m betraying her trust in me.  She was outside just now and I took the opportunity to spray the crate with some pheromone stuff.  She came in and saw me.  Damn.  Then she looked nervous and I tried to reassure her and cuddle her.  She ran off.  She’s not stupid.  Although the crate’s been there for over a week, and she’s retrieved biscuits from it, she knows exactly what it is.

Also got a call from the real estate agent.  Buyers want to do a final inspection.  Honestly, really?  This is a new thing which I can sort of understand but it’s bloody inconvenient.  What are they worried that I will do?  Rip down the curtains, tear the pipes out?  What?  It means I have to vacuum and clean before the movers come instead of or as well as after.  As if I haven’t got enough to do.  Completely unnecessary.  If they suddenly want shit gone (like leftover paint and carpet) they can bloody well do it themselves.  The sale was unconditional, so they can’t start demanding anything.

Message from solicitor to see her after I get back from dropping Jasmine off.  Another long day.  Then that evening a final farewell with more friends.

The doctors still haven’t rung about my medical records.  Another thing to chase up about.  I hate chasing things up.  Oh, and friend’s son finally contacted and said his flatmate would contact.  She did, finally.   She said they could pick up late Wednesday night but they’d prefer Thursday night or later.  Yeah right.  I replied that it would have to be Wednesday as I won’t be in the house on Thursday night or after ever again.

Right, I better ring the doctors and the charity shop.

Tomorrow will be my last night online for a while.

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Only a day later and it’s starting to tell, as I realise I only have three working days to do stuff.  There are still a number of furniture items that are supposed to be picked up but I don’t know when:  fridge and washing machine, double bed and lounge suite, and computer desk.  The charity didn’t get back to me about the single bed so I’ll have to ring another one tomorrow and hope to god that they can pick up before Thursday.

I was sorting some stuff yesterday and belatedly realised I need to cancel car insurance and house and contents insurance, as well as transfer money and get some Aussie cash.  How do I go into town, while at the same time wait for these morons who can’t give me a time when they’re going to pick up?  Even a moving company (hired by a friend to pick up two items for her daughter) couldn’t tell which fucking day they’re going to come.  It’s not fucking helpful.

Now I’ve had my rant, I might be able to relax.  Yeah, right.

I spotted a typo in the address on my revised CV.  How embarrassing.  One look at the typo and any potential employers would think, well she doesn’t have attention to detail.  Latest job application will be a no.  Just as well I spotted it now.

I’ve also run out of boxes.  Anything left will just have to be put in a pile for the movers to pack.  I can’t be stuffed looking for, or buying, more boxes when apparently it’s all included.  We’ll see.  It would just be nice to have them packed away, dammit.


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Now less than a week to go.

A few more items have been picked up. Still worried about a couple of major items of furniture.  There has been some interest shown but no specifics about picking up.  Not until they’re collected can I relax a little and concentrate on getting rid of the smaller stuff.  I can’t even imagine myself on a plane (let alone being there) until those things are sorted.  I mowed the lawn for the last time (with the most reliable lawnmower in my life – they used to be the bane of my life but this one started every time), and the purchaser picked it up along with the petrol and oil for it.  He was very grateful.  He got a good deal.

Jasmine went to the vet yesterday morning for them to check her out and sign the export certificate.  She miaowed the whole way there, the whole time while there, but only halfway back.  She was fascinated by the rain on the windscreen, I think.  (She loves rain.)  Vet said she’s a “nice tortie”… “in good condition”.  I’m going to feel very mean when I take her down to the pet exporters ready for her flight.  Poor baby.

I had two farewell gatherings yesterday as well (three trips into town!).  After the vet visit in the morning, I returned to town to meet three people from my previous workplace (the workplace before the one I just left).  Had a lovely lunch at Joseph Street Kitchen.  They do really good salads.  Salads at most cafes and restaurants are usually a pathetic affair of a few (fancy) lettuce leaves and a dollop of tomato with too much dressing.  At this place the salad is the main event.  Anyway, had a good chat, said goodbyes and drove home again to wait for some furniture to be picked up.  The weather had now cleared and it was warm and sunny.  Then back into town for drinks, hoping that some people from work would show up – I hadn’t sent a reminder.

It’s always interesting to see who shows up at a farewell event.  I really appreciated the attendance by all who were there, and disappointed by the absence of those that weren’t – especially those who had previously indicated they’d definitely be there.  Life gets in the way of course.  You can’t always do what you say you’re going to, but an apology would’ve been nice.  Perhaps they thought I wouldn’t have missed them.

