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After getting back from town yesterday, I did the usual washing and housework.  I remembered that I had a spraycan of black paint to do the bamboo blinds, so started doing those, only to find I didn’t have enough.  Oh well.

I tried on the new green dress, which will be ok for the conference dinner, and decided not to take the hem up.  Not worth the effort for a small amount.

I forgot to mention that on Friday an electrician replaced a rusty old cable cover for a cable leading from the house to the garage.  It looks 200% better now.  Paid some bills online and put my Aussie money with my passport.  Tested my tablet to see how typing on it is, and subsequently cut back my fingernails!

I can’t actually remember what else I did.  I’m sure there was something.  I watched two episodes of “Mad Men”, there being nothing on TV as usual.  I didn’t do any exercise other than some weights, push-ups and crunches because I went and hit my little toe on the coffee table, and it hurt a lot!  It’s quite bruised.  I was limping round for the rest of the day.

This morning I decided to go through the clothing I’m taking to Sydney and loosely packed it in my small suitcase.  I tried working out outfits and discovered that: 1. the black top I recently bought is a tad too long to wear with a skirt so needs taking up; and 2. I don’t have any jewellery to go with the new green dress.  Most of my jewellery is for belly dancing and is too big and blingy.   So, emergency trip to town to look for jewellery.  I found a black necklace and earrings which should go ok.  Decided to buy some more black paint for the blinds while I was in town.

In the afternoon I put the hem of the top up, and pulled the sewing machine out to sew it.  The machine behaved itself for once.  Then, once more, I tried working out what my outfits were going to be for each day and realised I had completely forgotten about two blue dresses and a longer lacy skirt.  Turns out I won’t need the extra skirt and I won’t take the long-sleeved dress (which is very heavy).  I have more outfits than I need now.  I needn’t have panicked, although it was good to get two extra dresses for the evenings.  I might keep an eye out for some nice (non-bellydancing) jewellery in future.

I considered giving the bamboo blinds another going over, but there’s a bit of a wind and I don’t want black paint all over the place.

I haven’t updated on my exercise/diet regime.  I’ve lost 3 kg over 3 weeks, which I suppose is good – certainly better than nothing, although I’d hoped, with the daily exercise and cutting back on carbs, that I would have lost more.  Slow and steady is better I suppose.  I’ll keep going, I think, until I lose at least 5 kg.  Wouild love to lose lower tummy fat.  I never used to have fat in that region, but it’s a difficult area to target.  At least it’s easier, in the hot weather, to have salads every day, and lots of water.

Feeling a little lonely again.  The weekends can get that way.  Never mind.  Off to my favourite city next Sunday.  But then, when I get back from Sydney I won’t have anyone to share things with.  Oh well, c’est la vie.  I just wish I didn’t have to put Jasmine in the cattery.  She’s not going to like it.  Poor girl.   Should be the last time for a while though.



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I’m not sure why I started numbering days – quite pointless really.

I haven’t bothered to add to the daily walking I do, as I’d rather spend that extra time in the evening doing some other form of exercise.  Thursday night I did an Xbox workout for 55 minutes, which was good.  Last night I didn’t have much time so just did a few crunches and squats, etc.

It’s been a week since I started this new regime and according to the scales I’ve lost a kilo.  My physical dimensions haven’t changed, unfortunately.  I’m hoping the weight loss continues, even if small amounts, but I would like to see a gradual difference in body shape.  The Xbox ‘game’ is called Your Shape.  Some of the exercises in it are too difficult for me at this stage.  I feel like a sack of potatoes.  Some days the myfitness pal says I’m not eating enough calories, but I don’t trust their calculation of calories, fats, sugars, etc.  I don’t eat a lot and have cut down on, or eliminated, bread and alcohol, eating lots of fruit and veges, so that’s good enough for me.

I had a couple of sheets of that opaque corrugated plastic sheeting left over from when H’s old boyfriend, J, attempted to repair the roofing ini the sunroom (unsuccessfully).  I listed them on TradeMe for $5 and was surprised to see it get to $31.  It’s now finished at $55.  That stuff must be expensive.  Just as well I thought to sell it.  I just want it out of the garage.  I’ve also sold a single bed headboard which hasn’t been used in a while.  The garage is looking better but still a bit to go.  Now it’s mostly old pots and spray bottles.  I thought I’d got rid of all my pots but I found bigger ones.  I also have two plastic petrol containers that the ex dumped on me.  Will have to give them away.  I’ve already got one.  Why would I need three?

