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Monday to Friday was a long week.  Thursday felt like Friday, and I couldn’t concentrate in the hot afternoons working in a non-airconditioned building with no breeze coming through the small windows (in about 29deg C heat every day).  Besides which, my mind was already in Sydney.

I fly out tomorrow morning with boss and colleague.  We fly via Christchurch where we have to wait 4 hours for our flight to Sydney.  Why?  Because it was the cheapest flight.  It’s a wonder we’re not staying in a youth hostel.

Jasmine seems to sense something’s up.  Could be the suitcase lying at the ready, haha.  She’s been hanging around me this morning, wanting attention.  Poor love.  I feel like a traitor, taking her to a cage in a cattery, when she’s used to lying on a bed and having cuddles in the evenings.  I drop her off this evening.

During the week I tried on my dress shoes, which I needed for the conference dinner and a cocktail party.  I must have bought them in winter because they were tight and there was no way I’d be able to walk from the hotel to the conference or cocktail venues in them.  So, this morning I headed back into town, yet again, to do some shoe shopping.  The fact that I’m sitting here writing at 10.30 am indicates that I was successful.

I tried on one pair which were very comfortable but were in a beige colour.  The only other colour they had was white.  No good.  Needed black.  I tried on another pair that, although not as comfortable, felt good to walk in.  I bought them, and they were on sale – reduced to $79 with a further percentage off lowering the price to about $65.  Excellent.  I’d only looked in three shoe shops and tried on two pairs.  Next errand was a small umbrella, as the forecast for Sydney this week is some rain.  I did have a small one which I brought from work but it’s a bit broken, so I decided to buy another cheapy.  The “$2 shop” in the Plaza didn’t have any small ones, and KMart had cheapy made-in-China ones for $15 which I thought overpriced, so I headed over to Broadway to “Barris” another “$2+ shop” and got one for $6.  Done.  All set.

The camera battery is charged.  The cellphone is charged.  Now I just have to wander down to the local shop to get some more credit.

There’s a smallholder’s auction down the road.  I might head down for a short while, as I have no idea what to do with today.

As to exercise/semi-diet regime, I was very disappointed last night to find I had lost nothing at all in the past week.  I felt angry with myself for giving into a couple of pieces of toast during the week, as well as having a sugary drink.  Then I told myself not to be an idiot and take it easy.  I will have to restrain myself during the conference, however.  I still haven’t reached my goal which is only 2kg away (and of course once I reach that, I’ll want to lose more).

May update later, may not.  If not I will update in a week’s time after my return from Sydney (returning via Auckland).


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This morning’s mission was to go into town to buy various items as well as drop off some old records, etc.  I wasn’t looking forward to it.

Somehow I’d found a website that said the Red Cross was open on Saturday morning and intended to go there.  This morning, I double-checked the Palmerston North one, and no, they’re not open on the weekend or outside of my work hours – completely useless.  Not knowing where else to drop stuff off, I decided on the Hospice shop (who can be very fussy).

Before heading out I went through some sheet music in the piano stool (now a coffee table).  I put a large pile in a plastic bag to add to the records and a couple of trays and box of placemats.  I also went through some 45 rpms and added most of them to the bag of records.

Armed with list, I headed out – first to a cheap Asian store for a bag.  I had tried all the more expensive bag places around town for a carry-on bag which would fit my netbook for the Melbourne conference, and not found anything.  Parked outside the shop, went in, spotted one I liked, and bought it.  First success!

Next stop the Plaza – a place I hate.  First looked in Farmers for large pillowcases, as I’d just got a large pillow which doesn’t fit any existing pillowcases.  Unfortunately, they weren’t “standard” and “large”, but had measurements, which I’d neglected to check.

Onto a shoe store where H had bought some super-light, super-comfy shoes.  I wanted some for walking around Melbourne rather than in my heels.  Nice shop assistant helped me find the right brand and I tried a couple of pairs.  They didn’t seem so comfy, but I bought a pair which looked nice.  Shop assistant mentioned the sale – 20% off a second pair, eg sandals.  I looked over at the sandals and spotted a style I go for.  Tried on the display one and it fitted perfectly and was comfy.  In a fit of madness I bought both – $220 worth.

