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It sucks being back to being poor. Thanks to the car purchase I’m low on funds for all those things I had thought about purchasing – like a new cellphone, a netbook, repairs to the bathroom… and now a car stereo.

While the “new” car does have a working tape deck (one point up on the Nissan), it only has AM radio. I can put up with it for a bit but I would like a CD player in the car. I want to replace my tired old tapes (which I’m sick of listening to anyway).

Other improvements on the Nissan are: a clock I can read at night; intermittent wiper that works, a rear window wiper; seats that go down (so I can fit kitset furniture in if I wanted) and a tow bar (without the actual ball bit); and lastly, it can go up hills at the speed limit.

As well as the expense of the car (and insurance excess, not to mention insurance on the new car), the local garage are charging me a call-out fee (a few metres down the road) just to tell me the car was dead and IRD, the tax department, are saying I owe them money. Bastards. (I never know how they work these things out but shit – at least it’s under $100.)

I feel sad and poor and wanting another holiday away from the tedium and gloom.

Oh well. That’s life, innit.


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Nice to have seen you… for a day or so.

This has to be THE most expensive month ever.

I paid $350 for the vet in October.  I got two more bills this week – $450 and $215.

The tree man’s bill was $385.

The plumber’s bill was $385.

The dentist check-up was $280.

The parking bill for next year was $303.

I haven’t received the sliding door man’s bill yet.

I’ve got rates of close to $400 to pay by the end of the month.

The doctor was $40 but I went again today for a “special procedure” (don’t ask) – $145!

Holy fuck.  (I don’t often swear but the money’s just flowing out the effin’ door and I feel the need to say the F word.)

I will post about the feast.  Just need to get around to uploading a photo or two….

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As you can see I didn’t get around to categorising the uncategorised posts.  I spent the weekend getting the flat tyre fixed, visiting the doctor, washing the car, trying to organise some of the material in my family history files and scanning and touching up more photos I found.  I want the files fairly well organised before my visit to my brother’s.  I’ve made numerous notes from online genealogy sites and books and these needed organising as well.

I also opened a Flickr account for my Australian side of the family tree.  I got in touch with one of the Australian descendants and he provided me with a family photo to add to the site.  I also added a photo of one of my cousins and her family.  Hopefully I can add photos from different descendants.  This year marks 150 years since our ancestor arrived in Sydney with his wife and 2 young children (one died on board the ship on the way).

I also finished watching series 4 of “Who do you think you are?”  The only series I haven’t seen is series 2.

This morning I had another dental appointment.  I first went for a blood test as a result of the doctor’s visit in the weekend.  Part 2 of the hygienist’s attack on my top teeth.  They’re still tender.  This Friday afternoon my wisdom tooth will be removed.  I plan to go to the appointment and just not return to work.  Blowed if I’m going to take a half day’s annual leave and spend it in pain.  I already took a half day’s leave for the root canal.  I want to save some leave for actual rest and relaxation!

The graphics card on my computer is playing up.  I went to play Sims 2 and 10 minutes into the game the display stuffed up.  I tried restarting and it happened again.  Since then, of course, the computer’s behaved itself.  But I imagine the minute I try to play again, the display will go haywire.  This is annoying as I had the graphics card replaced last year.

The other potential expense hanging over my head is the need for a new brake pad on the car.

I need to win lotto to try to get back all the horrendous expenses leaching out of my bank account.  The next big bill is the regional council one – what a ripoff.  When its rates were included in the general rates it was a reasonable amount.  Then they charged separately and put the price up.  Since then it’s basically doubled – and for what?

I’m doing well to resist depression.

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