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WOMAD already seems a distant memory.

Nothing much has happened since then. The local festival of cultures took place the following weekend. As there was (again) no schedule I took pot luck and ended up at the start of it with half an hour of boring speeches, some Irish dancing and a brass band. There was some nice food on offer though.

While waiting for the speeches to end, I popped into the library nearby. Two days beforehand I had seen that the DVD set of series one of “The Bridge” was showing as available. When I went in it wasn’t there, so it seemed that someone had beaten me to it. The library staff member put a reserve on it for me. The following day I received a text message to say that it was ready to pick up. I figured the other copy of the set must have come in in the meantime. I went in to collect but they couldn’t find it. So it was, that on the Saturday I went into the library for the third time as their catalogue now showed both copies of the DVD set as “available”. No. They weren’t. I complained to them that their catalogue was misleading and unhelpful. The woman at the counter agreed but evidently nothing was done as two days later the status was still at “available” and my reserve had not been triggered. I was not impressed, to say the least.

Work colleague said he had it, so lent it to me. I have one episode left to watch. A very good series. I won’t bother searching for series two at the library. Colleague has that as well.

Last weekend I did little other than to go to a friend’s 50th celebrations at a bar and restaurant on Saturday, then brunch on Sunday. It was very pleasant, despite the sometimes poor service. Other than that I tracked down the distant relative who was killed at Gallipoli (one day before they evacuated, so sad). While browsing a WWI site I found another distant relative who had been killed in the Somme. Both were cousins of great-grandparents, one on my mother’s side (British forces) and the other on my father’s side (Australian forces). Fascinating stuff. Who knows what other distant relatives died in the war. You can find possible ones on everymanremembered.org, a lovely website of commemoration.

This weekend is Easter. I have nothing planned and am going nowhere. I might delve some more into the family history.


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More “wet” (n.)

Well, I headed down to my bro’s after work on Friday since it was his 50th birthday!  Crikey.  Hard to believe he’s reached his half-century.  He didn’t have a party or anything – didn’t want it – particularly in mid winter.  He may have a barbecue in the summer, he  said.  However, he did get lots and lots of phonecalls from all his friends in Germany – one after the other and he even got a happy birthday song from the children at the kindergarten where he worked and some of them talked to him.  He had a big grin on his face listening to them all.  He really should have been a dad but previous partners either didn’t want children or couldn’t.

Anyway, driving down there it rained heavily, got dark and windy and it was a pretty scary place to drive in those conditions.  I drove through a couple of flooded bits before I even realised the road was flooded.  Had to drive around several slips.  Meanwhile the rain kept coming at the windscreen like stars at warp speed.  I was very relieved to actually arrive and we wondered as it continued to rain non-stop all night, whether I’d be able to return before Monday!

Older daughter was also due to arrive and we wondered if she would be able to negotiate the floods and slips but she arrived safely the next (dry) day.  The forecasted storms for that day didn’t eventuate, thankfully.

Numerous games of ‘Siedler’ but turning 50 broke my bro’s winning streak and he lost a few!  Oh dear – now he’s a ‘grumpy old man’.  Hehe. 

Anyway, we both (daughter and I) got back safely home.  Always nice to reach your own little space and see it’s all still safe.

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