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Another couple of weeks have gone by.

I think I am not feeling motivated to write here because I have started writing daily in the app Diaro.  I find it pretty good, especially combined with the swiftkey app which makes it faster to type.  I mentioned this app on Facebook along with a list of apps to use for the new year. Of course it was ignored.

As for Facebook, I haven’t deleted my account.  On the rare occasions one of my daughters posts something, I can view it.  I’ve become a lurker, I guess.  I have checked it a couple of times, but seriously, I’m not missing anything.  I still get that feeling of irritation so I’m well out of it.  I do, however, miss posting the odd observation or sharing an article.  I could do that on Twitter, I suppose, but I rarely go on there.  Folkdirect, as predicted, is a dead duck.

Well, while I’m here, I can say I’m thoroughly enjoying the Australian summer, compared to the crap they’re having in New Zealand.  I saw an article that mentioned that the place I used to live had the least sunshine hours of the whole country.  No wonder I was often depressed.  I’m a sun worshipper, summer being my favourite season.  Fuck winter.

I still haven’t written about my trip.  One day I might feel the urge.  It hasn’t come yet.  Maybe it never will, but I feel I should.  My hand-scrawled diary isn’t sufficient.  This blog, although public, is for me to look back on.

Well, that’s all I feel inclined to write about at present. Another update in a couple of weeks perhaps.


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Week 2

Week 2 of work and it’s all going well.  During week one we had a tour of the parliament.  This week we went along during question time.  Politicians are the same the world over.  They must get special training on how not to answer the question, how to repeat themselves and blame the other party, how to shout at each other.  Really pathetic.  What a waste of time and money they are.

There was a conference on during the week.  I had been to it two years ago.  However, if I’d stayed in my old job I wouldn’t have been able to go.  I was told I wouldn’t be.  (“Fuck you” I thought at the time.)  How sweet then to turn up and say hello (invisibly raising my fist).  Boss let R and me have half a day each at the conference.  I was just about to eat a mouthful of lunch when Jn and Jl saw me and came up.  They said I looked well and asked how everything was going.  Jn seemed particularly disappointed that I had no regrets and appeared happy.  Ha ha.  Saw M later and then old boss, Ja.  She also said I looked well and asked if I was sick of the work yet.  What a question.  It was the sort of work I was doing less of in my old job and I actually preferred it to the other stuff.  Was nice also to see T, who I hadn’t known was going and she did say it was last minute.  Didn’t get enough time with her but had more time to chat to M.  Chatted to several nice people.  Lots of NZers there.  One said she felt inspired by my move, which was a nice change to “you’re brave”.

Sometimes it gets a little chilly with the aircon in the office, so it’s a delight to walk outside at lunchtime and feel the warmth and be amazed, once again, at where I was.  It always brings a smile to my face.  Even arriving in the morning from the train, I come out into sunshine, often buskers playing lovely music, and feel happy, even smiling at a child who was squealing with delight in her pushchair as it wove through a sea of legs coming towards her.  Apart from some loneliness (which I felt anyway in NZ), I’m much happier.  I won’t be able to buy a house again let alone be mortgage-free, but life isn’t about owning stuff.

20160212_130722    20160212_130648

Talking of which, I went with C yesterday to view a house she and W were interested in.  It was a lovely house with lots of space but C said she felt it was too much.  I agreed.  She doesn’t want to end up like her father, up to his eyeballs in debt.  We went to another, smaller place, a townhouse.  I didn’t like it much.  It didn’t feel homely, with its polished concrete floors and large lobby space.  C seemed to like it and said that W would too (he was currently in NZ on business).  Funny what appeals to each of us.

Time to do some housework.

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Beautiful – I always perk up when it’s warm and sunny.  But the day has gone so quickly.

The first half of the day was spent doing stuff in silence, then I realised how silent it was and put music on.  Currently listening to some funky didgeridoo, after just having read Bill Bryson’s “Down Under” for the second time.

