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I’m not sure why I started numbering days – quite pointless really.

I haven’t bothered to add to the daily walking I do, as I’d rather spend that extra time in the evening doing some other form of exercise.  Thursday night I did an Xbox workout for 55 minutes, which was good.  Last night I didn’t have much time so just did a few crunches and squats, etc.

It’s been a week since I started this new regime and according to the scales I’ve lost a kilo.  My physical dimensions haven’t changed, unfortunately.  I’m hoping the weight loss continues, even if small amounts, but I would like to see a gradual difference in body shape.  The Xbox ‘game’ is called Your Shape.  Some of the exercises in it are too difficult for me at this stage.  I feel like a sack of potatoes.  Some days the myfitness pal says I’m not eating enough calories, but I don’t trust their calculation of calories, fats, sugars, etc.  I don’t eat a lot and have cut down on, or eliminated, bread and alcohol, eating lots of fruit and veges, so that’s good enough for me.

I had a couple of sheets of that opaque corrugated plastic sheeting left over from when H’s old boyfriend, J, attempted to repair the roofing ini the sunroom (unsuccessfully).  I listed them on TradeMe for $5 and was surprised to see it get to $31.  It’s now finished at $55.  That stuff must be expensive.  Just as well I thought to sell it.  I just want it out of the garage.  I’ve also sold a single bed headboard which hasn’t been used in a while.  The garage is looking better but still a bit to go.  Now it’s mostly old pots and spray bottles.  I thought I’d got rid of all my pots but I found bigger ones.  I also have two plastic petrol containers that the ex dumped on me.  Will have to give them away.  I’ve already got one.  Why would I need three?

I’ve survived a week back at work.  It started quite quickly but I’ve started clock-watching again.  I hate having to sit all day at the desk.  It’s like torture really.

I’m heading into town this morning to do some dress shopping.  I need something for a conference dinner in Sydney next month.  I actually had the courage to wear a sleeveless dress to work yesterday.  People said I looked “summery” (well, it is summer), but didn’t comment more than that.  Oh well.  It’s not like I’m fishing for compliments.  Of course, GB wouldn’t say anything.  She described one vibrant (personality-wise) staff member as “bland”.  I’d rather have the outgoing and happy, but apparently “bland”, person than the dressed-to-the-nines but shallow GB.

Must get dressed and head out.


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I’ve still been unsuccessful in finding a skirt and top. It’s all sleeveless dresses this summer. When I do find skirts, they’re either the wrong style for my body shape, too long, or in hideous colours. I’m worried that the second-hand dress I bought is unflattering. I’ll ask H when she returns. If she thinks so, I’ll have to find two more skirts or dresses, not just one. The past few days have been hot and I was too hot in pants on Monday, so I will definitely need to wear skirts and/or dresses.

If it were just a visit to see C in Melbourne, I wouldn’t worry about clothes, but because it’s a four-day conference, I would be expected to wear something different (and not too casual) every day. You can tell I’m not used to these things!

The $80 sandals I bought last week are not as comfortable as I first thought (you always discover the faults after properly wearing them). One of the sandals pushes my big toe over (and it’s not used to being squished over as I don’t wear pointed shoes). On the other pair of sandals, the top piece extends too far and digs into to my leg at the top of the foot. I also got a blister on my big toe from the same sandal yesterday. The other sandals on both pairs are fine! Just to add to the frustration, the last pair of old black sandals I had broke this morning. I had to throw out my favourite black sandals two weeks ago after they broke while walking to the car.

This Saturday I was intending to do some more clothes shopping and some grocery shopping. However, I got an email from bro to say he will have some lamb to pick up this weekend. Ideally, I could have picked it up on the way to Wellington on Sunday (stay overnight on Saturday), but I’d planned to go to the zoo and I don’t think lamb should be out of the fridge/freezer for more than 2 hours (which would have been the case regardless of the zoo visit). So, I’m going to bro’s place on Saturday, returning home with the lamb, and driving to Wellington on Sunday, as planned.

I had plans for evenings, but they’re running out as well. Last week I got a text from my belly dancing teacher to say dance would start again this week, but that if we were continuing at the venue, we’d have to change the day to Wednesday. I took this to mean that dance would start again this Tuesday but continue on Wednesday from then on. So I headed home, rushed around doing things and cooking and eating and just as I was about to drive off to dance, I received a text to say dance was on tomorrow (today). This buggered my plans a bit. I was at a loss. When I’m at a loss, I tend to sit and watch something, which was perhaps a bit of a waste of time. I did, however, alter the top of my new dress so it wasn’t so revealing. (Why are tops and dresses so low cut? I don’t want to wear anything underneath them as it defeats the purpose of light summer clothing (I hate layers).)

Tonight I have dance, so that time is out. Tomorrow night I am meeting a friend after work, who is passing through town. I then have a haircut. So t can’t do any clothes shopping on the late night. On Friday I can do some stuff at home I suppose. I’ve concentrated so much on inside the house, that outside is looking rather untidy.

There’s always next Thursday for clothes shopping or the Saturday before I fly out, but I hate leaving things to the last minute. The sandals will have to do, and with any luck there will be a bit of shopping time in Brisbane. I absolutely hate shopping and this is all just stressing me out!

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