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I’m back!

With a sigh of relief. I thought all was lost.

After years of not having to manually log in (my computer did it automatically), I found myself logged out and tried desperately to log back in again using all passwords I could think of to no avail. To make matters worse, I did not remember which email account I had used to sign up with so long ago. WordPress kept telling me to use the verification email when I first joined to get back in. That’s all very well. If I’d known the email I could have requested a new password. I tried all my email accounts to no avail. (Yes, I had way too many over the years.) I suspected that the relevant email account was one that had been closed. I had closed three.

By some miracle, a saved file of my blog up to 2013 had included the email address of the account! Yes, it was one that I had closed, without realising it had a WordPress account attached to it. By more good fortune, I was able to open a new account with the same name. (Gmail does not let you open an account with the name of a previously closed account.) Ah, but the frustrations didn’t stop there. I requested an email to reset the password. It never arrived. I tried three more times. No email. Now I had the correct email address for the account I could approach WordPress again. Finally, finally, after another failed attempt, I got sent a link in which I could reset the password! I was in!

The first thing I did, of course, was change the email account (so I could close it again as it was not needed). Unfortunately, I couldn’t use one that I had used for an ancient (deleted) blog. Nor could I use the email account attached to my Sims 2 blog. There was only one left – one that I use for family and work only.

I had been close to despair. All my blog posts over 13 years unaccessible. And my genealogy blog also unaccessible. I thought I would have to start all over again. But no. Such relief that I could get access again!

Lesson learned – check that your  email account is still valid and, I don’t care what they say, note down the feckin’ password somewhere – it doesn’t have to be the whole thing, just a hint. (My browsers had failed me, assuring me that the saved password was the correct one, but apparently it wasn’t.)

As well as the frustrations experienced with WordPress, at the same time, added security for remote access to work files had been activated while I was away, so that I could not log in to see the email about what steps to take to ensure access. Talk about dumb. I had to log in at work to complete the steps but then back at home the software didn’t co-operate. I had to reinstall. Having no access is bloody annoying! I was feeling just a little stressed by that stage.

I will update properly at some point. But now I have to head off to work.



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