I went through an old tin trunk and sorted contents – mostly memorabilia from a trip to Europe yonks ago, and my grandmother’s paintings.  Emptied out the trunk and discovered it had a bit of rust in the bottom and two small holes.  Bugger.  Decided to sell it.  I sold the other two trunks that came over from England in ’61.  Both damaged by damp, thanks to a leaky garage roof, etc.  Even now the neighbour’s high driveway (created from multiple gravel drops) means the floor gets damp in places.  Thanks, neighbours.  Also put some shit on TradeMe – old heater (wrong time of year but never mind), set of drawers (surplus to requirements) and the record/tape converter now that  I’ve done all my conversions to MP3.

There was an open bag of naphthalene in the trunk and I accidentally spilled some and swept it up.  I had stupidly thought that stuff was relatively harmless (I mean my parents used it everywhere, right) but after a while I felt like I’d been dreaming.  I had no idea how much time had passed but I googled it and discovered my confusion was probably from sweeping up the spill.  Great.  Let the fresh air through everywhere and isolated the stupid bag of crystals, also locating another I had in the cupboard and getting rid of them.  No wonder my parents died so early with all that lethal shit in the house (not to mention the borer bombs and garden sprays).

Feeling way better now after fresh air but man, that was weird for a while.  Still, a bit headachey.  I did feel a sick day coming on but feeling ok, sadly.  I’ve had a stressful few days.

I might have some news soon.  I may be moving on (and not a moment too soon).  Watch this space.

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The weather today is absolutely magnificent – a rare cloudless day with not a breath of wind (or maybe a very slight breeze but not enough to turn the wind turbines).

I drove into town this morning to get a Warrant of Fitness for the car – it passed, no problem.  Next stop a hardware shop to get more paint for the bathroom and the selected colour for the hallway.  There seem to be plenty of staff in Mitre 10 even for a weekday morning but none around when I wanted to get the coloured paint.  I got the white for the bathroom and left, heading next to buy some free range eggs, meat and cheese.  Next stop a bank to get out some cash to pay the plumber for the counter installation, then petrol, then the other hardware store where I got some help and paint cheaper than I thought.

H was on the way to a photography job when I got back home.  I had lunch and then H’s father rang from Australia, wanting to speak to his daughter, of course, and surprised that I was home.  Never mind.  H arrived just after I put the phone down after listening to him tell me what H should be doing.  “You just missed your father” I said.  “Good.” she said.

While she was having lunch with her friend she’d brought back, I washed my car.  It’s been a while!

Hemmed a couple of shower curtains which were too long, while listening to Chicane, with Jasmine flaked out on top of the rest of the curtains.  Very pleasant day, with a beer outside, reading another Agatha Christie.

Now I just need to visit friend to pay for the plumbing, and a pleasant meal with perhaps another beer.  (H is currently at the local park with friends.) Perhaps I should count this as my birthday, instead of last Friday which was a write-off.

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I’m quite pleased.  Fine weather helps, I have to say.

Yesterday I installed the scanner and slide scanner software then uploaded the photos.  I weeded two beds and added more mulch to them.  Jasmine loves it when I garden.  She sits and watches for insects jumping around, pounces on things and runs off and up trees in sudden bursts of energy.  She’s such a dag.  Then she just sprawled on her back enjoying the sunshine.

I made a rather nice chicken and noodle dish on Friday night (daughter out and away all weekend) which also did for last night’s meal.  Did the usual washing yesterday (which got dry in no time).  Answered emails in the evening and got a phone call from the ex.  Daughter wasn’t home so I was forced to talk to him, unfortunately.  I scanned some more slides last night.

Today I mowed the lawn and weeded another ‘bed’.  Actually I extended a bed and dug it all up.  I went into town to do grocery shopping and bought a few flowery plants to plant in the ‘new bed’.  I put mulch on and it looks rather good.  I did other stuff like put more washing on, etc.  I also updated my grandmother’s garden diary, something I haven’t done all year basically.

It doesn’t sound much, but I did make some time to read Bill Bryson’s excellent book, have a lager and enjoy some lovely music.

Next weekend (if fine, and when I’m home) I hope to tidy up the front garden.

