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I was sitting in the sunshine, purring cat on lap and was about to finally update this blog on my tablet, but the tablet is flakey and slow. I couldn’t view the screen to write on when it was vertical, but when turned side on I had about half a centimetre left to actually see what I was writing once the keyboard came up. Totally useless.

Now I’m here (on the PC), I, of course, have forgotten what it was I was going to write, so I guess I’ll write what comes to mind here and now.


Life is fine. I still enjoy living in Melbourne despite some loneliness at times. But then I was often lonely back in NZ as well, especially after H left. (The house was way too empty and I couldn’t live there anymore.)  Now, when I see an aeroplane in the sky I don’t yearn to be on it. I love trains so enjoy commuting. There are plenty of birds to listen to and the sun shines way more often. There’s little rain and it never lasts long. I think I’ve used an umbrella about twice and have taken it with me and never had to use it. It does get cold though, but nothing that gets close to freezing. I don’t like anything under 15 deg C so that’s what I call cold and the average here at the moment is 14. They keep saying that Melbourne weather is changeable but compared to the Manawatu, it isn’t at all. There it could be nice and sunny in the morning and then turn to crap. Here it stays pretty much the same all day – if it’s sunny, it will be for most of the day; if it’s grey, it will stay grey most of the day. The weather forecasts are pretty accurate.

Talking of never wanting to go back (in my mind anyway)…  I never completely closed my Facebook account, heading in there very occasionally to see what family members were up to, never staying long, never scrolling through. Then I got sucked into it briefly by a message from FB telling me to upload a picture so friends could recognise me. It’s one of those stupid things that FB says like telling me I should celebrate my friendship with A because we’ve been friends for six years. He’s my brother for fuck’s sake. They keep mucking about with settings but don’t make it intelligent enough to recognise that some “friends” are tagged as relatives. I don’t want to go back to it. I scrolled a bit and saw a mixture of posts from 1 hour ago to 23 hours ago to 3 days ago. WTF? I want to see the latest, dumbarse fucking Facebook. I loathe the bloody thing, but if you’re not on it, you’re not in the loop.  I think it’s rather sad that the only means of communication these days seems to be through Facebook. After I did upload a stupid picture of myself I was inundated with “likes” and comments. The vast majority of them haven’t once emailed me in all the time I’ve been here, even those that I actually did write to (I have been slack on the communication front I must admit). I could be dead for all any of them care. Two of them have visited Melbourne without getting in touch or letting me know. So much for “friends”.

Do I miss NZ? I don’t miss the Manawatu or the place I worked. I do miss my bro and driving through the countryside, visiting him or friends, or the beach, say. I struggle to think of anything else. I’ll visit sometime soon, but have no plans yet.

This arvo I’m off to the rare book fair with M (a fellow Kiwi) which I’m looking forward to. I’m glad she’s come over to live. It’ll be nice to have someone else to hang out with at times. I don’t go to shows because they’re so expensive (so I do miss things like Summer Shakespeare) but there is always the gallery and interesting exhibitions. I enjoyed the David Hockney exhibit but didn’t go to the Van Gogh one, as I’ve been to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam (and he’s not a favourite artist of mine). There’s always something on somewhere – it’s just a matter of getting there.

Well, I’ve run out of shit to say. I still haven’t written about the trip to Myanmar. Perhaps I will. I finished a genealogy challenge so might feel more enthused to update this blog. I haven’t even updated my photography one as I’ve only taken photos on my mobile recently and didn’t’ think any were particularly good. I’m pretty slack on transferring photos from mobile and camera (when I do use it) to the computer. I just did the mobile transfer of five months’ worth of pics. Still haven’t done the camera transfer. I might take my camera this arvo.

Adios, and if there are any readers left, thanks for reading.


Buddha day, Fed square


Korean girls in costume, Fed square

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Another couple of weeks have gone by.

I think I am not feeling motivated to write here because I have started writing daily in the app Diaro.  I find it pretty good, especially combined with the swiftkey app which makes it faster to type.  I mentioned this app on Facebook along with a list of apps to use for the new year. Of course it was ignored.

As for Facebook, I haven’t deleted my account.  On the rare occasions one of my daughters posts something, I can view it.  I’ve become a lurker, I guess.  I have checked it a couple of times, but seriously, I’m not missing anything.  I still get that feeling of irritation so I’m well out of it.  I do, however, miss posting the odd observation or sharing an article.  I could do that on Twitter, I suppose, but I rarely go on there.  Folkdirect, as predicted, is a dead duck.

Well, while I’m here, I can say I’m thoroughly enjoying the Australian summer, compared to the crap they’re having in New Zealand.  I saw an article that mentioned that the place I used to live had the least sunshine hours of the whole country.  No wonder I was often depressed.  I’m a sun worshipper, summer being my favourite season.  Fuck winter.

I still haven’t written about my trip.  One day I might feel the urge.  It hasn’t come yet.  Maybe it never will, but I feel I should.  My hand-scrawled diary isn’t sufficient.  This blog, although public, is for me to look back on.

