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I took Friday off for a four-day weekend (Monday being a public holiday in the region) but I felt like shit on Thursday morning and called in sick.  Four visits to the toilet on getting up… you get the picture.  I’d actually felt exhausted the day before after work, and went to bed at 8pm.  Still felt pretty drained all of Thursday.

Friday wasn’t too bad.  Mucked around.  Rang an electrician about the cable to the garage which needs fixing, then took Jasmine to the vet for a vaccination for the cattery next month.  Poor girl hates the car ride and was stressed out in the vet’s room.  We had to wait half an hour because of an emergency.  Not all of it was in her cage, but it’s a long time to be in a small cage for her.  It was a hot afternoon and the car was hot too, so that just added to her stress.  The good thing is that she didn’t actually need another vaccination.  She’s all good for another couple of years, so noted down on the booklet for the cattery to keep them happy.  Some tartar starting to build up on her teeth but otherwise a clean bill of health.  Apparently, this year is really bad for fleas but she had none.  I scored a free three-pack of the flea treatment with the rewards card (saving about $50).

Saturday I attempted another go at shopping for a dress and/or skirt.  First stop Ezibuy.  There were very few dresses and of those, the vast majority were “shifts” or long dresses, or made of thick fabric.  The colours were wrong too (for me).  All yellows, whites and pinks.  Why?  Why, why, why, why, why?  What’s wrong with reds and (darker) blues???  I did see one dress in gorgeous colours but it was a long dress and there was also a skirt in the same colours but very long.  Why, if they’re going to make the damned things, can’t they make them in shorter styles as well?  I would’ve had to cut off screeds of material and try and get the hem straight.  Not something I wanted to do, even if the style had suited me.  There were no skirts to speak of at all, incredibly.  Next stop, the Plaza, to shops I hadn’t previously been to, and a second visit to Postie (Plus?).  Again, no skirts – at all.  What I thought were skirts were colourful narrow pants – that’s the in thing this summer apparently.  They’re everywhere.  Otherwise it’s all tops, tops and more tops.  What are you supposed to wear on the bottom half apart from trousers or three-quarter pants?  I don’t get it.  I moaned at Postie, saying I’d chosen the wrong year to shop for skirts, and she agreed.  Why?  WHY THE FUCK CAN’T YOU BUY SKIRTS THIS SUMMER??????????  Fuck, I was so pissed off.  Eventually, and in desperation, I had a look around KMart and found a skirt the right length!  They had lots of minis but only two colours in this style.  I wouldn’t normally have bought it but I was desperate.  It’s a sort of leopard skin design – totally unoriginal, but I can wear it on the plane or something.  I just needed an extra item of clothing to total nine outfits (daytime plus three evening outfits).  (Nothing suitable found at a second-hand shop either.)

That nightmare over with, I did grocery shopping and came back home.  I knew the temperature had to be in the 30s as I was wearing jeans and only get uncomfortable in jeans in the 30s (I once wore them in 36 deg heat, thinking it was going to be a cool, cloudy day in the morning, and it soaring up during the day when I couldn’t change).

So to today.  I haven’t done much – some more washing, reading a book.  At a loss what to do really.  I could go somewhere, but where?  I played Sims 2 last night, with nothing better to do, and nothing on TV as usual.  I had finished “Fargo” and started “Mad Men” which is ok.

I need to make a list of shit I should do on non-work days, otherwise I drift around aimlessly doing nothing and feeling miserable.

Never mind.  Sydney in two weeks (and then what?).

On Monday I looked through the laundry and garage, identifying more stuff to give away or sell.  I listed those on a couple of websites after taking photos.  I found another lot of fish plates which I inherited from a friend’s mother.  I don’t even like them.  Turns out they’re French and worth about $30 each.  I have 10 of them.  I’ll see what I can get for them (if anything).

In the afternoon, at a loss, I headed to my friend down the valley with my bottle of wine (she had visited earlier with hers).  We had a lovely chat outside with cups of tea.  She had just finished mowing her substantial lawn and it made the place look palatial.  It cheered me up no end, and I returned home feeling much better.



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