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Every work-day morning I enter the building beneath a couple of Australian flags flying, and it makes me smile.  Today when I looked out of the window at work, I saw another Australian flag flying over the Treasury, or maybe Education, building and smiled again.  I can’t explain how it makes me feel.  People say the New Zealand and Australian flags look identical but to me those white stars are so obviously different and they symbolise to me a country I love.

By saying I love Australia and am happy to be here, doesn’t mean that I dislike New Zealand or was unhappy there.  I spent most of my life there and obviously have happy memories.  It’s just a deeper feeling of contentment, a sense of belonging that I feel here.  Growing up in New Zealand, I never had that sense of belonging.  I wasn’t born there.  My parents weren’t born there.  (They actually lived in New Zealand for less time than I lived in my house.)  There were no relatives living in the same country.  There was no ancestral connection, no deeper emotional tie with the land.  I always felt an outsider.  I absolutely loved every minute of every visit to Australia with my parents when visiting relatives.  I never wanted to leave.  Each time I left I cried inside.

New Zealanders often say that their country is the best in the world, or is better than any other country, particularly Australia (often uttered by people who have never left the country).  There is a strong bias against anything Australian and I got fed up with that negativity and outright racism.  It was supposed to be a joke, I suppose, but it annoyed me each and every time.  Not once in Australia have I heard a negative thing against New Zealand or its people (compared to an almost daily anti-Australian comment when in New Zealand).  Is it jealousy on the part of New Zealanders?  I don’t understand it.  It’s like an immature rivalry, as if Kiwis have a low self-esteem and have to attack to make themselves feel better.  I don’t know.  Whatever the reason, it made me regard the utterers of such negative comments as morons.  I lost any respect I might’ve had for such people.

We’re all the same, regardless of where we were born or where we live.  I dislike patriotism.  It divides, creates racism, leads to wars.  It’s fine to feel proud of your country but not to put others down as inferior.  Every country has its good and bad, beautiful scenery, political corruption, you name it.  We’re all on the same planet.  We’re all the same species.  Mother nature doesn’t give a fuck about arbitrary man-made borders.

Anyway, rant over.  I haven’t done a good job of expressing myself.  Feelings run deeper than words.


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The cursor sits over the word ‘Title’ and I never know what to put there as I haven’t started writing yet.  I should leave it til later.

So yeah, I thought I should update as it was February since I last did.  The month of March has been and gone and we’re well into the first week of April.

Daylight saving has ended and the days are getting cooler, and now darker.  It hasn’t been cold yet though, which is good.  Yesterday, however, was a fantastic sunny 29 deg.  I loved the warmth.  I never get sick of it.  Today was wet so I stayed indoors at lunchtime.

Friend F came over at Easter from NZ.  She normally stays with her sisters, but her mother was staying there.  Initially she said she was going to stay from Wednesday night to Saturday night and so I prepared.  Come Wednesday she text to say she was in the country but would be staying over at someone’s place.  She later said she’d come over on Friday morning as family wanted her on the Thursday.  That was fine cos I was working anyway.  Friday morning I waited for a text to meet her at the station.  It was 11.30 before she text to say she was waiting for someone to take her to the station.  Two hours later she said she was at the platform (not mentioning which one).  She finally turned up about 2 pm.  I wasted the morning, not going grocery shopping, etc, because I thought she would be turning up any minute, but anyway.  Turned out she was over for her niece’s 21st and I was invited.  I knew the sisters (had known them from before they started high school) so it was good to see them.  I hadn’t met the niece or one of the nephews before.  Lovely meal at an Italian restaurant in Ivanhoe.  One of the guests dropped me off in her car when it finished, no-one allowing me to take a train so late at night.  F was going to stay at the friend’s house again because she was leaving early the next morning and they were closer to the airport.  So it ended up being only a one-night stay.  However, we went for a walk to the park, walked along Southbank, shopped at DFO, looked in the NGV and had a long chat and glasses of wine.  It was good.

Nothing has happened since then.  C and W ended up buying the expensive house, W assuring C that they could afford it.  I hope so.  It’s a nice house but… They move in next month and then about a week or two later are going to China for a couple of weeks.  I would offer to house-sit their new house but Jasmine would be too unsettled.

Well, anyway, that’s enough for now.  Can’t think of anything.  May do later, typically.  I often think of things I was going to say after I’ve hit “publish” or “send” in an email.


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