Next stop K-Mart for black pants.  Looked around for tops as well, but nothing I liked.  Tried on two pairs of pants – one pair was nice, the other awful.  Bought the nice pair.

Heading out I passed another shoe store and spotted the shoes that H had bought.  I picked it up and it was really really light.  These were the ones H had.  Same brand, slightly different style.  Shop assistant said to try it.  I was standing there thinking I was mad, having just spent so much on shoes.  However, I tried it on, and omg!, they were so comfortable!  Thankfully on sale (at $100).  Completely off my head, I bought them as well.  Wow.  I wondered what was wrong with me – me who had previously hesitated at buying any pair of shoes at $99.  I briefly considered taking the other pair back to the other shop, but figured they would be good for work anyway.

Having finished in the Plaza, headed down Rangitikei Street via Guthrie Bowron (for wallpaper paste) and Mitre 10 (filler) and LightingPlus (new lampshade for dining area).  Disappointed in the very limited range of lampshades but ended up buying one which was the same as our one in the lounge.  Boring but serviceable.

Continued to the Hospice shop.  Chap in there accepted the trays and placemats but said he’d look at my records and sheet music.  When I complained I didn’t know where to take stuff because Red Cross was never open at convenient times, he accepted both.  I said the records were in excellent condition anyway.  If they didn’t want them, they were welcome to take them to Red Cross, who appear to accept any old crap, judging by their book/record sales.   Success!  More junk gone.

Next stop Ezi-buy to look at their dresses and/or skirts.  Disappointing.  I did try on a pair of black pants (another pair would be good) and they fitted nicely.  However, they stank of that chemical shit.  They would need a few washes to get rid of it.  Shop assistant reckoned she couldn’t smell it.  I bought them anyway.

I was about to continue to the fruit and vege shop, etc for food items, when I made a detour to Warehouse to look at dresses.  I had met two people the previous night who were wearing rather nice dresses they said they got from the Warehouse.   I couldn’t find the same style they had been wearing but tried on two others.  One was dreadful.  One was ‘maybe’.  I didn’t feel that comfortable in the ‘maybe’, so didn’t buy.

Fruit and veges, then eggs and meat, and I got home at last, starving.  Three hours of madness and $538 poorer.

House painter man will start water blasting on Tuesday.  Washing machine repair man will be back on Tuesday with the parts to fix dud machine.  In the meantime, I will have to hand wash my work clothes.  Apparently house painter man also does wallpapering.  I’m seriously considering getting him to do it, as I listened to the complicated instructions given by the Guthrie Bowrie woman on using the paste.  I hate wallpapering (and that was with ready-pasted).

Anyone would think I’d just won Lotto, the way I’m spending it at the moment.  If only.

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I haven’t been able to take a photo of the bellbirds – they’re shy.  A tui was kind enough to stay still as I watched it singing though.

Unfortunately my camera’s not too good with zoom. Oh for an SLR.

I’ve had a couple of nights out.  The jazz festival is on at the moment so I went along with H to see a friend perform in a band.  They were opening for a jazz quartet: Paul Hanson on bassoon, Steve Cardenas on guitar, Tom Warrington on double bass and a kiwi girl on drums.

Steve Cardenas looked a bit like Ted Danson.  The jazz was what my friend aptly called ‘diddly’ jazz which is not really my cup of tea.  However, I did appreciate the skill of the bassoonist – just amazing.  A good night out anyway.

The following day was a farewell for a staff member.  I was there armed with camera and I tried to take a photo of a colleague.  However, she moved just as I took it and ended up getting a photo of people’s legs.  Someone suggested I should purposely take photos of everyone’s legs, so I did just that – taking photos of shoes and boots.

I thought it made an interesting study (and no-one realises you’re taking photos).

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