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Yesterday was a write-off.  It was very cold, very wet and miserably dark.  I did not want to do anything.  I basically sat at the computer all day and played Sims 2 and browsed the net.  A toothless woman came to pick up a box of dolls in national dress that I’d relisted twice on TradeMe.  Then I was free to blob.  I also caught up with an online friend as I stayed visible on Facebook long enough for him to message me while I was doing other things.

Today it’s a different story.  It’s warmer (even though the temperature gauge is showing the same as yesterday) and there are patches of blue sky.  It’s chores today – washing, vacuuming, tidying, etc etc.  Nothing exciting.  Been feeling rather miserable.  I can’t bear the thought of a year of this weather and I can’t afford to travel anywhere sunny this year.

Tradesmen are dealing to the bath tomorrow.  I’ll be at work so I hope they’re not the nosey, thieving type.  The builder chap seems ok though but then they do, don’t they.  After watching Fair Go and Target you don’t trust anyone.  Oh well.  Nothing I can do about that.  I don’t have enough leave to take to stay home specially for them.

That reminds me.  Must recharge my stupid cellphone.  Fucking thing doesn’t turn itself off like the old one did.  I forget it’s on and it looks like it’s off – not even a flashing light to remind me it’s still on.  I hate the fucking thing.  I’ve recharged it several times and barely used it.

Right, back to the chores…


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An unremarkable weekend but the weather was nice.

Did some grocery shopping on Saturday as well as looking around for a particular camera bag that H wants. The place that used to have them didn’t and the guy said they were no longer made. First of all, he had no idea about what bag we were talking about and second, they are a very popular brand still very much made and sold. Dick Smith had them but in a ghastly baby blue.

On Sunday I washed the car, weeded the garden, sorted some cupboards and listed another toy on TradeMe. The books didn’t sell. It’s disappointing that you spend so much money on possessions but you’re lucky to get anything at all when it comes to wanting to move them out to declutter. H had some clothing listed on TradeMe as well as some CDs and DVDs. Only one t-shirt sold. She was also disappointed.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with the builder who said he’d fix the sinking bath. I’ve text him twice and then in the weekend tried to call him. I get a message saying the phone is off or beyond range. *%#&@! I’ll have to find another reliable builder. Bloody tradesmen. Also haven’t heard back from the panelbeater. Nor have I heard back from the council about bloody suckers growing all over my property from the street tree in front of the house. I get fed up with chasing after people. It’s so frustrating.

In a grumpy mood as usual. I want things to happen and nothing is. Pisses me off.

Wish I could afford (financially and leave) a holiday in the sun but can’t. Got nothing to look forward to except a couple of days off at Easter. Oh well. Gotta be satisfied with the small joys like watching Jasmine looking cute on her back in the sunshine, a good book, a glass of wine and a piece of dark chocolate….

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… somewhat.

I finished the skirt and dress last night.  While waiting for daughter to return home (so I could do the hemming), I started tidying up the house and putting things aside in boxes to take to the feast.

Once she returned I did my best at hemming both garments and I’m not very good at it.  Whatever I do they seem to end up crooked.  That’s my fault for not measuring the right length before cutting the material so I try to cut off the excess and hem from there.  Inevitably they end up crooked but I’d had enough by then and didnt care.  The inserted piece of material to hide my back fat has worked so I was quite relieved.

This morning I’ve been doing odd jobs.  I picked up the hall key this morning then headed into town to get a new tyre (one of two needed by the next WOF), got petrol, a car wash and tidied the car up.

Once home I’ve been doing jobs as I come across them but this leads to confusion and half-finished chores:

  • I cleaned the bath after visiting the toilet.  (Daughter had cleaned the bathroom yesterday she reckoned but the bath didn’t look clean although she swears she scrubbed it.  I used a different cleaner as well as some elbow grease and it looks much better.)
  • I was about to iron an extra costume piece that someone might borrow and discovered it looked dirty so stopped ironing and put it to soak.
  • I put some recycling into the box and noticed a houseplant needed watering, then saw the yoghurt maker and remembered I needed yoghurt for a recipe tomorrow.  That was after a coffee which went straight through me  needing another visit to the toilet.  Back from the toilet I had forgotten what I was going to do.  Wandered aimlessly then remembered the houseplant and then the yoghurt…
  • In the meantime I’m trying to remember what to take. as well as practising some belly dances (which meant looking for my notebook of some dances, but once found it wasn’t there…)
  • I had been online specifically to pay for  one of the vet bills received today, but of course forgot once I went online then disconnected.  Saw the bill in front of me and went back online!

You get the picture!

My mind is chaotic!

Which reminds me – tradesmen!  What a pain!  I thought I’d make use of having a week off work to get sundry tradesmen to fix things around the house.  The plumber was brilliant – came the same day I called (I called all of them on Monday).  The feared hot water cylinder replacement wasn’t necessary and the leak is fixed.  Next was the tree man to cut down two dead trees.  He turned up Tuesday to give me a quote but said they couldn’t get the job done for about two weeks.  Finally the hopeless sliding door repairman.  I had called him earlier in the year and he didn’t show up while daughter was home.  He never called back.  I should have expected this but called him again anyway on Monday and he reckoned he might be able to come this week.  It’s now Friday and he hasn’t called, even to say when he might be able to come.  I’ll call him again next Monday but god, he’s hopeless!  I should have tried someone else.  Bloody hell.  Try to get things done and they sit around waiting for a feckin’ tradesman to turn up.  I had hoped to get these more obvious problems fixed up before brother arrived.  No such luck. 😦

Which reminds me of another disappointment.  Two weeks ago there was a book sale online at “Mightyape”.  I spotted a book called “Medieval celebrations” which had all sorts of useful suggestions – perfect, I thought, for my feast.  They sent an email to say it would be sent this Monday just gone.  This was disappointing as I’d hoped to get it the week before.  When it didn’t show up by Wednesday I asked where it might be.  They said they should receive it by today.  No good – I cancelled the order.  The book is useless to me after the event.

I suppose my next update will be after the event.

Photos will be included.



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