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I joined a garden tour of five gardens owned by staff from work: 3 suburban gardens in town, a rural garden; and another suburban garden in another town. My main reason for going, apart from curiosity, was the hope that it might inspire me in my garden. The weather held out and it got quite hot in the afternoon. It was a very enjoyable way to spend a Saturday. We finished up at a garden centre and some of us purchased some plants on sale. The plan worked. I drove home with plants and cuttings intending to plant them, if not in the ground, into pots, that very afternoon. Well, I first had to weed a whole bed in order to plant. All up, I spent about 2 hours in the garden that afternoon and reflected that my ‘garden’ really needs a good tidy up. The trouble with gardening is that you end up with a huge (in my case) pile of refuse, which added to the already huge pile (and I haven’t even started on the dead tree and bush).


I finally moved the leftover wood chip pile and used it as mulch on the newly planted bed. I was cutting away some branches and clearing more weeds and grass at the front of the property when H got home. We did some grocery shopping and then she decided to cut back the plants along the driveway, which she found annoying, rubbing against her car. I ended up carting the resulting rubbish away (she got carried away) and ended up with another 4 or 5 barrow loads of branches, etc.


A day off work. The weather had deteriorated, so I applied the last coat of paint to the hallway. Now I just have the doors in the hallway to do. Tidied up inside in readiness for the arrival of older daughter, C, and her boyfriend, W. H’s boyfriend, L arrived earlier and joined us for a meal which I cooked (amazingly). C and W arrived late in the evening. It was good to see her (after an absence of 7 months). We exchanged gifts (to her for her birthday on Friday; from her – alcohol and snacks). While H did some editing for her work, the rest of us played a game of Settlers of Catan while eating some very nice banana cake topped with coconut cream and strawberries (made by H earlier in the day).


Another day off work. It was sunny again. H had to go to a meeting in the morning but on her return she made breakfast. So we had a late, leisurely breakfast of pancakes, (free range) bacon and coconut cream mixed with berries, accompanied by some sparkling wine with berries in the glasses. Very nice. We wanted to go for a walk so we headed up the valley and went on a 2 hour bush walk (the Fern walk) which went uphill. Lovely views at the top and not too strenuous-going (I’m not used to hills and am quite unfit). We returned, tired and hungry. Most had a nap and then we fired up the barbecue after making salads and getting the meat ready. L was very good at cooking the meat – it all came out tender and tasty. We had lamb chops (home-killed lamb), marinated lamb kebabs, chorizo sausages, potato salad (made by me) and a spinach and red cabbage salad made by H. Beer and cocktails accompanied the meal. We had a lot of leftovers which H and I ate yesterday. C and W then headed back to Wellington in order to catch the Cook Strait ferry the following morning.

A very productive and enjoyable four days.


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Well yesterday was a bit of a bastard.

Went to the car in the morning to head to work. The inside of the car stunk to high heaven. It smelled like a cross between rotting food and rotting damp. I searched high and low and couldn’t find the source of the smell – getting my nose down to floor level revealed nothing.

Got stuck behind a slow truck on the way to work after first being cut off by a car who stopped a few hundred metres down the road.

The rest of the morning seemed to go without a hitch.

For lunch I had a weak, insipid soup from a nearly expired sachet, and an apple.

While sipping this non-food, I heard Middle Eastern music and went outside to discover a tent of goodies set up by some Saudi Arabians. I lined up behind some young girls who got all the attention. You know you’re old when you get ignored. The Saudi guy was happily explaining about the different dishes from the different regions to a couple of girls in front of me. When I came in front of him he just smiled and looked to the next person. Oh well.

Went to take some photos and after a couple of crappy ones the battery went flat.

The afternoon was also without any annoyances or frustrations. However, I forgot to do two new duties that I’m supposed to take over while a colleague is away overseas. I only remembered one of them this morning, and quickly did it, but forgot the other entirely.

After work I went to the supermarket. I chose the wrong day to do so. Every other resident was there and it was a nightmare. It was bad enough to queue up for ages at the checkout without the computer system crashing. Naturally, I was in the wrong queue when it started up again. The machine in that queue refused to work, so I had to queue up at the back of another line.

On arrival at home at about 6.45pm I unpacked the groceries and put things away but made a mess of opening the rice packet and rice went all over the kitchen floor. Even after sweeping it, there was still heaps I’d missed (it was hard to see on the light-coloured lino).

It was 7.30 by the time I could eat dinner. Dinner was ok if a bit tasteless. I was disappointed with the bland sausages which had been quite expensive.

Daughter arrived home late and ate the veges and a sausage. I made the mistake of eating another leftover sausage. I’d already had a piece of chocolate and some wine, so guess what happened – at 12.15 am I got a bad bout of indigestion – one of those really painful ones. Daughter (who was only just going to bed) came to the rescue with a couple of Quick-eze.

Got up in the middle of the night to empty the bladder after dreaming of twice going to the toilet…

I hope today is better.

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Nothing happening

Life is pretty tedious lately.  Only one thing to look forward to – the belly dance concert next Friday.  That should be awesome.  I only recently found out there were workshops in the weekend following but I haven’t the time or money – it would have been brilliant though.

Some workmates had a ‘hangi’ for lunch today – some fundraiser.  For those that don’t know, a hangi is the Maori way of cooking food underground – like a Fijian lavalava?  (Apologies if that’s wrong – my memory is unreliable.)  I don’t personally like the food cooked that way.  It’s pretty tasteless and never looks wonderful.

Instead, tonight my daughter cooked a concoction of her own, using pork, lime juice, chilli and cream, on rice and it was delicious.  Excellent with a European lager.

Nothing else to report.

Bye for now.

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