I’ve survived a week back at work.  It started quite quickly but I’ve started clock-watching again.  I hate having to sit all day at the desk.  It’s like torture really.

I’m heading into town this morning to do some dress shopping.  I need something for a conference dinner in Sydney next month.  I actually had the courage to wear a sleeveless dress to work yesterday.  People said I looked “summery” (well, it is summer), but didn’t comment more than that.  Oh well.  It’s not like I’m fishing for compliments.  Of course, GB wouldn’t say anything.  She described one vibrant (personality-wise) staff member as “bland”.  I’d rather have the outgoing and happy, but apparently “bland”, person than the dressed-to-the-nines but shallow GB.

Must get dressed and head out.

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Days 3-4

Yesterday, I was feeling quite tired and achey (the exercises must be working) so didn’t do any exercise at all apart from a few abdominal crunches and squats for about 10 minutes.  Anything’s better than nothing, but I put it down as a rest day.

I was invited to lunch in Foxton and, as it happens, a person who wanted several of my give-away items lived in Foxton, so dropped off the stuff to her first.  Always a great feeling to get rid of more unused stuff.  Some of it was C’s, and I’d intended to give to charity shops but they weren’t open.  That’s the problem with  having time off over a holiday period.  You can’t do stuff that you’d be able to if you took normal week days off because everywhere is closed.

Anyway, a tasty lunch of onion tart and yum salad with home-made beer bread.  I must make that sometime.  Great company and quite a few laughs around the table.  We tried out some lateral thinking mind puzzles and surprised ourselves by being able to get a few.  Played some petanque and a few more mind puzzles (not doing so well this time).  Wonderful, sunny afternoon.

Can’t recall the rest of the day – much of it spent watching TV I think.

This morning I finally hauled the jeans I bought out of the bag and began taking off umpteen labels when I noticed a white mark on the trouser leg, which wouldn’t come off.  Quite peeved, as it meant a special trip into town to return them.  Grumbling, I got changed and headed into town, ready with arguments if they resisted an exchange.  You never know with some places.  Luckily, they did simply exchange them.  I wasn’t in the mood for more shopping, even grocery, so I drove to the Esplanade for a walk.  I had a pleasant wander through the rose garden and along a bush walk.  I was astounded to see a tomtit.  At first I thought it was a black fantail but it sat on the branch long enough for me to see clearly that it was small and black with white bits on its wings.  Amazing.  Who’d a thought?  A tomtit in the Esplanade gardens…  I then walked past the children’s playground, remembering the old one from years ago, and the old band rotunda, long since gone.  I didn’t bother looking at the aviaries, but headed back to the car.   I’d forgotten, once again, to time my walk.  I’ve been guessing each day when adding it to myfitnesspal.  It’ll be interesting when I go for a walk to and from the car, and at lunch at work, to see how many steps I take.

About to hang out some more washing.  I’ll go through some cupboards, putting aside anything I don’t want/use.  I have the garage to finish as well.

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Yesterday, as I was cleaning the garage, a friend from down the valley turned up and we had a nice chat and cup of tea.  She gave me a bottle of wine.  Every year we’ve exchanged bottles of wine before Xmas but I didn’t see her and have since used all the wine I had.  Oops.  Promised her a bottle next time I saw her.  Oh dear.  I didn’t think I was going to see her for a while and hoed into the last bottle of wine on New Year’s eve.  There’s still 2/3 of a bottle left which I’ve vowed not to touch this month.

I’m glad I have this exercise goal – keeps my mind off being alone and lonely.  Last night I did 20 minutes of belly dancing.  It felt good to get back into it.  It was a warm evening, so I did some of one dance outside on the deck under the bright moon and stars.  Magical.  I should do that more often when the weather permits (which won’t be often, let’s be realistic).

This morning I did some more aerobic activity via the Xbox360 “game”.  I’ll do another walk this afternoon and continue with the garage cleaning.  I’ve logged back into MyFitnessPal to keep track of my progress.  I didn’t find it very useful last time.  I found it annoying trying to deconstruct what I ate.  I’ll keep it more general I think and concentrate on the exercise part of it.  Last time I exercised just enough not to gain anything but didn’t lose anything.  Making much more of an effort this time.

Today’s the anniversary of my mother’s death.  She died in Croydon, Sydney, 36 years ago, of bowel cancer, while we were visiting relatives.  It was her goodbye trip, I think.  I was just a teenager.  She was a strong-willed, outgoing woman, well-liked by everyone.  She suffered no fools,  however.  It was a family trait.  My great aunt was the same, and judging from diaries and stories, my grandmother was the same also.  Cynicism is a common element from her side of the family.

