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Disliking people

It never ceases to amaze me the depth of feeling some people seem to have in disliking others.  There are numerous examples at work.  Often, I don’t get it.  Ok, the person might be exasperating, slightly thick, overly talkative or whatever, but everyone has negative aspects.  It’s a bit extreme to dislike them to the extent of never wanting to talk to them or sit near them or to complain about them.  I mean, what has that person actually done to them?  I try to be courteous to everyone unless they’re particularly rude, in which case it is difficult.  The world will never have peace when, day-to-day, people just can’t get along.

Talking of disliking people, a while ago my ‘former’ friend sent an email to several people saying she’d quit her job and become a consultant.  I wrote back asking why the change, etc and she never replied.  About 2 maybe 3 months later she’s sent another email showing off a web page advertisement of her services.  I had a look, and took great delight in pointing out that ‘gant chart’ was incorrectly spelled – hahaha!!!  Am I a b**** or what?  Silly cow.  The word ‘consultant’ always reminds me of an episode of Green Wing when Statham introduces himself to a film crew and says he’s a consultant only a few letters are missing from his badge, resulting in c—u—nt.  (It’s included in the following)

On an entirely different note, I’ve missed Spanish tonight – not feeling the greatest.  Couldn’t face 2 hours after a struggle to get through the day.


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The grumps

One morning on my way to work I found myself following two black SUVs in tandem. They look like a convoy of FBI agents. One is larger than the other, a huge BMW, the other is smaller and follows the larger. On arriving at work I spotted them pulling up beside one another at my work place. A man got out of the large SUV and a woman got out of the smaller one. At the time I felt what a complete waste of petrol (especially SUVs) – why couldn’t they have car-pooled? Then I thought perhaps they have different hours of work or one had plans afterwards.

I’ve since seen them a couple of times and again this morning. Every time the man drives in front and the little woman follows behind in her little black SUV, even passing other cars to stick to her man. They were speeding this morning to get to work on time, presumably. I didn’t, and I ended up arriving at the same time as they did. I looked over in disgust. One person in each SUV obviously from the same household, obviously starting work at the same time. Even if one person did finish work earlier than the other you’d think they’d work out a car-pooling system. But no, they have to have their own hideous polished SUV and drive in tandem. Pathetic.

I’m grumpy this morning, as you might be able to tell from my rant about SUVs (which I hate with a passion). I did a mini grocery shop yesterday after work and found I was grumpy and impatient. I went to Spanish and was ok and went home all ok. Last night, however, I had a dream about abusing rude people. There was a rude woman who turned and walked away from me and I went up to her and slapped her and wanted to bite her hard. Quite bizarre. There’s some hidden anger there somewhere and I have no idea what it’s all about. I woke up tired, headachey and grumpy once again, sour-faced as I watched the black bastards speeding ahead.

Perhaps I should have stayed home this morning, but the headache is not quite severe enough to warrant a day off. I just have to persevere and pretend I’m interested in working. I’m not today. Everything today will be half-hearted.

Grumble grumble…

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