Well, that’s all I feel inclined to write about at present. Another update in a couple of weeks perhaps.

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So it’s been nearly two weeks since my last entry – 2017 is flying by so quickly already. Hot cross buns are in the supermarkets. Back to school advertisements appeared from the 1st January.  Retailers seem to contribute to the sensation that the year is flying.  Ignore them, I say.

Just as I have decided to ignore Facebook.  More often than not, I would get annoyed by Facebook – for several reasons.  Over the years I’ve searched for alternatives but found none.  Google Plus wasn’t a valid one, I thought. Folkdirect seems a good basic alternative but no-one will switch.  Everyone is too glued to Facebook because their friends, family and other connections are there.

Anyway, the reasons:

I found that I was scrolling past a lot of updates because I found them boring, stupid, badly spelled or grammatically incorrect, or were photos of strangers. Why the hell should I see photos of a friend’s friend?  Most of the posts were totally irrelevant.  If I counted just the posts from friends I wanted to see it made up less than 10% of the “feed”, and even then I didn’t see all friends’ posts because Facebook decided I didn’t need to see them;

I loathed the “suggested posts”.  I could make them disappear with an app on my computer, but sadly not on the mobile and they pissed me off more than I can say.  At one point I wanted to throw my phone with force, I found myself so irritated.

Lurkers – the vast majority of my friends never posted anything, never commented, never liked anything – I forgot they were on Facebook.  What was the point of them being on Facebook?  To spy on others’ lives while offering nothing themselves?  It’s all take and no give.  Why should I share what I’m doing when they share nothing at all about themselves?  What I should have done, in retrospect, was just unfriend them.  I get nothing out of it, so why should they?  I’ve heard one say, as an excuse, that they didn’t know what to put up.  Well, how about what you’re doing?  That trip you went on? An opinion about something? Something that you read about in your friends’ feeds every day and never comment on.  I don’t know – I just find it a bit rude – like writing to someone and never hearing back.

The absolute waste of time.  I spent way too much time checking facebook for updates or possible comments or likes on something I posted.  If I got none, I felt disappointed and even rejected.  Not great for the ego when you thought something was worthy of posting.  But perhaps they didn’t see it?  I’ve had friends comment that they didn’t.  Thanks, Facebook.  Also, there were numerous times I went online for something specific but would check Facebook first and forget completely what I was going to do.  Not good.

Facebook can actually contribute to feelings of loneliness and negativity.

My family don’t actually use it much if at all.  Cousins, brother, and daughters rarely comment or post anything on Facebook.  I was getting nothing from them – the people I most want to keep in touch with.  Viber and email are the ways I keep in touch with bro and daughters.  I barely know my cousins anyway.

So there you go.  I’ve ditched it once and for all.  Already, after about one day, I feel more at peace and less irritated.  It’s a shame no-one will switch to folkdirect.  I’ll be there on my own.  There’s always instagram and twitter, but I don’t get the same sense of connection with twitter. Everyone tweets something but few actually have a conversation.

I’m also trying to ditch gmail accounts, which is harder.  I would have to let so many different organisations know.  I hate how Facebook and Google are so insidious.  They’re everywhere.  You can hardly do anything on the internet without having to link to them, and they follow your every movement for advertisers.  Google search has become really bad, coming up with totally irrelevant results.  They’re a joke.

Where there are alternatives, I will use them.

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I’ve had a lazy Easter, not really knowing what to do with my time alone.  I seem to have spent the whole time playing Sims 2, when I wasn’t mowing the lawn or washing or some other tedious, routine thing.  I did get invited to dinner last night, and again tonight (two different invitations) which is nice.

I’ve had a gutsful of Facebook.  I find I get irritated and bored.  Some friends “like” inane shit, or stuff with grammatical errors in it (which I can’t stand – makes me want to scream); or they post thousands of pictures of themselves, or some pointless religious saying, or want you to “share” a meaningless statement; or boast about some crap they’ve been doing lately, or something that makes me cringe.  I’ve had enough.  I can’t be fucked.  I need a holiday from it.

You’d think a few days off would make me happier, but it doesn’t matter how much time I have off work, I still don’t ‘want to go back.  That’s saying something.  I realise I’m quite unhappy.

Time to make a few changes, if at all possible.  Sigh.

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I finally have a proper complete belly dancing costume!  I bought one late last year but it needed fiddly alterations – the bra straps were too long and there were no fasteners on the bra or belt.  Sounds simple, n’est-ce pas?  Not for someone who’s crap at sewing.

Last weekend I made the underskirt for the see-through skirt part of the costume.  Earlier, during the Xmas/New Year holidays I unpicked the bra straps, shortened them and marked where they needed to be sewn back.

This weekend I sewed the bra straps back and worked on fastening the back of the bra.  I had to remove some sequins and beads at the back in order for the straps to overlap properly.  Hooks and eyes are a real pain! Well that took most of yesterday.

Today I finished up sewing on the eyes or hooks or whatever and tried it on.  It seemed ok although I had to strengthen the sewing a bit after a try-on.