On an entirely different note, Goodreads has an annual “Your year in books“.  Apparently, I read 39 books in all (I probably didn’t count some unfinished ones or ones I just skimmed).  I sometimes struggle to find something that interests me, limiting myself to an academic library.  I need to expand my literary horizons and visit the public library more often.



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I went into town yesterday to embark on the dreaded clothes shopping.  (I hate it for various reasons.) Town was quite busy with people shopping in the sales.  Quite mad.  I went to the place I hate: the Plaza, looking first in K-Mart then in other clothes shops, and finally Farmers.  I was disappointed, as usual.  I wanted simple colourful tops, not fancy, flowy, flowery stuff.  I hated most of the colours.  I couldn’t even find simple t-shirts that were not orange, white, pink, or ghastly pale green.  People wonder why I wear black and blue all the time – because there are no other colours they sell that I like.  No purples or reds, unless it’s mixed with orange or yellow or pink.  I have a hard time clothes shopping.  Having got nowhere in the Plaza I headed to the Warehouse where I found some simple v-necked tshirts in dark blue and khaki green.  I also needed some new jeans but there was nothing around.  I don’t like three-quarter pants.  They’re not flattering on anyone, least of all me.

I then went to the supermarket to get the council rubbish bags I’d forgotten when grocery shopping.  They had none at all.  Met B from work and walked with her to a nearby supermarket.  Arranged to do a clothes shopping outing with her.  I need guidance.  I usually just glance briefly, hating the whole experience (and that’s even before I’ve looked in the mirror to try something on).

Other supermarket did have (overpriced) rubbish bags so got them and headed home.  I had a quiet night, watching “The Killing III” for a while.  Nothing much happening on Facebook apart from moans about the weather.  It was fine here and rinaing elsewhere it seemed.  People were out celebrating.  I went to bed early and read a book.  I woke at about midnight and heard some fireworks, then went back to sleep.  I got a message this morning from the girls that they expected me to be up last night to Skype, but I had nothing to do while waiting for midnight (which was only 10 pm there) and was bored.  Besides which, they hadn’t informed me they had intended to skype (and I’ve never used Skype before).

This morning I put up my new home-made calendar.  Last year I had pictures I’d taken of birds, and the year before that general landscapes and blog photos.  This year it’s scenes from our trip to the South Island nearly a year ago already.

I had decided to start 2015 with an exercise regime, (a New Year’s resolution, I suppose) especially after seeing photos of myself at Christmas, and just generally feeling bloated.  I got the XBox Kinect exercise ‘game’ out this morning and did a few exercises, getting my heart rate up.

Then decided to head to town again to buy myself a simple pedometer and have another look for jeans.  Town was a lot quieter with only the bigger shops open.  Warehouse had 50% off some sports items so I got a simple pedometer for $6.  I don’t need all the fancy shit.  I initially asked at a counter and the guy thought a pedometer was for measuring wind.  Oh dear.  People get dumber by the year.  Went back to the Plaza and had a closer look for jeans around the place, as before I’d concentrated on tops.  Couldn’t find anything, and most of it straight-leg which I don’t like, so went to Just Jeans which had a sale on.  They had jeans for shorter people which fitted perfectly.  I won’t have to take them up at all.  Brilliant.  I bought two pairs, and happy with that, returned home, forgetting, this time, to get petrol.

Got the pedometer out and went for a walk down to the domain, around the field and back home.  According to the pedometer that was only about 5,500 steps.  Apparently you should aim for 10,000.  As it took me about 50 minutes, it would take 2 hours to walk 10,000 steps, which is impractical on a day-to-day basis.  However, they say that any amount that has you walking more than you normally would is good, so I’ll settle for that.  I’ll also do some dancing in the evening so a good start to my new exercise plan.  I just have to keep it up for at least a month.  I’ve also decided to go without alcohol for the month, and cut down on bread if I can.  I’m coming to the last of the Xmas ham so it should be easier once that, and the bread, has been used up.

Feeling at a bit of a loss as to what to do.  I don’t feel in the mood for going through the hallway cupboards to declutter.  I’ve been through them all once and there wouldn’t be much more to get rid of.  I gave bro back his tripod which he had completely forgotten about.

I’ve got a couple of things to give away and to sell.  As usual, people haven’t turned up to collect as they said they would.  H’s art bag and canvases have sold so that’s good.

