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The main computer’s out of action until one of us gets around to taking it to a computer repairer.  Daughter has more time than me so I’m trying to get her to do it as businesses are open the exact times I’m at work.  I don’t want to have to rush at lunch or after work to try and get there because of the time it takes to get into the centre of town from the edge of town where I work.  So, as I said before, that’s left us with the netbook and the laptop.

I played a game on the laptop until I got bored with it, so no games!  I’ve deleted the netbook game console as all the games were trial only and many of them seemed to be for primary school kids.  The game console took up a massive 31 MB and space is always an issue on a netbook. (Just had a popup message to say the McAfee anti-virus trial ends today – what a ripoff!)

Bored with Facebook and still not in the mood to do genealogy, I’ve been spending less time online.  I’ve been scanning slides but as I can’t upload them I don’t want to go on with it until I’ve uploaded a batch and had a look (and photoshopped any).  I haven’t visited deviantart.com since I can’t upload any photos.  I sincerely hope we can get our access back and that we don’t lose everything (things like Sims 2 and Photoshop – other stuff is backed up).

Coincidentally, the warmer weather is coming and the days getting longer, so getting off the computer is a timely thing.

Those two reasons – lack of a decent computer combined with the season – may also be responsible for my creative juices finally stirring.  A colleague had mentioned one day that she’s signed up at a website for writing a 50,000 novel in the month of November.  I thought nothing much of it at the time as I didn’t think I could do such a thing (but was slightly envious).  Then an ex-colleague had done the same thing. Then I got an idea, something I’d mentioned before to daughter and had thought about sometimes, so… I took the plunge and signed up as well based on this one small idea.

I will be busy in November, writing a novel!  The website doesn’t expect a finished and flowing work of art – just 50,000 words.  It could be a jumble of ideas or a very rough draft, they don’t care, as long as it’s not the same word repeated 50,000 times.  It’s an exercise to get you started and there’s nothing to lose.  I’ve felt the urge to create something several times but apathy (and the computer, probably) have prevented me starting anything.

Since signing up I’ve been busy thinking of ideas and making notes and even thinking up dialogues in my head.  I’ve got a month to get some sort of outline in place from point A through several others to the ending.  My ideas so far have got me through a potential third of the book.  I’ll be racking my brains to think up more scenarios.  The story lacks a main event, but who cares.  I’m not aiming to publish this thing, just to write and write and write.

Ironically, the netbook will come in very handy.  I’ve downloaded free software to help with the process – somewhere to store the ideas and scenes and link them up when needed.  Excellent.  I hope this enthusiasm lasts.


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I’ve just finished reading a book called “Enough” by John Naish.  Finally a book which expresses most (not all) of what I’ve always felt about our consumerist society.  Rising populations, abuse of resources, new gadgets to buy every three months – none of this is sustainable.  None of it is satisfactory or satisfying.  The more you have, the more you want – it’s a sad facet of human nature.  I can’t understand people who obssess about shoes, who have to buy the most expensive appliance or a new car every year.  I abhor extravagance and the planet just can’t cope with the greed.

The author of the book did not touch on population though.  I always feel slightly sick when I read or hear about families of 4 or more children and feel it’s obscene to have 10 children.  It’s totally selfish.  There was an excuse for it in the 19th century when child deaths were common and there was no contraception, but these days?  It’s abhorrent.  I don’t accept that people who have a lot of children love children.  The more children you have, the less time you have for them and they just become slaves and parents to the other kids.  There has to be some control of the population but this is, as the author of the book says, taboo (so much so that he feared to write about it).  It’s ludicrous.

As for consumerism, I’m glad to say that, by and large, I don’t buy into it.  I hate shopping so have few shoes and clothes.  I refuse to buy new appliances unless the old one has broken beyond repair (and things don’t get repaired these days – it’s cheaper to buy a new one, sadly).  My cellphone is so old it doesn’t take photos or have fancy ringtones.  It just allows texting and phoning and that’s all I want it for.  I only replaced my even older phone because my daughter had been given a new one and passed her one to me and it’s still going.  I don’t want a fancy flatscreen TV, Sky TV or any of the other TV-related electronic gear – what on earth for?  There’s nothing worth watching!  When TV goes digital I’m seriously considering giving up the thing altogether and just use if for watching DVDs, which is basically all I do now.

The book I read before “Enough” was one called “Sew your own” by John Paul Flintoff which ran along similar lines.  Just about everything you buy is made by slave labour, not only in China and India but in places like New York city.  It doesn’t matter whether the clothes are cheapies or designer fashion – all made the same way (so someone is raking in huge disgusting profits).  The book has inspired me to replace a pair of pants with a pair I’ll make myself (and so avoid shopping for clothes).  I’m already a fairly regular visitor to Spotlight for costume materials so it wouldn’t be an effort to shop for everyday materials.

Both books have inspired me to be more creative and strangely enough, my daughter is currently inspired.  She’s just finished her course and is now busy sewing little bean bag animals out of scrap material.  She’s going to make one or two for older daughter’s birthday (older daughter loves that type of thing).  For my own birthday she created a collage of photos of my parents which was really lovely.  I wish I could think of something to make.  In the past I’ve painted birthday cards and made bookmarks as gifts but haven’t done anything like this for some time.

I’ve veered off a bit, but both books have also inspired me to be more ruthless about decluttering.  When I couldn’t sleep last night I got up and looked at my bookshelf and decided to get rid of about 10.  It’s a start.  I’ll have to take a bit longer over other books.  But then, books are easy.  It’s the other sentimental stuff that I find hard to get rid of.  The simple fact is I have to because I don’t have the room and I don’t need any of it.  The silly thing is that when I’m about to throw/give something away I think “it might be worth something in the future”.  Ridiculous.  I have this silly mindset because I always remember my mother regretting getting rid of an old item or piece of furniture which would now be worth hundreds if not thousands.

I’ve rambled, and I haven’t even touched on my latest bugbear – plastic “voucher” cards.  I recently wanted to buy some store vouchers for friends’ birthdays and was directed to a stand of plastic credit-type cards (with three different designs on them).  I asked if they had any normal vouchers.  “No just these.  You can add money to it.”  Yeah whatever.  What is the point?  Once the friends have used up the money on the card, are they likely to add more money to it?  I doubt it.  Why would you?  You’re at the counter and you have an empty ‘voucher’ card.   Are you more likely to say “please add some money to this card”, or just buy the damned thing with Eftpos or a credit card?  The latter of course.  I just don’t get it.  What a complete and utter waste of plastic.  It infuriates me.

On that note, I’d better get on with things.  It’s a bit wet outside but I have to mow the lawn in readiness for a barbecue on Friday and the possibility of daughter’s friends pitching tents in the backyard.

Yep, I’ll have to make time for creativity (instead of spending my time online)… and meditation!  My mind is full of rubbish when I’m trying to sleep – constant chatter and “earworms” (songs that get stuck in your head).  I need to exercise calming my mind….

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