Next, the belt.  It came in two pieces so I first had to join one side and attach fastenings to the other side.  Note to any beginners like me out there.  Don’t alter a belt after trying it over a pair of jeans!  I actually put the skirts on first this morning to figure out where to put the fasteners and discovered the joined bit needed to be tighter.  Sigh.  I never ever seem to do any sewing without having to unpick and re-do.  Next the bigger hooks and eyes normally used for trousers.  I did these after adding a bit of material for the eyes to go on and tried it on.  It was too loose by about a half centimetre.  Unpicked the eyes once again and re-placed them.  Finally!  It fitted properly!  OMG.

I will try it out on Tuesday night and see if it withstands some dancing.   Below is the lower half of the costume.

Now I’m all set for next weekend for the performance.  I just have to practice the moves a bit more.

I also have Spanish starting again this week.  I haven’t done any revision.  I’m actually regretting having agreed to continue because I can’t really afford the $340 it’s going to cost this year (compared with $160 last year).  But I can’t pull out because the costing is based on the number attending and the minimum is 8 (including me).  If I drop out I jeopardize everyone’s chances of doing Spanish and the cost goes up.  Damn.

I feel hot (it’s humid today) and exhausted and the weekend is now basically over.

Back to work on Monday to a new regime.  The boss has retired and the other senior member of staff will take over – her work ethic is a lot stricter – she expects everyone to work as hard as she does (no breaks except those allowed) which also means no browsing the internet or answering personal email or going for a stroll to take a break from the computer. If so, you make up the time.  Fair enough but those times I am “browsing” or answering email usually take up less than a minute each time and it provides a welcome break from tedium.  There are two opposing viewpoints here and I’m of the belief that a bit of “mucking about” as some might call it actually makes you more productive.  Besides, part of my browsing is work-related (if not directly) and I read about the latest developments or technology.  But obviously some take it too far and one particular part-timer has made it obvious that she spends far too much time on Facebook and email (and has been complained about).  Damn her!  Hmm, I might have to upload some music onto an mp3 player and listen to it at work.  Surely that will be allowed as I don’t have a customer desk to attend.  We’ll see, I guess.  Some people also seem to the think that you can’t work and listen to music at the same time which is utter bullshit.  If the new regime requires an obligatory monk-like silence, I’m definitely listening to music.

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Combined birthday celebration organising has come to a standstill. After initially kicking off the suggestions for Labour weekend, one of the women (F) suggested setting up a page where we could chat and exchange ideas, so I set up a Facebook page (as we are all members of Facebook) and invited them all. “Cow” wrote back to say she doesn’t go into Facebook, has forgotten her password and suggested we stick to email and phone. Fine. I deleted the page. F made other suggestions which we responded to positively, except for D who seems to be averse to any form of communication (although she did join the Facebook page). F mentioned a band and I responded with a suggestion of a suitable band that my daughter knows and actually sent her a link to a Youtube video of them which it took me one-and-a-half hours to upload. No response. I sent out a further email to everyone with another suggestion for the weekend and asking for ideas or feedback. No response from anyone. FFS. I give up.

Meanwhile, the belly dancing improv dance for the Esplanade performance is a mess. We’re going to need as many practices as possible. I think the teacher’s got the timing wrong (for our individual bits).

This constant greyness and rain is extremely depressing.

Sometimes I wonder if I should rename this blog “The Grumpy Cow”.

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I think I’ll have to buy a diary for next year.  This blog thing isn’t working out.  When people ask me when I did such-and-such I really can’t remember and it’s not written down anywhere.  I used to be able to go to my diary and there it would be noted.  I feel like my life is seeping out of my brain – if I don’t remember it, it’s gone and what do I have to show for the last 2 or 3 years?

I rarely update my blog now and when I do it’s mostly just random thoughts that occur to me when I log in.  There’s no run-down on what I’ve been doing.  Perhaps I should take photos of tickets to shows, etc, and photoblog those as some sort of reminder?

Someone asked me how long I’ve been belly-dancing.  I couldn’t honestly remember – was it two years? three? longer?

Yeah, I think I’ll go back to a diary and when I feel the need to expand, I’ll head online.  It’s so much easier to scrawl a line in a book than to start up a computer, log in, etc etc – it takes ages.


Now my daughter’s birthday is over with I can begin to think of Christmas.  It’s like a last minute thought every year.  I have, however, sent off my overseas Xmas cards, bar one or two.  My aunt has moved into an old peoples’ home and I don’t know the address.  The fact that she hasn’t written to me about it worries me.  She is elderly but her letters were always fairly regular and newsy.

My lawn has been mowed, finally.  It was surprisingly difficult to find someone who did a good job for a reasonable price.  I paid one guy to do the big chop – it was quite rough and he left bits out – why, I don’t know.  I then priced another outfit and they wanted to charge an outrageous price for less work.  Finally I got another guy who did a nice neat job and is reasonably priced for a regular mow.  Phew – at last.

I was browsing comments on Facebook earlier.  It’s getting to the stage where people’s English is so bad you assume it’s their second or third language and then are shocked to find it’s actually their mother tongue!  My father would be absolutely appalled (he was an English teacher).

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