Wondering what to do with myself now.  The house is so quiet.  I don’t feel in the mood for doing any genealogy or art which are things I think I might do when I have time off work.  When it comes to it I feel uninspired.  I did some weeding not long ago so it’s not looking too bad.  Obviously, I need to go back to work to make me appreciate time I don’t have and plan it better.

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I’ve been exercising lately – some light weights and situps/pushups – and my arms are beginning to get some definition (but only noticeable to me when I lift them – the bat wings just take over).  I can also feel the beginnings of a ‘two-pack’ beneath my tummy fat.  But none of that is ever going to show with all the fat on top of it.  I would dearly love to get rid of the belly fat (just my luck it’s the hardest fat to shift) which I’ve had sitting there all my life.  Just my luck also that I have a slow metabolism.

My ideal would be to look toned and slim(mer) by Labour Day weekend when I have the combined birthday thing.

So, I’m going to have to do more aerobic exercise and cut down on calories (and here I am sitting at the computer again), particularly as my job involves sitting at a computer all day.  Sigh.  I’m very lazy when it comes to doing any form of aerobic exercise.  I hate running so that’s out.  I have exercise videotapes from the 80s which I got fed up with in the 90s.  What I should do is practise belly dancing every night (or at least 5 nights a week) for about an hour.  If I include the class night that’s only 4 nights a week.  Can I get my butt off the chair for an hour each night?  I might have to make a list of moves to practise so I don’t just aimlessly do brush step for every piece of music (typing as I think, here).

I don’t like exercising/dancing in front of my daughter so it’s going to have to be in the tiny space in my bedroom or an hour in the morning before work.  I don’t think I can get up that early, particularly if I haven’t slept well.  The tiny space in the bedroom is probably going to have to do.  That’s currently where I’ve been doing weights and situps.

I’m also going to have to be firm and resist all muffins/chocolate/cake offerings at all the work morning teas.  I’m going to have to cut down on bread and beer and drink much more water.  At the moment I’m only drinking about 500 ml a day.

Sigh.  Damn those people who stay slim no matter what they eat or seem to lose weight at the drop of a hat.  Even when I was 71/2 stone in my 20s I still had belly fat.  I’ve never ever had a flat stomach.  Can I shift it?  With a hell of a lot of work and determination… maybe.

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Didn’t go to belly dancing class tonight – I get fed up waiting around until 7pm especially when it’s dark and there’s nothing to do – can’t read a book or go to the public library.  I went to Warehouse and bought some cheap shoes and a cheap jersey.  One pair of shoes I’ve been wearing to work are not waterproof and there’s rain forecast every day.  I’ve also been cold at work so need added layers – also some gloves and hat and scarf.  I can’t find my old gloves or hat, dammit.  Didn’t buy any at Warehouse – there was little on offer – one type of glove and hat, that if you didn’t like, well, tough.  I’ll try somewhere else (like KMart) which stays open long enough after 5pm for me to get a look in.

I should have gone to dancing, of course – I need the exercise.  I feel myself getting fatter, despite the longer walk to the car and going up and down stairs (although that hardly counts does it).  I feel fat and frumpy so really need some self-discipline and do some regular exercise every day.  The fact is that I’ve been a bit depressed since my visit to Tauranga and my “friend” suggested that I needed to lose 5kg and actually implied that I might find a man if I did so.  I said nothing at the time but that was one of her comments that had me fuming.  She’s never been one for tact.  Perhaps I’m less tolerant of her tactlessness and selfishness as I get older, but I’m too weak to say anything, preferring to avoid unpleasantness and any confrontation at all.  I should have told her that I personally knew of three other single women about my age who are attractive and intelligent (and not overweight) but have given up on “having a man” – there are simply none available that appeal for longer than five minutes.  As if I want one!  She must pity me my singleness or something.  Perhaps she thinks I’m not successful if I don’t have the well paying job and a man, new car and nice house.  Well **** that!  (I’d like to see her survive on what I have been during the past 20-odd years.  She on her large salary and two incomes…)

I had a totally different topic in mind when I loaded this page…  Odd.

I opened a book today which belonged to someone now deceased.  Inside was an inscription and some photos from some young man, possibly Russian (the book was by a Russian author).  Judging by the comments made by this man, he appeared to love the recipient of the book a great deal.  It made me pause and think of all those emotions between people, which, when they die, just disappear as if they’d never existed.  It all seemed terribly hopeless and pointless.

I’m in need of some humour, obviously.

Or some alcohol…

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