Earlier in the week I had gone down to Wellington for the day.  While I was there I had intended to visit some of the family of the ex in-laws (they had insisted I try to see them). Most were at work but I’d been told that some would be home.  However, I heard back via text, that there was some kids’ event on at a supermarket so that obviously took priority.  Some parents spoil their kids too much.  Back in my day, it would’ve been more important to farewell an aunt who was leaving the country for good, than to attend some Xmas entertainment for kids at a supermarket.  Interesting.  The alternative would be to make another day trip to Wellington this weekend when no-one was working (their idea).  I’m not going out of my way when I still have much to do in the five days left to me before the movers arrive.   Yet to see the solicitor and pay her (ugh) and yet to transfer money to my new bank account in Australia.  I just hope I don’t lose too much in the exchange rate (no doubt I will).

I’m still waking up way too early – 4 am, 5 am, or if I’m lucky, 6 am, with a bloody song stuck in my head.  It keeps randomly appearing and just won’t go away (it’s still in my head right now).  I couldn’t remember ever having actually heard it or when, and couldn’t even identify it.  Thanks to midomi.com I found out it was a song called Lambada.  I have no idea where I picked it up from but the bloody thing won’t go away!  I’ll be happily doing something when it’ll suddenly appear and I immediately think “You have got to be joking.”  It doesn’t matter what else I listen to, as soon as there’s quiet, there it goes again.  It’s like a curse.  I guess it’s better than Sheena Easton, but I’m getting sick of it.

I’m gathering up stuff to take to a charity, hoping they’ll accept it.  They’re bloody fussy these days.  I’m not sure how else you’re supposed to dispose of stuff (apart from put it in the rubbish which is such a waste).  Where are all the poor people who can’t feed their kids?  I suppose they’ve gone and put themselves into debt by buying new stuff instead of looking for cheap or free stuff.  I don’t understand.  I wonder how many of them own a smartphone?  I see “poor” cleaners leaving work in new cars (well, a lot newer than my 20 year old car).  I don’t get it.  With a world full of greedy consumers, the planet is doomed.

Oh, what a lovely start to a morning.  Getting too philosophical and morose.

I haven’t packed any boxes for a couple of days.  I haven’t known what to pack where.  Which of the few boxes left shall I put all those little extras in?  Things like a hot water bottle (old fashioned but handy for things like sore backs or elderly cousins), electrical stuff, batteries, pens, all that little shit we acquire.  So, I’ll try and pack at least one today.  There’s a lot I can’t pack until the last day, especially food related things.

I’m rambling.  Time to get off here and maybe have some breakfast.

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As you can tell from the previous post, I’ve been feeling rather tired and stressed lately.  Also, being alone all day every day is very isolating – with no-one to bounce ideas, problems, worries, thoughts off.

Waiting for items to sell, or not, waiting for items to be picked up, waiting for relevant businesses to get back to me… while everyone continues their usual lives in the lead-up to Christmas.  Weird to think of that.  If I was at work as usual, I’d be counting the days until work finished, organising Christmas at bro’s, going to Christmas lunches and drinks, thinking about putting a tree up or decorating.  Instead the house is in chaos.  Stuff that’s not in boxes, strewn here and there, waiting….

Hard to believe that in 10 days I won’t be here and everything around me will be gone.  And for others it probably feels like I already have.  Out of sight, out of mind.  When I do retire, I’ll have to make sure I get involved in clubs/groups so I don’t feel so isolated.  A friend whose sisters are in Melbourne said they reckon the men there are more easy-going and friendly.   Hey, I might even meet someone.  I certainly haven’t done in 25 years.  Any men I’ve met were married/partnered or gay, and the rest were just not appealing.  But I won’t count on it.  I resigned myself to living alone for the rest of my life about 10 years ago, when I gave up looking.

This is not supposed to be (another?) self-pitying post.  Just stating feelings.  I need somewhere to offload, and this is it, as always intended.

Hopefully, a person will arrive shortly to pick up an item, after which I can go to the vet’s to do the paperwork.  What to do with other items that no-one wants – I have no idea.  They’re too big to put in the rubbish or recycling.  Dump them at a charity?  It’s not as if they’re broken or useless, just that people these days seem to want everything new.  Sigh.  Onward.

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