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My computer’s graphics card died causing the computer to crash in the middle of a game and refusing to display in anything but safe mode (and even then the graphics were terrible).  The place I bought my computer from has now inconveniently moved to the outskirts of town and reduced their hours to 3-5 pm.  How ridiculous!  I asked a couple of others where to take the computer to because I didn’t know what sort of graphics card was needed.  One person said he took his computer to a place in town near UCOL.  So I did that, dropping it off on Wednesday morning.  They said they’d order the correct graphics card and have it ready the next day.  Well the next day came round and I had to ring after 4pm to find out what was happening.  The graphics card didn’t work so they’d ordered another one.  Same deal.  Friday loomed and no word again by 4pm so I called once again.  The graphics card hadn’t arrived and they’d searched around urgently for another and hopefully all would be well on Monday.  I won’t utter the words I’m thinking but I’m not impressed.  If I’d known what card I needed I could’ve ordered online and got my daughter’s boyfriend to install it.  I imagine I’m going to pay 100s for the privilege of getting some idiot company to do it (eventually).

In the meantime I’m using my crappy laptop which has serious problems.  It was running very slowly and I ran a couple of scans and got rid of some problems and it all seemed well for a while.  This morning though, it was even slower than usual, taking about 10 minutes for anything to load whether it was online or offline.  I wasted over 2 hours trying to do normal stuff or find out what the problem is.  I’m currently running an online scan (my installed virus/spyware scanners found nothing) but it looks like it’s going to take hours and hours to complete.  It’s been going for over an hour and is still only at 18%.  Frustration is too mild a word.

I watched a DVD last night and after it finished I saw that there looked to be a couple of good movies on TV.  The newer, better movies always seem to play late at night, finishing after midnight.  I watched “Casanova” for a while and thought it rather lame, then switched over to the other channel to watch “Sunshine” a sci-fi thing.  It was so very predictable, following the usual formula of a crew of half a dozen or so who slowly die off, starting, of course, with the non-white crew and/or selfish/stupid.  Just a couple of people are left and it remains for the hero to complete the mission.  As if that wasn’t enough, they throw in some insane zombie with a vaguely German accent (a baddie naturally) who tries to sabotage everything.  Finally the hero rides a box inside the sun (while still fighting the zombie) and barely breaks a sweat.  It ends with him appearing to touch the flames of the sun and then some love of his life playing in the snow with a kid near the Sydney Opera House when suddenly the sun comes out almost as if from behind clouds.  What utter rubbish.  I was amazed to find the average score at IMDB of 7/10!  I gave it a 4.

The DVD I watched was far superior to both movies.  It was an Argentinian one called Nine Queens (Nueve Reinas, in Spanish with subtitles) and was very good.  I’d give that one an 8/10.

Talking of Spanish, I had to miss the class last week because of an AGM (and I was secretary so had to be there).  I stepped down as secretary and will take delight in handing all the paperwork over to my successor.  I think I will miss belly dancing class this week and do my Spanish homework instead.  We usually receive it before the weekend so I can print it off but it arrived last night so I will have to do it Monday or Tuesday night.

I sincerely hope, by then, that my computer will be back in action.  In the time it’s taken to come to this site and update my blog, the scanner has moved 2%.  At least I appear to be able to access websites fairly quickly compared to this morning but I can’t be bothered doing anything.  I’ve over Twitter and Facebook, I think.  I’d rather play my computer version of “Settlers of Catan”.

On that note, I think I’ll have some lunch (even though it’s now 3pm) and play another game.

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Yesterday (was it only yesterday?) I spent a pleasant lunch hour at a free concert put on by the New Zealand String Quartet playing Haydn.


It was very pleasant.  I should go to these things more often.

Today was another nice sunny day.  I went for a walk but there was definitely a chill in the air.  I considered I might next time find a sunny private spot and just read my book.

Today went slowly and I thought of all things that need doing but when I get home, particularly in the weekends, I can never remember what it was I was going to do, so it’s time for list-making.  I will have to make a list of all those things.  As well as belly-dancing and Spanish lessons, I want to do some genealogical research, de-clutter my room, write blog entries, make costume parts, deal with my photos, etc etc etc.  Instead I end up doing a bit of Spanish homework and think about dancing and the rest of the weekend is taken up by tedious housework or dishes, etc.

Yep, time for some organisation.

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